UPDATED: Gweru man kills cheating wife

hoeFreedom Mupanedemo Midlands Bureau
A Gweru woman died after she was struck on the head with a hoe handle by her husband who allegedly caught her with another man in their bedroom. Innocent Mujakachi (37), according to sources, found his wife Solani Hlanganiso in bed with another man when he attacked her and left her unconscious.

“She was rushed to hospital where she later succumbed to the injuries she sustained from the attack,” said a source.

Acting police spokesperson for Midlands province Assistant Inspector Ethel Mukwende confirmed Hlanganiso’s death while on admission at Gweru Provincial Hospital last Sunday. She said police have since launched a manhunt for the suspected husband, who is still at large.

“I can confirm that police in Gweru are investigating a murder case in which a 37-year-old woman, Solani Hlanganiso died after she was attacked with a hoe handle by her husband after he found her with an identified guest in their house,” she said.

Asst Insp Mukwende said Mujakachi left home on December 23 during the night, saying he was going to Shurugwi, but later came back that same night only to find his wife with an unidentified man in their bedroom.

“On 23 December, 2017 at around 9.30 pm, the now deceased was home alone after her husband indicated that he was going to Shurugwi. She then went to see her niece at her parents’ home who had visited from Harare.

“She returned home in the company of an unidentified male guest,” said Asst Insp Mukwende. “Mujakachi suddenly returned home and found Hlanganiso with her guest. He picked up a log and attempted to strike the unidentified guest, but Hlanganiso restrained him, giving the guest a chance to escape. Mujakachi then took a hoe handle and used it to attack his wife. He fled the scene, leaving her unconscious.”

Asst Insp Mukwende said a fellow tenant later made a report to the police.

“Police attended the scene and Hlanganiso was taken to the hospital, but later died while on admission on Sunday 30 December 2017,” she said.

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  • kazukuru

    Hezvo… Vakadzi vapanduka. This aggrieved man needs counselling and not Police hunt. If women want prostitution then they are free to do it away from my house, and not my bed in particular.

    • Moe_Scyslack2

      He can get all the counseling he needs in jail. There is no justification whatsoever for what he did. None. Budaka uende. There are more women out there. Why stick with someone who obviously he’s failing to satisfy?

      • Ray Mbada

        I don’t think it’s anything to do with real satisfaction, it should be a demon of some sort.

      • player

        crime of passion

      • chihumbe

        paunoona yakanwa pamukadzi wako, ndoo panotandira ma1.

        • mr lee

          achichemerera zvaasingaiti kunewe

      • SlackJawedYokel

        Who should leave, the man or the woman? If she is not. Ring satisfied and already have got a boyfriend, why didn’t she just leave with the new bf? She deserved it. Let’s be honest, if you are a man, wouldn’t you also be mad?


        Usazvinyepere. Iwe zvauri ipapo ziva kuti mukadzi wako, ukavachinja 100 uchitsvaga wekugutsa, iye ndiye chete anoziva chokwadi. Do you satisfy yours? If so let’s have her on rooftop every morning shouting that she’s getting satisfaction from you like no other man does. Vakuru vakati mukadzi haanzi aguta bonde bambo.

    • TruthHurts!

      They all want to have their cake and eat it.

  • kazukuru

    This man needs help financially to fight pending court case and needs help from all men, fathers batchellors against infidelity in a family. I guess a fund should be set up and well wishers donate. If I knew his account no. I would deposit now.

    • Ted

      He is an idiot. No amount of money will save him from life in prison. Ngaanooreramo! Vakadzi vanopera here. Manje achanokwirwa mu**** hupenyu hwake hwese. Gwara remurume. Kana mukadzi a**** leave her and find a more beautiful one

      • Cecil of Mosi-oa-Tunya

        Seems you do not understand the difference between vakadzi (those walking the streets) and mukadzi (the one he has chosen to be his soul mate). The emotions for finding out that your wife is bedding someone in your matrimonial home could be bigger than your anger as expressed in your writing here. It is even possible for the courts to find this man acted like a normal person and could convict him of culpable homicide. I am in no way encouraging men to respond with so much anger if they find out that their wives a cheating on them.

        • JAMES GUNIKE

          I suppose the first part of your contribution is trying to explain the difference between mukadzi(woman) on one hand and mudzimai(lady/wife) on the orher right?

        • Miles Lancmore

          wabaya dede nemukanwa.

    • Wanga


  • haiwawo

    Saka waitei iyo nyika izere vakadzi? Ndiye aive gotwe renyika here mukadziyu? When she is is unfaithful, divorce her and get on with your life. Same for a husband who is unfaithful. It appears men commit intimate femicide more often than women commit viricide. If this were a man caught in a compromise situation, vakadzi vanonzi aah ndizvo zvinooita varume but when it is a woman, zvinonzi murume aive ashatirwa.

    Zvaanga aratidza hwaaifunga kuti ndihwo urume ngekuponda, wanga adii kuchimirapo ataura kuti ndiye wazviita, kwete kuita ukwara hwekutiza. Zvino izvi, jeri ramirira, ngozi yamirira (if you believe in it), and if there are children, they will be left to others to fend for them because of a lack of control. If it were permissible or normative for people to be killed for infidelity, makuva angadai akazara.

    Patsika dzedu zvinonzi unobatira gomba, woenda kumadzitezvara, wotura mukadzi, wopuwa twako. Kana uchiziva gomba racho roripiswa. Nyaya haiperi nebonda kana pfumo. Kurasa tsika, and this culture of violence ndizvo zvoitisa zvese izvi.

    • Eunice

      Yeees ndozvinoita varume its normal coz man can have barika and also on top murume anobhadhara roora. Women shld stop wanting to be compared to men. Akabvisirwa ka mufi uyu? Zvino zvaafira cheating gehena!

