MDCs rapped for trip of shame

Nelson Chamisa

Nelson Chamisa

Takunda Maodza News Editor—
THE MDC-T has once again exposed its puppet nature and lack of direction in sending its leadership to the United States of America to lobby for electoral reforms in Zimbabwe when other political parties like Zanu-PF are on the ground oiling their electoral machines for a landslide victory come 2018, political analysts have said.MDC-T vice president Mr Nelson Chamisa yesterday posted on his Twitter account: “In the US – I’m with bro& Cde Biti on a vital global advocacy and diplomatic outreach. Our meetings are high level with the State Department, Congress, global business and US civil society. Our focus is repositioning opposition & global coalition for free and fair elections in 2018.”

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Norton legislator Mr Temba Mliswa said by flying to the US at a time Zimbabweans are enjoying a new political dispensation under the leadership of Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa, which is promising a positive turn for the nation, the MDC-T had proven it is not good for Zimbabwe.

“They are not for the good of Zimbabweans. They are for themselves. They have not talked to the current President yet they rush to engage America. They must understand that we are a sovereign nation and so is America. They did not even engage Sadc or the AU. They have made Sadc and the AU useless. They are totally not pan-Africanists. The West is looking for partners and not puppets. It is sad,” said Mr Mliswa.

“This shows that the sanctions that the people of Zimbabwe suffered are at their hands. It is pretty clear. They advocated sanctions so that we suffer. I am disappointed with a young man like Chamisa who seems to be part of that. These are male chauvinists hungry for power. Some of them cannot even win a ward let alone a constituency. Who are they representing in America? Trump must remember that these are the same people who were supporting Hillary Clinton and are now jumping ship. Their DNA is certainly not Zimbabwean.” Tanzania-based political analysts Mr Tafadzwa Mugwadi said the MDC was exposing itself as a Trojan horse of imperialists.

“Zimbabweans must be vigilant to repel this sanctions-mongering lot in the MDC. It is shocking that instead of contributing to the success of our new dispensation, the MDC is busy taking its begging bowl to its paymasters in their false hope of salvaging a clinically dead carcass. It is even more shameful that they are double dipping since they also get funded under the Political Parties Finance Act from Government. Unfortunately, they have learnt nothing and forgotten nothing since 2002 and come 2018, the writing is on the wall. President Mnangagwa is the only game in town.’’ Another political analyst, Mr Goodwine Mureriwa, said the MDC was misdirecting its efforts.

“They are misdirecting their efforts. When Zanu-PF is gearing itself for elections by going for Congress this week to confirm their Presidential candidate, when it is encouraging its supporters to register to vote and when it is in the electoral mode, they (MDCs) are not doing the same. They are going outside to look for money but money does not vote,” he said. Mr Mureriwa said it was also surprising that the MDCs were in America looking for funding which they have received and abused since 1999.

‘The CIA knows that the opposition abused their funding from 1999 running into billions of dollars. Everyone knows what Tsvangirai did with the money . . . They are splinter movements in the MDC that came out of fights over foreign funding. They went to America and advocated for sanctions and sanctions came – they expect electoral reforms in Zimbabwe from America? In international law no country can make a policy on behalf of another as this is tantamount to interference.” Mr Mureriwa said the MDC was going to meet a very unreliable man in Donald Trump.

“They are desperate for funding but they are going to meet a very unreliable guy. This is the guy who said America first, America second, America third. They should have realised the Trump whom they are putting so much trust in is an unprincipled leader who is now doubted by everyone in international relations. He has made statements on Iran, Iraq and declared Jerusalem the capital of Israel in violation of standing UN resolutions on how to handle the Palestinian issue,” added Mr Mureriwa .

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  • Chamunorwa

    The real problem with the opposition in Zimbabwe is that it was motivated by one issue namely, the removal of Mugabe from power. Now that he is gone, there is nothing else to do or say. There are no coherent economic or other policies being offered to the electorate. Besides, the MDC-T is faced with a succession battle of its own. A seriously ill man is clinging to power no matter what.

