President slams lazy ministers

President Mugabe

President Mugabe

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President Mugabe yesterday said Cabinet Ministers should pull up their socks and cut on travelling to ensure the successful implementation of Zim-Asset. Speaking during the luncheon hosted by the Ministry of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing after the official opening of the Second Session of the Eighth Parliament in Harare yesterday, President Mugabe said he was fed up with Government officials who always travelled at the expense of service delivery.

“Sit less on your chairs and if wakatemerwa nyora dzedzvatsvatsva mangwana waenda kune imwe meeting mangwana, just now I am fed up ne too much travelling,” he said. “Too much travelling, very little attention is being given to practical work.”

President Mugabe said people needed practical servants not theorists.

“Zim-Asset should not remain just a name,” he said. “Zim-Asset must be a practical engine. On paper we say yes we need to produce food. On paper we say we need to produce products and beneficiate them. That we as an indigenous people must equip ourselves and sustain that development.

“That is what the paper says, but what we say on paper is not put in practice. We must be practical people now, not just theorists.”

More action, President Mugabe said, was needed on the part of Cabinet Ministers.

“Act, act and act more. We have a tendency to have debates. Aah there is a meeting there President come and open this, ooh we have this issue now,” he said.

“I have a string of invitations to meetings, I would want to be invited to see what is going on. Are we invited to see an irrigation scheme, a dam being constructed, a new mine being opened or the road Beitbridge-Masvingo-Harare being done. That’s then we will tell the story of Zim-Asset and this is where our Ministers must play their part.”

President Mugabe added: “We can’t see Zim-Asset succeeding. We want to see things happening in agriculture, we can’t just be talking, talking, talking.

“The irrigation schemes, where are they? Kuagriculture ikoko, what is happening with the Cold Storage. Dying? The parastatals, they are the ones that must sustain agriculture, we should see them work.

“As for Dairibord, we are buying milk from South Africa because there is shortage of milk in the country. So, let us ensure that we are practical.”

President Mugabe expressed gratitude to Members of Parliament from all the political parties for attending the opening of Parliament.

“I was delighted that regardless of party affiliation they attended,” he said.

“Your unity on national issues that I thought we developed during that period of our inclusive Government and I thought we were going to carry on with that tradition of finding ourselves regardless of our party affiliation, regardless of where I come from and regardless of our political persuasions and recognising that we all belong to each other.”

President Mugabe said food security was for everyone and no one should be discriminated.

“People must eat and survive. Even thieves are entitled to food. Of course, they must earn it properly, but they are entitled to food,” he said to applause.

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  • Tarubva

    President, you raised very pertinent questions, but you are asking the wrong people. It is you who has to answer those questions coming from the people of Zimbabwe. The buck stops with you. You are responsible for appointing and supervising the ministers. Where is ZUPCO, NRZ, CSC, ZISCO, ARDA, RMS,…, Mr. President? You got the country in 1980 when all those were fully functional, and they all collapsed under your watch. May you kindly take responsibility and explain what happened. Or it is always everyone else but me!

    • Jack Chan

      Tarubva, yaa ndabvuma kusaziva kufa shuva. Maparastals ari pamusoro apo ndeapi akange achifunction b4 independence. Zip it dofo

      • Ndini Ndadaro

        Iwe Jack Chan do not defend the indefensible. Mugabe got the country economically sound and destroyed with his peasant policies. Yes we want answers from him not from others he supervises. He is the CEO of the country and should stop the blame game as Tarubva correctly said, the buck stops with him. Who is approving those travels, people like Walter Mzembi are always at the airport.

  • lovefreedom

    Mugabe has been shuffling and reshuffling and reshuffling and reshuffling and reshuffling ….etc….etc…etc…etc the same ministers for 34 years and today he all of a sudden realises they are lazy? That is the highest level of failure of leadership and incompetence from*****

  • Zarura Zimbabgwe

    They are lazy because they take queue from their boss!

    • Jack Chan

      cue not queue taura zvako neshona

  • haiwawo

    Lazy subordinates continue in their positions when they are led by an incompetent leader who is all talk and no bite. He appoints them,and has hung on to obviously ineffective and/or incompetent
    ministers whom he retains while he has played musical chairs with them every
    reshuffle over the years so why complain about it when he is the one making the

    If he has the courage of his convictions, why not toss them out instead
    of the constant talk about the corruption and laziness and we wonder
    what next he will gripe about concerning his appointees. The buck stops with him – he chooses and presides over them.

  • Zimbabwe United

    I made the following comment the last time the First Lady spoke of some Ministers who are keeping their jobs because the President is tolerant.

    ………..16 October, 2014

    The Herald The First Lady Says The President Is Tolerant Of Inefficient Ministers

    If you over tolerate or tolerate inefficiency over a very long time, sadly enough, that ceases to be a positive attribute, but it casts you as inefficient too. Heads should roll continously when people entrusted with national responsibility to deliver on loft goals abrogate from their duties. There should never be an excuse or justification for tolerating inefficiency. Inefficiency is costly to a nation, it delays the much needed economic turn around. Therefore, it is not comforting at all to hear that we have in cabinet inefficient ministers who survive courtesy of a tolerant President. That should change forthwith lest the President wakes up to realize the electorate is not tolerant of a party that tolerates inefficiency. In a European country, a minister lost his job simply because in some region of the country, a cow with mad cow disease had gone undetected. Needless to say in Zimbabwe that would not have been considered a minister’s responsibility and if anything, had to be done, the late Dr Hargreaves’ successor would face the consequences and not the agriculture minister. How sad indeed.

  • wezhira wezheve

    fire them ka

  • Jones Musara

    they should be fired if they cant repent from laziness and abuse of power