Mnangagwa scoffs at ‘discord’ over graft

Minister Mnangagwa

Minister Mnangagwa

Farirai Machivenyika Senior Reporter
JUSTICE, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday said there was no discord in Government over the crackdown on corruption and perpetrators will be dealt with in accordance with the dictates of the law. Minister Mnangagwa said this during the National Assembly’s question and answer session yesterday.

He was responding to a question from Kuwadzana legislator Mr Nelson Chamisa, who asked if there were divisions in Government following remarks by Vice President Joice Mujuru in Chinhoyi that graft was not the subject of discussion in the media.

Mr Chamisa also wanted to know why no arrests had been made yet, against those accused of corrupt practices.
“As Government we are in agreement from the top office to the ordinary person in the village that corruption should be dealt with wherever it is and should be eradicated from our society.

“There are laws that deal with corruption and as honourable members I think you would agree that we should let the law take its course. We are people who abide by the rule of law, so let the law take its course. But let me assure that those who are corrupt will be dealt with, will face the full wrath of the law,” Minister Mnangagwa said.

On the statements made by VP Mujuru, the minister said: “I think the Vice President has clarified her position on that.”
A number of cases of abuse of public funds have been reported by the media in recent weeks showing how managers at State institutions paid themselves handsomely and manipulated procurement procedures while the rank and file went for months without salaries.

ZBC chief executive Happison Muchechetere has been sent on forced leave to allow for  a forensic audit while Premier Service Medical Aid Society former chief executive Dr Cuthbert Dube was sent on pre-retirement leave after exposure of the enormous salaries he was getting together with members of his management team.

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  • logic

    Of course he lives in an alternate universe or maybe he knows they are united in their pledge to loot Zimbabwe of everything it has before the people wake up. After all, his protection of a looter and the silence of the leader is testimony to that fact .

    • comrade mwana wevhu

      Logic I think you also need to use logic as regards the interpretation of Comrade Mnangagwa’s response to the question posed by Honorable MP Chamisa. There is no protection of anybody in the way Justice Minister answered the question. Do you want Mnangagwa to nail the VP in parliament and then turn around and accuse him that he is settling a score with VP Mujuru along so-called factional lines.

      It is the people of this great nation to judge the utterances made by the VP Mujuru in Chinhoyi on how the salary-gate saga is to be dealt with and not the Justice Minister Mnangagwa.

      Whether the Vice President was ” MISQUOTED OR MIS-RECORDED “, it is you Logic, myself and the rest of the concerned citizens of Zimbabwe to give a proper judgement.

    • Jotham

      These issues of state companies(embezzlement of funds) is already being dealt with by the Govt. This noise and dust you are raising is unwarranted.

      • jay

        What!!! Are you for real? You want us to suffer in silence when our tax dollars are stolen? Government has not announced any concrete step of action. Why are you defending these looters?

        • Kwekwe326

          Yes, Jay. These “issues” have been dealt with by government for 30 years with no effect at all.


    Well said CDE Ngwena…

  • jay

    “I think the Vice President has clarified her position on that.”

    Well, VP Mujuru has not clarified her position; she used a common trick used by politicians, and its called denial. Sadly , Mujuru’s original speech is available online , and anyone can listen to it. So a denial does not fly, VP Mujuru. It makes you look dishonest. Maybe Mnangagwa is playing smart and trying to make everyone see how incompetent VP Mujuru is!!

    • Jotham

      Wild assumptions and imaginations are acceptable in society, kungo imajina majina, kufungira kuti aireva izvi kwete izvo.. The truth is that the VP claried her position and gave the real meaning according her previous talk. I know you feel bitter that the VP some what over turned the issue upside down for you.

      • blackwave

        U never cease to amaze me really. Nothing objective ever comes out of that mouth of yours. Unfortunately you cannot defend Mai Mujuru because what she said is on record…she might try to change tact or ‘clarify’ her position but the damage has already been done. The first cut is the deepest as the saying goes. So tough luck Mr apologist…

      • jay

        Get a grip man, Did you ever listen to the original recording?
        Don’t defend the indefensible

    • Muzambiringa

      You don’t kick a man (lady) when his down do you? It looks weak.

  • Mimi

    With all due respect Honourable Minister Mnangagwa, I beg to differ. VP Mujuru’s utterances in Chinhoyi were clearly out of order. She has not made an explanation on her statements. In my own view VP Mujuru owes Zimbabweans an apology. There is no need for you Honourable Minister to cover up for what the VP said. Zimbabweans were not born yesterday and can accept that she is a human being capable of erring. A simple apology will go a long way to pacify the nation’s shock and dismay.

    • rukudzo

      Munangagwa cannot comment on VP’s statement asking him to do that is also stupid of Chamisa. That question should be asked to VP herself.

    • Jotham

      The VP has spoken. Unoda vazokufugamira , then you might feel great.