  • Chihelele

    Old herald is back. We thought u had changed

    • Moe_Scyslack2

      Exactly. ZANU sponsors never change their spots

    • sarah Mahoka

      On this one herald is spot on. What gives the opposition the rright to invite sanctions on us. Zimbabweans have suffered enough. We want jobs we want a working economy yet MDC is busy. Not helping that economy grow but take it back several steps

      • succuba

        Where did you read that the opposition was asking for sanctions Sarah?

        Did you read Biti’s transcript of his speech?

        • Everfaithful

          U can say that again! It seems people have been carried away by this frenzy.They have quickly forgotten ZANU tactics propaganda by mis information

        • yowe

          I would love to read it let me check his twitter account.Herald has damaged MDC apa mmmm YOWE!!! Ivo vachiita zvinhu vasina kufunga why announce to the world the trip??

      • Kuta Kinte

        I agree with you strongly. This is the time when politics should not dominate over our collective thrust to rebuild our nation. We can mainly achieve this by eliminating all hindrances ( like sanctions) to our economy. Going to the US as MDC may revive that position when the level of polarization between the two parties was at its extreme, which I thought was different now. Why cant we work on our recently acquired oneness with ED and put more energy on developing our economy.

      • Moe_Scyslack2

        Where exactly does the MDC say they want sanctions? Every Zimbo just need a level playing field. If Zanu wins so be it. We all work as a unity. Right now the deck is stacked against the opposition, even the Herald reporting confirms this partisan nature of it. So don’t tell us kuti we must give the new government a pass.

    • Everfaithful

      Kkkkk ,as I have always said Errorld only talks about MDC when they are feeding the nation with out right lies!Are you telling me MDC and other opposition parties are not doing activities that warrant attention through public media? And you have barked about sanctions which is not even true,why haven’t you even talked about the urgent need for electoral reforms? You can fool the majority but certainly you can not fool everyone! We need electoral reforms !!! Why is the government vehemently refusing electoral reforms? If they are as popular as they say,what’s the reason for not vying for reforms? And in your wisdom or gross lack of it ,you have tried to downplay the issue at hand- reforms, it won’t work!!we need reforms, if ZANU pf wins in a fair election no one will question its credibility ,but we know why ZANU will never allow a free and fair election, they can’t win without,violence, votebuying,chiefs voting with the whole village ,command wat wat (taxpayer’s money) no go areas for UMP etc etc .Mliswa ,no sane person pays attention to him ,he seeks attention ,we want to see if he is gonna win any seat this time!stray politician!

  • Chandunga

    They are singing for their supper. Things change. They are living in the past. The lavish style they enjoyed back then from the donor’s bowl has since changed.

  • Sam

    Zimbabweans are still in a euphoric atmosphere in the advent of a new political dispensation that has brought hope of an economic turnaround. Our president, his Excellency Cde ED Mnangagwa in his inauguration speech, opened the doors to all progressive citizens and foreigners who would want to see a better Zimbabwe to come forward with their ideas & resources so that we can rebuild our once beautiful Zimbabwe.
    I used to admire this Chamisa but their moves are anti Zimbabwean and should be condemned……these guys have lost relevance in our political landscape and come 2018 Zimbabweans will show them that we do not dine with imperialists.
    I implore all Zimbabweans not to be misdirected by mischievous and misguided opportunist political parties aiming at tarnishing the image of our government and Zimbabwe at large,but instead let us all rally behind our government and support its people centered programmes.

    God Bless Zimbabwe

    • Everfaithful

      Before we go any further no amount of bootlicking will run away from the incontrovertible truth that he was not voted ,he came via a coup! And this mentality of wanting everyone to be forced to like ED haaa noooo!We should have divergent views!

