President Mugabe interview rescheduled

Lloyd Gumbo Herald Reporter
President Mugabe has shelved his traditional 21st February Movement interview until after the main celebrations to be held in Masvingo next weekend owing to a pressing schedule.

The President’s spokesperson Mr George Charamba, who also doubles up as Permanent Secretary for Information, Media and Broadcasting Services, made the announcement in Harare yesterday.

Said Mr Charamba: “Owing to the President’s congested programme, the high profile visits as well as preparations towards the 92nd birthday anniversary celebrations in Masvingo, President Mugabe has not been able to find time to do the traditional interview which comes on the eve of his actual birthday.

“He has agreed to have the interview soon after the commemorations.

“The interview will come after Masvingo and will allow the President to reflect on his life and contemporary developments.”

During the traditional interviews, President Mugabe usually speaks about his personal life, politics and developmental issues.

Among the issues people anticipate President Mugabe to talk about are the state of the economy and efforts being made by Government to revive it through the Zim-Asset programme.

The President also usually speaks on international affairs and how Zimbabwe is relating with other countries both in the African Union and at international forums such as the United Nations.

President Mugabe is also expected to speak on the state of Zanu-PF where some Politburo members and youths have been disregarding the party leadership.

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  • sambiri

    If he reflect on his life ,he will see untold suffering on his people. Emptiness and darkness.

  • haiwawo

    What do we care nenyakanyaka iri munyika iyi?

    Dzimai mwoto wopisa sewemaviivi; kwete kupedzera simba pamainterviews asingaunzi sadza kuvanhu. Taneta nekunzwa ngano – makore makumi matau nemashanu dzindori ngano.Matakadya kare haanyaradzi mwwana.

  • Loyalist

    Looks like Charamba is still the President’s trusted spokesman.

  • Gushungo WekuGP

    Did you clear this press release with the women’s league? Hatidi ma release e team lacoste chete?

  • Gushungo WekuGP

    Ko murikubvisa comment yangu sei ndabvunza kuti ma factions ese aconsultiwa here musati mwaita issue statement iyi? Hatidi view ye Lacoste chete!

  • Mister Arcadia PhD.

    Apinda busy Mudhara kkkkkkk

  • Tsotso

    Possible interview question : Will you be strong enough in 2018 to withstand the vagaries of an election campaign??

  • Nyamasvisva

    Here is one example of just how HE is quite deft. He is to politics what Messi is to soccer and what that guy who sang Maproblem Dissapear is to dancehall. I would do exactly the same thing. I am sure a few people would listen to the interview so attentively to hear his thoughts on the current state of the party for example (1) Mahoka’s slur on VP (2) The discord in the war veterans (3) Yesterday’s events that saw the hitherto feared war vets run away from water sprays – persons famed with approaching deadly live bullets during the war . call them tear gas war deserters!!! (4) Current views on FL by , not just non-ZPF but more importantly , those in ZPF. And people take what he says seriously. He has been intelligently quiet , as the FL says , kunyarara hakusi kusataura ( I was taught kunyara hakusi kutaura!) . (5) Recent attempts to bomb the dairy and how some security forces are suspected .(6) Suspensions of provincial chairpersons by Tyson etc etc . He needs time to say stuff that will see him as the unifying father he still is. So Masvingo gives him an opportunity to check the temperatures – who will be there , who will say what , is it going to be G40 dominating , Lacoste or both in equal measures. And lets not forget that besides being father of the nation he remains hubby to FL . I am not sure if its easy for him hearing people say we love our President but have misgivings about the wife. We want him to choose between us and his wife- no he loves us all!! Wise move that Cde President. Such deft moves have kept us as one for years. Happy birthday Gushungo. Lets be patient, the interview is coming. Thanks Cde George for the notice. Long live President.

  • justsaying

    something is wrong somewhere,schedule ndiye apinda busy hake

  • Department 6

    the reason could be…..his ‘fellow’war vets were gased and water cannoned so he is trying to find out kuti chii chakaitika/
    the journalist who is to interview him is being given questions to ask the pres.
    he is trying to find out if what DAM said is true about their boy and the bombing/
    last but not least…which rather obvious……..

  • Harare

    maybe he will be asleep

  • Tendai Crizo

    PERENNIAL wisdom from divine revelation and human experience dictates that all earthly things great or small, beautiful or ugly, good or bad, sad or happy, fool…ish or wise must finally come to an end. It is from this sobering reality that the end of executive rule has finally come for Robert Mugabe who has had his better days after a quarter of a century in power.


  • matshobane

    ndofunga akamirira wheelchair kuti isvike.Haana chokufambisa