Mujuru: Is this how to enter into opposition?

Mukachana Hanyani Correspondent
The claim by the leader of the newly formed Zimbabwe People First (ZPF) party, Dr Joice Mujuru, the former Vice President of Zimbabwe that her husband, General Solomon Mujuru was shot before being burnt is just a political smokescreen meant to make her get sympathy from the electorate. It is surprising that Dr Mujuru wants the public to sympathise with her through malicious and unsubstantiated claims when she failed to act and reveal the alleged shooting when she was in government.

Her claim that General Mujuru was killed by some “people in power” is so strange now as she failed to name them when the inquest on the death of General Mujuru was being carried out.

Dr Mujuru’s claim that her husband was killed before he was burnt shows that she is desperate for support, hence trying to seek support using unsupported allegations.

Dr Mujuru should be aware that no iota of false claim would bring her support from the electorate as people are aware that Mujuru’s actions are devoid of anything genuine. Mujuru was in government for more than three decades and she knows quite well the operations of all government departments. She is quite aware of how grievance and procedure actions are carried out in all government departments.

If Mujuru is close to reality on what she is claiming today, she could have consulted with the relevant government departments in trying to unearth the reality surrounding the death of her former husband General Solomon Mujuru.

For Mujuru to come out now claiming that the General was shot dead before he was burnt by the fire shows how desperate she is in trying to use the dead to get sympathy from the living.

Actually Dr Mujuru has realised that using the dead to hunt for supporters is a good way as the people tend to have soft spot with such moves. Recently she addressed some ZPF Matabeleland leadership in Harare in which she told them that the issue of Gukurahundi cannot be closed if the reality concerning that unfortunate era is not opened.

Dr Mujuru knows quite well that she has no clear policies that could be of help to the electorate unless the issue of those who died controversially is revisited. Dr Mujuru told them that the Gukurahundi victims should be compensated and those who lost their parents should be assisted to get identification documents.

She sought again to put herself in good standing to the Matabeleland regions by going against President Mugabe’s assertion in 1999 that the Gukurahundi era was “a moment of madness”, saying that it was wrong to refer that period as such. Mujuru wanted to appear good to her Matabeleland North audience by disowning what she also supported during her time in Government that the time of Gukurahundi was “a moment of madness” as espoused by President Mugabe.

That act of disowning what she used to believe in and acted upon has become Dr Mujuru’s trump card of seeking political friends through such shenanigans. In fact, Mujuru needs to realise that the issue of Gukurahundi is something which cannot bring her votes as she failed to denounce that when she was still in government.

It is an open secret that Mujuru has no people at heart because she failed to act with sympathy to those who were in need of help when that was necessary for her to assist. Actually, those who suffered a lot during that time with a lot of people losing their lives know quite well that everything happened under Mujuru’s watchful eye as her fallen husband General Mujuru was the Commander of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces.

If Mujuru is genuine with what she wants people to believe today that she has heart and feeling sorry for what happened during that time, she could have told her then influential husband General Mujuru to stop that alleged brutality.

Dr Mujuru’s silence utterances show how desperate she is. He failure to reveal the so-called truth when it was necessary only to say it later shows that even if she is elected to be the Zimbabwean leader she would cover a lot of important things as long they keep her enjoying her comfortable zone.

While it is wrong for this writer to dwell more on hearsay, but Dr Mujuru’s silence over the death of her husband in which today she is alleging that top Government people could be behind the General’s death cements the rumour that she was behind her husband’s death.

Dr Mujuru must drop the grieving widow act as we all know she and the General were living separate lives.

The fact that now she is alleging that those in power know everything about the death of the most decorated General in the country points to the fact that she was also part to that exercise since she was also part and parcel of those who were also in power.

So she must not hide behind the finger and confuse the nation over that unfortunate death of the General, but she should tell the nation the whole thing and be strong enough to confess the reality.

Cheap politicking has no room in modern day Zimbabwe.

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  • Harare

    Mujuru should have told her husband to stop the alleged brutality. The husband was an army commander working under orders

  • jos

    Things can also happen behind your back even if your are in power

  • jethro Zuwarimwe

    The writer is treading on slippery terrain I should say. Is the writer admitting that government erred during Gukurahundi? Is the author as well admitting that there are a lot of serious crimes committed by government which Dr Mujuru was part of? I am not sure whether such kid of statements will add much value to our nation’s aspirations.

  • machakachaka

    The police investigated the death of General Solomon Mujuru and did not get a breakthrough in as far as arresting the culprits. Maybe they did not look further that the Mujuru family farm, and maybe their confined their suspicious to the wrong people. They should have listed Joice as one of the suspects. Investigations should have left open the possible involvement of Joice. I find her comments strange, so late after the death of the general. Why did she not give us these hints when she was in government? Was it because at that time she was well looked after and was too comfortable to worry about Solomon’s cause of death?

    • Soothsayer

      No my friend you are wrong. It’s quite elementary why she kept quite while in govt. If as she says those who killed her man are people with power then she knew she would face the same fate if she raised any suspicions. It’s a waiting game, I think the plan was keep quiet, play along with the half-hearted investigations. Wait until she ascends to the thrown (she was within reach)and then pay them back in the same coin. Her strategy might still work given what’s happening in the home she left or was ejected from. I hope I have simplified it enough.

  • Ngomalungundu

    Lets wait and see Mujoy`s party launch as mooted and judge who are the leaders who were not in in power since 1980 and during the death of her husband. She was in power ab initio. Some of us remember well how she reprimanded people to stop speculations during the funeral wake of her husband. She lashed at people who were insinuating what she is now alleging. “Don`t say things that you would not be able to substantiate , please“she thundered then. She was left acting President for some days while she was mourning as there was no other VP , when the President was going to attend a SADC meeting in Namibia. She is the very person who publicly attacked the Herald for publishing corruption cases saying that was a ploy to weaken ZANU PF. Defending corruption then but now she wants to `BUILD` what? Anyone can form a party but it is the critical mass that matters. Winds can blow before the rains but the farmer will use his rain gage for results. Germination of Basikiti political seeds will be the actual yardstick! What is the nature of her esoteric political magic wand she is holding to make the difference where MDCs have unsuccessfully performed?