    • Kuta Kinte

      Wonderful developmental contribution. Let us all live in positivity and improve our economy as a great nation.

  • Kitsiyatotata

    ED is the Interim President of Zimbabwe not the President of Zimbabwe, so the only game in town are elections which are free and fair. The involvement of the army in all this means its ‘business unusual,’ only a fool will consider ours a normal democracy. That the MDC should have approached ED first…he is an opponent and cannot be a referee. That they should approach two home grown useless bodies (SADC and AU) that endorsed a coup is beyond imagination. POSA and AIPPA are still in place a few months before elections…so what on earth are you whining about? If the people you guys interviewed were analysts and not apologists they would be advocating for the repeal of POSA and AIIPA.

    • Moe_Scyslack2

      Spot on

    • Timothy Thorton

      Do you honestly believe that approaching America is a solution?

      You started with a very balanced argument which is that ED is an interim President and elections will sort things out. The point is he is the President and has pronounced that Zimbabwe is for everyone. He even invited opposition leaders to his inauguration in particular Tsvangirayi , Mutambara and Mai Mujuru. Chamisa was part of themarch and congrtulated the new President. So yes they should have approached him first not as a ruling party President but the state President. The Opposition is not a guerrilla movement which requires inter-mediators to engage the country’s leadership.

    • Petros Magomazi

      Even the MDC Alliance endorsed the coup!!

    • Everfaithful

      On point,kkkkk Zimbabweans are easily blown in the direction of the wind,seriously how can ED and his junta allow a free and fair elections wen they are the ones who made sure there is none of that! Democracy is not forcing people to believe the mob .Even a minority matters in a true democracy. And remember there is such a thing called tyranny by democracy.

    • Kuta Kinte

      Blaming SADC and AU in support of a visit to America is a very retrogressive thinking at a time when we want to find our economic co-ordinates. None endorsed a coup because there was no coup.

  • TruthHurts!

    This is clearly embarrassing for the ordinary jobless MDC supporter! However, it is a clear message for all those vile, despicable, gullible and politically clueless anti-independence MDC supporters who have always said that there were no sanctions on Zimbabwe about where they stand in all this sordid affair. This face-palm ego-trip by these traitors who want to present as if they hold the key to Zimbabwe’s economic prosperity is nothing other than a testament to how traitors use the uninformed to slow down and delay our political and economic independence in a world in which very few African countries are independent…or are allowed to be independent by those who host treacherous people like those we see in the US today unashamedly proclaiming their treachery to all and sundry. Their trip is a reprise of a similar trip by four MDC officials who were led by Welshman Ncube at the time. Biti was a part of that trip of shame that resulted in the sanctions that have remained like an albatross around Zw’s neck today! He is like a bad fart hanging in the air that wont clear as he shamelessly remains an active participant in such outrages! Sell-out political outfits like the MDC must be repeatedly rejected through the ballot box. Let those who have money to spend on them do so but the electorate must make it clear to these ‘funders’ that dirty money does not vote. They should know where their previous donations ended… in the MDC leadership pockets and their many girlfriends! Biti’s property portfolio in the most affluent parts of the country’s suburbs has not gone unnoticed given that previous donations to the MDC were grossly abused. After this, the urban youths’ claim that Zanu(PF) has failed them by not creating jobs must ring hollow for as long as they support a dishonest sellout political outfit led by opportunists with a strong affinity for economic sabotage they must know the economy will struggle but it is do-able. Their support for these crooks encourages so-called ‘donors’ eyeing Zw’s resources (for their own benefit) to continue giving these political miscreants the means or wherewithal to flail and tear down their own country’s economy with their help. These ant-Zimbabwe criminals must be like the rejected stone, cornerstone of treachery in Zw’s politics..

