President resigns!

mugabeFarirai Machivenyika Senior Reporter—
President Mugabe resigned from office following a week of unrelenting calls from the public and his own party Zanu-PF to step down after 37 years at the helm. Speaker of the National Assembly Advocate Jacob Mudenda made the announcement during a joint sitting of the National Assembly and Senate at the Harare International Conference Centre that was debating a motion to impeach the now former President. It was during the debate that Advocate Mudenda received the former President’s correspondence announcing his resignation before he terminated business.

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Reads the resignation letter: “The honourable Jacob Mudenda, notice of resignation as President of the Republic of Zimbabwe in terms of the provisions of Section 96 (1) of the Constitution of Zimbabwe (Amendment Number 20), 2013. Following my verbal communication with the Speaker of the National Assembly Advocate Jacob Mudenda at 13:53 hours, 21st November, 2017 intimating my intention to resign as the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, I Robert Gabriel Mugabe in terms of section 96 (1) of the Constitution of Zimbabwe hereby formally tender my resignation as the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe with immediate effect.

“My decision to resign is voluntary from my heart and arises for my concern for the people of Zimbabwe and my desire for the smooth, peaceful and non violent transfer of power that underpins national security, peace and stability. Kindly give public notice of my resignation as soon as possible as required by section 96 (1) of the Constitution of Zimbabwe.”

Section 96(1) which deals with Resignation of President or Vice President says, “The President may resign his or her office by written notice to the Speaker who must give public notice of the resignation as soon as it is possible to do so and in any event within twenty-four hours.’’ Advocate Mudenda said he would make further pronouncements on the way forward today.

“In terms of the Constitution it beholds the Speaker of the National Assembly to make sure that the proper legal processes are put in place so that the country can proceed forward with a President in place and this would be done by not later than end of day tomorrow (today),” he said.

The announcement was followed by jubilation among legislators and members of the public that had come to witness the impeachment proceedings at the HICC. The joint sitting of the Houses of Parliament had been convened to discuss the President’s impeachment after he had failed to resign on Monday, as directed by Zanu-PF’s Central Committee on Sunday.

The motion was moved by Senator Cde Monica Mutsvangwa (Zanu-PF) and seconded by Mabvuku-Tafara Representative Mr James Maridadi (MDC-T). Cde Mugabe stood accused of serious misconduct inter-alia abrogating his constitutional mandate to his wife who was making utterances on business of Government and accessing classified information without constitutional authority.

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The former President was also accused of causing disaffection among the Zimbabwe Defence Forces by allowing his wife to make false and reckless allegations against them. He also stood accused of ignoring corruption and inability to perform functions of his Office because of alleged physical or mental incapacity.

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  • Adagio

    Long overdue but still most welcome.

  • Gary WekuZviyambe

    What, no drivel about sanctions? I bet some cash on you declaring that illegal sanctions removed Mugabe.

  • Dziva

    You always live in the hearts of the literacy generation you provided after 1980. Hope you remain elder of the country and with heavy hearts we move on and forever cherish your desire for a free Zimbabwe. Mistakes were made and we are all human and look forward to your smooth transfer of power as we start to build the country.
    May forgiving and oneness lead us into a new Zimbabwe acknowledging and focusing on our gains rather than our failures.

    • John West

      Amen! Two thumbs up!

    • masvukupete

      You mention “mistakes were made”, people were crucified and killed for pointing those mistakes out. Zanoids took that and labeled everyone who pointed out those mistakes as unenlightened western puppet who deserved to die. Tell that Talent Mabika’s widow and children that we need to forgive the man. Tichaona Chiminya died for exactly what General Chiwenga and ED et al have done. Patson Dzamara stiil unknown for exactly the same.

      Spare a thought for all those victims of political violence that were harmed and killed for asking for exactly what has been done by their tormentors today.

      Does it mean only a few are privileged to make certain demands. Only them can demand for everyone else. Spare a thought. This is the reason that no one should ever be harmed for political reasons. What is “wrong” today may be “right” tomorrow.

  • zimbotry

    Will you and your outdated rantings please move on as well. You are as bad as the rest of the gutless flip flopping supporters now looking to see who they will sing to for their supper

    • N. Sithole

      Never again shall we have the bootlicking cabal headed by Prof Mzvinavhu brainwashing people with their sanctions mantra. Prof may now enjoy his crumbs of an A1 farm without fear that it will be repossessed.

