Lusaka City Market is on Fire

Unknown people have set fire to Lusaka’s City Market. The fire started around 04:30 Hours and was still spreading by 06:30 and Marketeers watched helplessly as the market was burning. lusaka fire

It is unclear how the fire started. Several parts of urban Zambia have been targeted in similar attacks which the Zambia Police Service has labeled as being economic sabotage.
lusaka fire1
lusaka fire
lusaka fire22

- Lusaka Times

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  • yowe

    Thought it was the market in Highfield…hope no lives were lost still

  • Baba D Soko

    mazongonyaraka kuti ts was caused by MDC youths coz hamusi muzimbabwe. we know u, u r good at blaming people, unknown people vapi? ko wat if t was an electrical fault?