    • mandevu

      get a life

  • chimusoro

    I think the MDC alliance team is right coz the appointment of ministers was a question mark. How can the president appointed Chinamasa who is a thief to a position of finance minister?How Super Mandiwanzira was also reapointed as a minister of ICT iye ari busy kutora mari Ku Telone neku Netone achiisa kumba kwake. Va Mnangagwa inga vakati the “voice of people”is the voice of god saka hazvina chokwadi statement iyi nokuti vanhu varikuti bvisai mbavha idzi kunyanya Chinamasa,Oberrt Mpofu na Super Mandiwanzira asi ivo havasi kuteerera voice ririkubva kuna mwari.So the MDC alliance team havana kufarawo nazvo izvozvo ndosaka vakaenda Ku America ne UK kunobva mari kuti as long Chinamasa ari Minister of finance anoba zvinosvodesa saka better mari iregere zvayo panekuti yongodyiwa nevanhu 3 isu tichitambura.Taneta nembabva idzi

    • Kuta Kinte

      You write as if you saw Mandiwanzira hiding the money which you mentioned in his house. Please refrain from cheap gossiping which can never be proved. The man is doing great for the ministry.

  • Samanyika

    If Trump can help us level the playing field, what’s the problem with that.
    If zanu pf continues dreaming getting funding from the west without electoral reforms, ngavamuke vabike doro.
    Electoral reform is key to credible elections in Zim.
    Mliswa, you are bootlicking, what else would you say iwe uchida kudya margarine a ED?

    • sarah Mahoka

      You are. So ignorant. Who suffers when there are no jobs? It is not Garwe wake up. MDC is against you

    • Tafirenyika

      How can Trump level our electoral field, if ever it was uneven, when himself was assisted by Russia?

      • Kitsiyatotata

        They were not invited by Trump but by congress get your facts right…congress is also investigating him regarding the matter.

    • Kuta Kinte

      Similarly, if MDC dreams winning elections through the west ngavamuke vabike chikokiyana.

  • Moe_Scyslack2

    Takunda, this type of reporting should have died with the departure of Mugabe. Seriously. You can’t buils a nation with this one sided unobjective gibberish. Grow up

  • Mhesvamukono

    At the end of the day the USA controls directly or indirectly many of the world’s major money markets, and whatever futile rants and excuses Zanu-PF attempts to paint on the picture, its future success (or mostly failures?) will be highly influenced by US policy decisions. Since 2012 the US is the world’s largest oil and gas producer, and up until 2025 the US is expected to account for 80% of the increase in the global oil supply largely driven by increases in shale exploitation, also making it a major cost effective oil exporter and the world’s leading supplier of gas in the form of LPG. Developing countries, including Zimbabwe, needing vital energy sources to expand their economies if they can’t rely on converting to renewable sources such solar and wind to provide the majority of energy requirements, will find it expedient to maintain friendly relations and partnerships with the US no matter who its leadership may be.
    And yes, given the lacklustre performance over decades by the AU and SADC in combating corruption and systematic abuses by African leaders throughout the continent, the majority of citizens would agree that the AU and SADC have long since rendered themselves totally useless and irrelevant in dealing with Africa’s many problems affecting ordinary people.

    • Tirikukuvonayi

      Spot on! I couldn’t have said it any better. You tarnish relations with the US yet you are using their currency and can’t sustain your own economy.

  • mandevu

    oh dear here we go again. Same old nonsense coming out of the herald – nothing to do with a so-called new democratic country, we have sunk right back into the same chaos under a new despotic Zanu PF regime. Wake up TruthHurts – you haven’t a clue what you are talking about

  • fidel castro

    Herald you lose the plot. Name calling and rubbishing the MDC will not improve our lives as Zimbabweans. What is wrong with political reforms? Can Zimbabwe do without these? As a newspaper, you should learn to accept certain actions alien to you done by political parties or people. MDC Alliance was invited by the American government and it is the responsibility of the American government to explain why they had to invite an opposition party and sideline the ruling party. Surely with such mediocre and biased reporting, peace will continually evade us in Zimbabwe. We are talking of a new political dispensation that ushers in balanced reporting and full democracy but from the look of things it’s just a pie in the sky.