  • Adagio

    I am celebrating the ousting of RGM, not that ED is taking over. I do not condone the ills that ED is alleged to have committed. Neither am I his supporter. At this moment i couldn’t care less who replaces RGM unless where it is obvious that the incoming is as horrible if not worse. ED has never been a president and so know one knows his leadership qualities or style. For now the primary focus was on getting rid of the old chap and his destructive Dr of Typing wife. Otherwise I, like every progressive citizen, desire a leader of the highest quality.

  • Adagio

    I am celebrating the ousting of RGM, not that ED in particular is taking over. I do not condone the ills that ED is alleged to have committed. Neither am I his supporter. At this moment I couldn’t care less who replaces RGM except where it s obvious that the incoming is as horrible if not worse. ED has never been the country’s president and so no one knows his style or quality of leadership in that capacity. For now the primary focus was on getting rid of the old chap and his destructive and divisive Dr of Typing wife. Otherwise I, like every progressive citizen, desire a leader of the highest quality.

  • Food 4 Thot

    One step at a time… Mugabe is gone, it’s an achievement worth celebrating along the arduous and treacherous road to economic & political emancipation. While Ngwena has bn Gushungo’s enforcer in the past, it’s important to note that this was the only time that Zim got a free pass on a quasi military and constitutional coup – it will never happen again. Put another way, the next coup or coup attempt will hv serious and life limiting repercussions on whoever perpetrates it. We got away with this one because Mugabe was deeply unpopular to all and sundry – SADC, AU, citizens, military, Zanu PF, Chinese and the world at large. Ian Khama was openly celebrating, that alone says a lot. So Chiwenga naNgwena both know kuti this is not going to be repeated because that would make them repeat offenders. That begs the question “what next”? I wld imagine that they would like to keep their new found hero status, who wouldn’t??? How do they do that, easy, maintain the unity and unity of purpose around fixing the sick economy and this is what Ngwena was at pains to emphasize in his informal address at Zanu PF HQ. If the guns are turned onto the economy it’s a quick win and the truth of the matter is govt doesn’t hv to do much. Trim gvt headcount, run a tight ship, craft business friendly policy & come down hard on corruption, u are half way there. An inclusive gvt will take care of the other half and ushers in credibility, confidence and consensus. This is a piece of cake for Ngwena, anobuda shine very easily and he really doesn’t hv much of a choice anyway because gvt coffers are empty. The problem maybe vana Chinamasa and like minded Zanu PF people that would like to remain relevant by taking Zanu PF on disastrous roads that lead to nowhere.

  • Tambai Chinemavende

    Thank you rgm! Though very late, you did the right thing. In 1980, you, alongside other cdes, dead and alive, you liberated us from the clutches of western colonialism, tikafara tikapemberera. Nhasi, in 2017, 37 years later, watisunungurazve from your own neo-colonialism and obduracy. Tafara nekupemberera zvakare! Thank you and farewell, cde!
    Whoever takes over, in zpf, please take care and avoid the well documented Mugabe pitfalls. Praise singers and bootlickers (SK, ‘Diamond’ Mpofu, Kiri et. al) please lets desist from this sickening practice which apart from demeaning you also creates frankenstein monsters like rgm. People of Zimbabwe, lets refuse to be taken for another ride, by anyone especially these tired and tested zpf looters.To the opposition, remember shiri inoda kurohwa ichangomhara! Don’t give it time to familiarise itself with its surroundings. Haizoroveka! Saka, this is the time to let all systems go and insist on all the necessary reforms, electoral and otherwise so that we quickly move to the next level of doing away with the tyrannical arrogance and kleptocracy within zpf and its handlers.

  • Tambai Chinemavende

    …and state media, kunyanya Herald, I am glad you have been forced to eat humble pie! Ndimi makaita unleash zpf and rgm on Zimbabwe zvatisvitsa patave apa pekuita marombe in our own country. I remember Siza, achifurirwa nekuonererwa naJoji naJona aibva aita kunge Mugabe and zpf were the best things ever to happen in Zimbabwe!