‘Mandla’s Muslim so can’t be chief’

Mandla Mandela

Mandla Mandela

CAPE TOWN. — Eastern Cape traditional leaders want answers from Nelson Mandela’s grandson Nkosi Zwelivelile “Mandla” Mandela about why he reportedly converted to Islam when he married a Muslim woman.

“We reacted with shock on the news of his conversion. We were also very concerned. What we know is that the woman converts, not the man. That is our custom,” Congress of Traditional Leaders of South Africa provincial chairperson Chief Mwelo Nonkonyane said on Tuesday.

Contralesa’s Xolile Ndevu says Mandela’s new religious affiliation is a problem.

Ndevu believes Chief Mandela cannot both lead the people of Mvezo and the Eastern Cape and be a Muslim at the same time.

“It means now he is no longer a chief of AbaThembu in Mvezo, but becomes a Muslim because the Mvezo people are not Muslim.”

They were troubled that Mandela married without any traditional leaders present at the ceremony.

“Traditional leaders don’t marry secretly. He should have been represented by the traditional council of Mvezo. He is the leader of people of Mvezo. We are still trying to locate him to get answers,” he said.

Mandela married Muslim bride Rabia Clarke last week.

“I wish to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Rabia’s parents, her extended family and the Muslim community, for welcoming me into their hearts,” Mandla said in a statement.

The marriage, in Cape Town, was the fourth for Mandela, whose heritage was isiXhosa.

He was the traditional chief of Mvezo.

“Although Rabia and I were raised in different cultural and religious traditions, our coming together reflects what we have in common: We are South Africans,” he said.

According to reports, Mandela was still legally married to his first wife, Tando Mabunu-Mandela, with whom he had been embroiled in a long and bitter divorce.

City Press newspaper reported that the pair were married in community of property in 2004 and had been fighting in court over various assets.

In the past, she had laid bigamy charges against him.

He had defied various interdicts and married three more times.

Mandela wed second wife Anais Grimaud in a traditional ceremony in 2010.

In 2013, Mandla accused his younger brother Mbuso of impregnating Grimaud.

Their marriage was annulled.

In 2014, his marriage to third wife Mbali Makhathini in a traditional ceremony in 2011, was declared null and void in court. — Times Live/EWN

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  • Beraboy

    It is unfortunate that chieftainship is imposed on people, the man is unable just to run a family, How then can he lead a community? He shows megawatss of confusion.

    • MaNkala

      You dont know what you’re talking about. Imposed or not, he loves that position. He wants to be chief.

  • Choto

    Africa must do away with this chief chief thing.Pazvakaipira kana mwana washe rikava benzi, munototongwa nebeznzi iroro.This Mandla is a real moemish.He is a child out of wedlock and the Abatembu did not want to accept him because of that.They only accepted because Nelson anointed him.He could have behaved himself, knowing well that he is a child out of wedlock.In Africa, a child out of wedlock can not clain chieftainship.People like Fortune Charumbira can not be chiefs because he was born out of wedlock in Zambia, then brought to Zimbabwe as a grown up.

  • Anonymous

    Yes.The woman converts to the faith of the husband not the other way round but moslems won’t have none of it.In the case of Mandla, the woman is beautiful, possibly a virgin and sexy.It’s the power of the vagina, stupid.Mandla is thinking about the desires of the flesh.His ‘small head’ did the thinking for him.

  • Far Que

    Uyu anonyadzisa uyu.