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    The unpatriotic opposition lot are indeed ganging against our new dispensation. Cde President Mnangagwa has laid down a trajectory for our recovery from the current economic nadir that was mainly caused by Western sanctions. The political stooges of the West zoomed to Trump in their efforts to oil the satanic economic sanctions that Zimbabweans expected to be removed in support of our new dispensation. Zimbabweans can clearly see how treacherous MDC can be against any progressive and necessary changes in our country. I have continued to remind fellow compatriots about the sanctions negatives on this forum. Few mentally deranged MDC supporters have attacked me in their continued foolish denial of the existence of the evil sanctions. If there are issues that need attention in our polity, why not impress on SADC and AU the areas that need attention. Has Africa not resolved the Gambia and other African political issues on democracy , without leaning on neo colonial forces? Biti and Englishman Ncube arrived in US to again lobby for the non removal of sanctions. They are not strangers to the US Senate because they went to lobby the senators some years back when US legislature was debating the US sanctions law, ZEDERA Bill . The US Senators,this time around greeted them with a sinister historical sense of dejavu. Young Chamisa eager on neo colonial political apprenticeship, thinks at last MDC will now get the funding that escaped when Clinton kissed the political dust. The Zimbabwean nation will unite against MDC & THE SATANIC SANCTIONS. Pasi nemhanduuuuuuuuuuuu!

    • succuba

      You are an absolute fool and liar… why wont you debate “sanctions” with me (fakey)?

      Are you afraid I will expose your stupidity?

      Why are you so afraid of electoral reform?

      • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

        I have nothing to debate with insane persons who deny the existence of sanctions. We had free and fair elections in 2013 after the introduction our new constitution , with accompanying necessary statues to hold elections.No fools boycotted participating in the 2013 elections over any hygienic electoral trivialities. Does our system has to meet all the different criteria of different constitutions in this world. Why ask the confused Trump to extend his US electoral mandate to govern the US to governing our Zim. Our constitution does not provide for stooges to call on foreign government to intrude in our sovereignty. Political cry babies belong to the political dustbin.

        • succuba

          It’s quite apparent both yourself and Takunda Maodza have never read Biti’s “Zimbabwe at the Crossroads” speech.

          kikikik… such a shallow person is our resident buffoon….

          What about the 2008 elections… were they free & fair (fakey)?

          Why are you so afraid of electoral reform (fakey)?… you never got round to telling me!!

          • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

            The net effect of MDC stooge machinations is to discourage investors . Yes 2008 elections had a rerun which your party boycotted. ZANU PF is not afraid of winning the 2018 elections. What reforms ? The nation cannot be subjected to unnecessary confusions. Zim has implemented SADC guidelines on elections which some member countries have yet to adopt, such as Botswana President being elected by parliament, not in line with SADC guidelines. Stop being too BIBLICAL about elections. There in no country with a Holy constitution . All constitutions have pros and cons being human crafted for different country histories and culture. Our elected government does not have time for endless and frivolous political barking from those fearing to be defeated in 2018 elections.

          • succuba

            You never answered the question (fakey)… do you thing the 2008 election was free and fair?

            What reforms….kikikik…. are you for real?

          • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

            Yes, in my view, the 2008 elections were free and fair, not withstanding the refusal by Tsvancry to participate in the Presidential re-run election. On the sanctions issue on which you are totally ignorant, I advise you and other stooges to watch the video where the Zim issue was discussed in US with Biti and Mavhunga giving testimonies. You can see clearly the message that sanctions should not be lifted until after the 2018 elections. Panelists referred to the existence of current sanctions on Zim. The mention of sanctions without any fool like you saying“Oh there are no sanctions “, stands you on your head . Please try something else. I have no time to continue educating you forever over the issue. Enjoy your right to be ignorant and foolish. This Prof has no time for stooges of the West .