      • zimbabwe

        Jotham, you are brainless. Fungawo kunganisa kwakaita VP. Asi ndiwe boyfriend yacho kasi. Hushamwari hwenyu ngahuperere kudzimba kwete mumaziso nezheve dzedu isu MaZimbabwe. We were not born yesterday. Mimi clearly said that Joice as VP should ask for an apology publicly as she uttered her nonsense publicly. Is that difficult or shameless.

        • Jotham

          Because you were born a million years ago is not an issue here. Mashakara pfungwa uye munopota muchikangamwa nokuda kokuberekwa kare. The position was well explained by the VP period.

  • disqus_iJ8KCuE32p

    haaaaa Herald why did you not give us the Shona statements by mnangagwa……….u make the story lose its depth so mhani……kuti isu seZanu Pf kubva kumusoro kusvika kuzasi kune munhu ari kumaruzevha hatidi corruption……….kuti iye munhu anoda kusvasvaira kusiri kwake……lol…..keep the Shona and translate into English

  • Unendoro11

    Baba vanorema ava

  • Observer

    Hey guys, cant you read through this? Ngwena is actually making a fool of Teurai Ropa. Where Teurai Ropa said “dont expose corruption” (my words), Ngwena is saying “arrest and prosecute corrupt individuals” (my words). Talk of being outsmarted, Mujuru has been Moyesed by Ngwenya this time around. Whether Ngwenya planned this to happen or is taking advantage of Teurai Ropa’s unwise utterances is neither here nor there. She has just been ill-advised and thats a huge dent on her political ambitions (if she has any).

  • Doufi

    Should not only be arrests, a law should be passed to dispossess all implicated, the proceeds of crime should be recovered and channel that money into a fund to be used to fight crime. One should not benefit from proceeds of crime, arresting a person and sentencing to a long prison term is not good enough. All stolen stuff should be returned pound for pound. Houses cars, as well any other asserts acquired even beyond our boarders bought should be repossessed. Whistle blowers should be rewarded, say 10% monetary value of the recovered proceeds of crime. Corruption is easy to fight because there is always someone watching knowing what is going on behind closed doors and the paper trail it leaves is not hard to trace. $1M cannot just dissapear without trace.

  • mhofuyomukono

    @observer wazondipedza pawazoti Moyesed apo kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.Moyes.

  • Sandton Mayor

    Watombotaura zvine musoro Mnangagwa, these corrupt morons must face the full wrath of the law. The Mnangagwa faction by the way, is getting milage by the day. Mai Mujur just dug her own grave and she has no one to blame if Midlands rules the dying nation. Viva Kwekwe, Viva Gweru, Gokwe, Masvingo, Kadoma…dai vaZvobgo varipo painakidza apa

  • munhu

    Zim should stop asking for financial assistance and put its house in order first.There may not be any need for assistance if individuals are gobling half a million each. We are not poor in resources and cash ; we need to establish what we have before begging out there. Salary and perks revelations show we dont qualify to beg

    • maita

      True munhu if we look at these obscene salaries and the losses at most of the looted companies we can conclude if salaries were aligned to revenue we would not go out there begging for money. Chinamasa’s job would be cut by almost 75%. Seems everybody who gets a position seems to be told the trick of manufacturing salaries than be productive. But Ngwena is being diplomatic but he is raising his fist saying “she is done away with”

  • Fogmaster

    Well, honorable, you forgot to say “Young man”

  • Significant Watemwa

    During his tenure as Minister of Defence, there was rampant looting of the $35 billion worth of diamonds at Chiadzwa, when the army and police were fully in charge. His partnering collaborators being Chiwenga, Chihuri, Robert Mugabe and Nyikayaramba. To the extent that they declined sitting prime ministers and parliamentary members access to the chiadzwas but allowing their wives and children in. Now there are no more diamonds and the country is reeling from debt and lack of investors or creditors. I, being a true shona, know that nyoka huru haizvirumi. What exactly are you saying, Cde Mnangagwa? From Cde Watemwa.

    • Muzambiringa

      Ha ha! “I, being a true shona” LoL Do you even know where the word Shona came from?

  • mandinzwa

    all ppl in hie offices shud think be4 opening their mouths. its only Gushungo ang Jonzo who think and say. main culprits are; tsvangison, didimas, chombo, and now joice.

  • peter

    We would like the law to take its course but as far as corruption is concerned we have no living examples where the law has taken its course. So when is the law going to take its course?

  • Gushungo WekuGP

    Yasvika nguva yekugadzirisa nyika. Patasvitswa neZanu Pf pakwana. Ukuwo MDC T mamvemve saka paakutoda coalition of progressive forces

  • Worried

    Kana takachenjera tobvatatoziva vasingakodzere kuita mutungamiriri wenyika pane ramangwana, nekuti vanhu ava wekurotomoka kutaura pasina kufunga they consititute a very serious liability to a country tomorrow

  • Cde. Headon Maparara

    ACTION!! ACTION!! ACTION!! Cde. ED. act like the iincoming President please vana vanzwa ne nzara mumabasa.