Mazembe fans assault Chitembwe

Lloyd Chitembwe

Lloyd Chitembwe

Paul Mundandi Sports Reporter
CAPS United coach Llody Chitembwe, who made history yesterday by becoming the first Green Machine coach to guide the side to the CAF Champions League group stages, was assaulted by a TP Mazembe supporter before kick-off.

Chitembwe was moving in the tunnel when a TP Mazembe fan rushed towards him and slapped him on the head. He got hold of the guy and a number of officials and two players came to his rescue.

Some of the TP Mazembe fans had evaded the security and then quickly ran away from the scene.

On Saturday, a man believed to be a TP Mazembe sangoma was filmed digging parts of the giant stadium pitch and planting some substances.

“I was walking in the tunnel and I just heard somebody saying that ‘this is the CAPS United coach.’ I was then slapped on the head and I reacted by holding the guy.

“One of the bouncers came to my rescue as he took over the situation.

“I did not make a police report as I wanted to concentrate on the job at hand but I feel he was given a few lessons by our bouncers.

“It’s very primitive to fight at soccer matches and if one has to fight it must be players who must do it on the field in a battle of their skills and not with fists,” said Chitembwe.

About 200 TP Mazembe fans watched the match.

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  • Mbla

    Mboko ngadzisotwe

  • lot chitakasha

    Kkk he is a hero coach Chitembwe but he does contradict himself here..remember this is the same Chitembwe who impersonated a cobra during one match at Rufaro..he should remember that emotions run high during matches a slap on the head…kkk ..cut the drama coach..Congrats still, well done.

  • Emru Kunanti

    It just shows disorganisation and lack of security. If they can be assaulted at their own pitch what will happen when they visit West Africa.