          • succuba

            Firstly: Didymus Mutasa – 3rd December 2017 (in an interview with Fungi Kwaramba)

            Q: But some say (Mugabe) he played a role in rigging elections in 2008

            A: We lost the elections. The run-off led to the death of people and I don’t think anyone who was in Zanu-PF should boast about that. Yes we won but it was wrong, we wronged the people, the way Mugabe won in 2008 was fraudulent.

            I would take the version of a man in the know over a recidivist liar like yourself.

            Secondly: provide a link to that video…

          • Mujokochera Wamujokochera

            This then is the reasoning of a professor, a whole professor? You sound, and always do, like an overgrown baby trapped in an adults’s body trying very desperately to sound adult. Keep trying, but you still have a lot of growing up to do boy!

    • Tirikukuvonayi

      At the end of the day the USA controls directly or indirectly many of the world’s major money markets, and whatever futile rants and excuses Zanu-PF attempts to paint on the picture, its future success (or mostly failures?) will be highly influenced by US policy decisions. Since 2012 the US is the world’s largest oil and gas producer, and up until 2025 the US is expected to account for 80% of the increase in the global oil supply largely driven by increases in shale exploitation, also making it a major cost effective oil exporter and the world’s leading supplier of gas in the form of LPG. Developing countries, including Zimbabwe, needing vital energy sources to expand their economies if they can’t rely on converting to renewable sources such solar and wind to provide the majority of energy requirements, will find it expedient to maintain friendly relations and partnerships with the US no matter who its leadership may be.

      • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

        True,the US has significant clout in the international financial/economic system. Hence its ZEDERA suffocating our economic fortunes. Our sin is not necessarily democratic issues with the US but our land reform that and Boer lands rights. We had democratic deficit and GUKURAHUNDI issue before our land reform, like many countries under the sun. But the US never imposed sanctions until our land reform. Yes friendly relations are necessary but not to the extent of humiliation next to undermining our sovereignty. That is the issue. Bullying by the US is unfair just because we are economically weak.

        • succuba

          …. kikikikik… you just couldn’t make this stuff up…

  • succuba

    @Takunda Maodza – (news editor)

    Care to join this blog and defend your propaganda?

  • gamatoxweevils

    Mukufarisa muchifarira n’anga inobata mai.Muchatenda kuti Tsvangirai waireva idi zvirokwazvo kana Zanu yotiza nechimuti mauto orambira nacho.Zivai kuti dambudziko ranga risiri Bob asi Zanu Pf bato rake nembavha dzaro dzakangodzoswa muhurumende nekuti dzakanga dzava kuparidza mharidzo yekuti pasi naMugabe.Varume apa shandisai njere muringe mberi kwete panoperera meso badzi!

  • thevinin

    i see the gloves are off, everyone is back to their trenches, the camaraderie of the walk is long gone, back to the sewer politics of blame and blame and blame

  • succuba

    Where are you reading this Sober?

  • succuba

    Where did you read that Biti went to “ratchet up sanctions” Masaisai?

  • succuba

    You could start with the truth instead of fake news…

  • Ngomalungundu

    But MDC won significantly in 2008 parliamentary elections but just fell
    short on Presidential vote , resulting in a rerun they boycotted. After the GNU conditions improved better than 2008. If they did well in 2008 , why not expect to do better now with improved system. Political baby crying is not plausible.

  • succuba

    Did you read Biti’s speech? where was he asking for sanctions… please point this out.

    Truth Really hurts hey…

  • Charles Nevanji

    Whilst the trip itself is not relavent to us as a nation ladies and gentlement esp mr mureriwa with all respect to you, we dont appreciate inflammatory language esp directed at governments whom HE said we are prepared to work with everyone respective of race, colour or creed. The Mugabe era is gone of whipping everyone emotionally for certain ends. We are a free nation and as such we express our views without fear or favor. We need Americans as long as uts business and relations and not sanctions…these are facts

  • MT

    Tsvangirai just Give Up my guy, you will never be President, you are a walking dead man. Learn from your friend Mugabe, siyira vamwe mdara, renyu basa makapedza kare. Put Chamisa as the Next MDC president and rebuild from there. If as MDC your concern is about Zimbabwe not personal vandatas, let Chamisa be the new face of MDC and the other old horses provide support and guidance from behind the scenes.

  • Bush

    The departure of Mugabe made ZanuPF popular as seen by millions of people who converged to the streets to salute ED and the army. These two idiots who went to the USA to invite more sanctions represent a tiny minority, and I am afraid ZanuPF will be winning by a landslide in 2018. MDC, some of your ideas are good, but you are going against the majority by inviting sanctions. The majority will have no sympathy for you when the Army comes for you.

    Anyway, Zimbabwe doesn’t depend on the USA and US policies have little to no effect on Zimbabwe. Last time I checked Zimbabwe depends a lot on South Africa for almost everything – electricity, imports, fuel, consumer goods etc. South Africa is our top trading partner.

    If you look at the stats below, the USA is irrelevant to Zimbabwe’s economy. They pretend as if they have influence on Zimbabwe, but they have zero influence:

    Global Exports by Zimbabwe Market Value: 1,502 (millions) Last Updated: June, 2017

    1 South Africa $648,385 – 43.17 %
    2 Netherlands $167,430 – 11.15 %
    3 Botswana $145,141 – 9.66 %
    4 Malawi $62,455 – 4.16 %
    5 United Kingdom $54,585 - 3.63 %
    6 Italy $46,710 - 3.11 %
    7 Zambia $43,942 - 2.93 %
    8 Mozambique $35,456 - 2.36 %
    9 China $33,475 - 2.23 %
    10 France $32,727 - 2.18 %

    Global Imports by Zimbabwe Market Value: 2,107 (millions) Last Updated: June, 2017

    1 South Africa $1,406,230 – 66.75 %
    2 Botswana $193,811 – 9.20 %
    3 China $84,910 - 4.03%
    4 United States $76,650 - 3.64%
    5 Zambia $48,998 - 2.33%
    6 Mozambique $47,134 - 2.24%
    7 Germany $30,892 - 1.47%
    8 United Kingdom $30,797 - 1.46%
    9 Thailand $24,407 - 1.16%
    10 Malawi $19,324 - 0.92%

    Zimbabwe depends more on South Africa and Botswana. Actually, we are doing the USA a favor by buying their imports (at number 4) because they are not buying anything from us like South Africa, Botswana, Netherlands and Malawi. We can always ditch USA imports for other countries, and it would have no impact on Zimbabwe. We also don’t rely on the UK for our imports and exports.

    • succuba

      Where did you read that “These two idiots who went to the USA to invite more sanctions”?

      Secondly to add to your figures above:

      In October 2017 the US exported $2.7 million worth of goods to Zimbabwe, and imported $3.8 million in goods… some sanction hey…

  • Kitsiyatotata

    He benefited from the presence of the military in this. If the President goes unchecked he is going to continue benefiting for the next 37 years. SADC and AU are tired of our problems and won’t bring any meaningful reforms. Let’s reform our electoral laws period our children will be the beneficiaries of these reforms. Where we get help is an issue for another day.

  • joseph mutasa

    MDC had failed to remove Mugabe from power for over a decade. Now Zanu PF has removed Mugabe for them and what do they say…soldiers removed Mugabe unconstitutionally…put him back in power so that they will remove him themselves?

  • Common Sense

    The Herald is back it’s same ZANU-PF praise-singing, and ignoring the elephant in the room!

    1. “lobby for electoral reforms in Zimbabwe when other political parties
    like Zanu-PF are on the ground oiling their electoral machines for a
    landslide victory come 2018″… well exactly! ZANU-PF is on the ground oiling their machine i.e. they control the voting system and are sure to rig it yet again, no question…

    2. Mliswa: ” They did not even engage Sadc or the AU”, what do you expect? they have no teeth, and ignored the previous evidence of rigging of elections which were plain to see for their observers

    There will be no free and fair elections until ZANU-PF cease to load the ZEC with their chosen military and judicial ‘plants’…. and until you give an electronic voters roll to the parties.. the population at large do not trust you… to those saying we should give the new administration a chance… not on the election process I am afraid, simple

  • Magambuza

    nhai zvako taura hako

  • yowe

    Some of the moves by MDC T are political suicide. Whatever they travelled for it had now turned aganist them and seems as if they are there to lobby for pressure to be put on Zimbabweans so that they call for electoral reforms pressure being economic. Now the narrative is aganist MDC..they are the ones calling for sanctions, they want economic revival to fail so they remain relevant…I for one would have expected that at least by now MDC would have a clear leadership structure, a public awareness drive of what Electoral Reforms they want, a shadow cabinet in place, an economic revival plan and campaigns urging people to go and register to vote since the process will end soon…Aaah hameno but mmmm varume ava are working hard to lose next year and cry the elections were not free and fair YOWE!!!!!

    • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

      Hear , hear!

  • succuba

    Naaa… won’t work, zandroids prefer fake news rather than facts.

  • Funman

    Ummnmmmmm Themba Mliswa. Fighting had to rejoin Zanu Pf. I hate his bootlicking tactic and misinformation of facts. Mdc is on an outreach programme with its sponsors to demand free and fair elections. Hung we has already hinted on the use of soliders to intimidated voters during the campaign period so already elections will not be free and fair. After all the Herald needs to reform and get comments and analysis from political fundis not ana Themba Mliswa various kungwangwaya Outside Zanu pf.

  • Ruja

    Stop taking everything you read in the Herald as the whole truth without hearing the other side of the story. Remember the Herald’s paymaster is the Government / ZANU PF.
    Expect such types of propaganda to increase as we approach elections. My fear is when the opposition starts taking ED and ZANU head-on during the campaign trail, will they not revert to the tried & tested violence formular for success… after all that’s the ZANU way. ZANU ndeyeropa! Never forget that.

  • Moe_Scyslack2

    i would have reported about the MDC delegation to the US. Then get my analysts from BOTH sides and even interview the delegation for their side of the story. Instead this fake Border Gezi ‘reporter’ gives us a one-sided report with untraceable ‘analysts’ to sell his partisan agenda. Herald must not be fighting Zanu wars. Herald must fight our (Zimbo) wars. Munhu wese. Get that into your thick head.

  • Ruja

    I find it extremely disturbing that a right minded Zimbabwean would blame the MDC (a very junior partner in the brief GNU) for the ZANU PF misrule and human rights violations over the years that culminated in ‘targeted sanctions’ instead of placing the blame on RG & his ZANU PF ( and I mean all of them ED included). While I can appreciate the effort ED is making in getting Zim back on track, I refuse to accept that he is without blame for the suffering of countless Zimbabweans under the “old ZANU PF” regime and is now above reproach or that the opposition should stop advocating for electoral reforms or even campaigning because vanenge vavakukanganisa progress! That’s nonsense to say the least! We can’t all be ZANU all of a sudden and settle for minimal economic progress in lieu complete reforms (repealing of AIPPA & POSA, guaranteeing freedoms, etc). That is exactly how we got to the “not-a-coup” situation. Lets stop idolizing these leaders and putting them on pedestals. Ndosaka vachizofunga kuti ndavanamwari and vari entitled to rule pamadiro! STOP IT! ASANTE SANA!

  • succuba


  • succuba


    I think you are lying here gerro… nothing new for you really is it?