      • Wanga


      • haiwawo

        No amount of money buys a person’s life.

    • Epsilon Kinetics

      You have a point Haiwawo, however its tough when dealing with emotions. The husband needed to have taken pictures or video as proof for reasons for divorce.

      • vanhu

        KKKKKK iwe kinetics kwana nhyka.Kutora pic yemukadzi achiiteyi? hauiwane nguva yakadero


      Vakuru vakati “Chinonzi regedza/rasa ndochiri mumaoko chiri mumwoyo unofa nacho”
      Unoziva sei if according to his feelings mukadzi uyu anga ari gotwe renyika? There is no reasoning when one is under emotions that’s why they are called emotions as opposed to rationale. And marriage is fundamentally a contract of emotions(chako ndechangu changu ndechako principle), it’s different from commercial contract my friend. Iwewe ukazviitirwa nhasi chaiye uchibva paplatform iyoyi you would commit worse by butchering the lover man into pieces as well, contrary to your sounding rational on this forum.

      • haiwawo

        So if an ntmate partner breaks a contract with you, then you kill? Is that the rationale people are used. There is no justifying murder. Wafa haatauri and all we hear is one side of it which is hearsay. Tisadaro.

  • toaw

    A life lost unnecessarily.

  • Chamunorwa

    How sad. Of course, the legal position is that he was provoked by his wife’s flagrant disregard of her marital vows. For all men out there – one can never tame a black mamba. It remains poisonous. A woman who is unfaithful is very easy to detect at the dating stage.

    • Rutendo

      Sure, she will conceal the true colours for a couple of years and then start again. Infidelity is a betrayal


      Vakuru vakati “Rinonyengwa rinohwarara rinozomutsa musoro rawanikwa”

    • wezhira wezheve

      ha maya wangu these pple are so difficulty to identify , vakadzi vemazuvano matsotsi period …and whatever happened to ths woman is what we call instant justice

      • Chamunorwa

        We were always told to use the right head when approaching women. One needs to be vigilant and to date for at least 3 years before marriage. One can’t hide everything for that length of time.

  • Sandura1

    Just leave that woman and move on

    • Milton Moyo

      kkkkk she is already dead

      • Sandura1

        Honestly you get yourself jailed just for a woman. Normally you are responsible for your married woman’s private parts less than 5 hrs daily, then why spoil your other 19 hrs daily for life. Oh God, man think!!

  • James Dada

    Its easy to make decisions on matters that do not affect you directly ladies and gentlemen. This situation is unfortunate in the sense that two wrongs wont make a right. The husband was provoked for real but the way he reacted was wrong , he was very emotional and only realized that he messed up when it was too late. My condolences to those who lost their loved one. I pray that couples will find amicable solutions to their problems no matter how tough it may be. Good luck to all couples in troubled marriages.

  • http://pymmutubuki.wix.com/chess pym.mutubuki

    Vakarwadziswa shuwa baba ava chihure chacho chakaitwa chinourayisa. Zveshuwa vakadzi havana moyo

    • Milton Moyo

      taura hako mutubuki kkkk

    • Madhunamutuna

      Mutubuki if Pic is yours ndada nezvako. Ready to be butchered on top of you.

    • Madhunamutuna

      Nice Pic ndada nezvako mutubuki.

  • Ray Mbada

    People in there sober minds find this problem easy to handle but, in reality, when this happens, one simply cease to think and all what follows is unknown.

    Ndiyani anoziva zvaachaita kana awana ivo mai vevana vari pamutambo uyu nezimunhu iro raasingazivi? Zvakangowoma uye kana ukava Mudzimu kana Mwari vakakuratidza mashura akadai, vanenge vato kuparadzira upenyu hwako.

    • Do not be led by emotions

      Who knows the truth behind the story if there is no proof of what happened. Vamwe varume vanoruchengera rwunopisa zvekuti they can react to what they think kuti zviri kuitika and not necesaarily what they see. Its just lack of self control. Zvizhinji zvinoexgaratwa mudzimba umu. Vamwe varume they are full of kufungira vakadzi vavo becoz muzivi wenzira yeparuware ndiye mufambi wayo. Kana anga ane full evidence akatizei? Humondi chete ndiwo hwakamubata, ngaaende kujere ndiwo musha wake chaiwo coz haagarike naye munhu iyeye.Munhu ngarege kuleadwa nemaemotions but with facts of life.

      • Wasu Pa Internet

        so you want proof of what exactly? utikwanire! What else was a naked stranger man doing in the man’s bedroom with his naked wife??! Ukwane wazvinzwa!

    • Milton Moyo

      kkkkk some things do happen and you have to accept, especially when it happen to other people you have to learn kuti zvinoitika.

  • tasara

    This story appeals to those women itching to cheat and the emotionally charged men who will justify killing a cheating wife. Good luck to those in troubled marriages, hope they will survive!!!

    • Milton Moyo

      tricky i dont think they will survive

  • SlackJawedYokel

    Lesson: don’t marry, just#### and move on

  • herbert piki

    kana usati wambo##### mukadzi nyaya yakadai unoona seiri nyore.wangu aka###### muna november but right now ndaparara nestres

    • Gugu

      yoooooo iyi yakaipa wena….kusiya kuri nani

    • Milton Moyo

      sorry mufero it happens.

    • lovethyself

      Take care of yourself. Love yourself. Don’t blame yourself chero ukapiwa whatever excuse. Some marry vanhu vavasiri attracted to for money/security. Zvino wanikwa.

  • Guest

    Its better to control temper than to allow emotions to lead you into prison. Plenty of women are going to madzibaba for marriage prayers. Leave her and marry another one life goes on. Why killing someone?

  • moreBliss

    who reported this s
    tory since the man run away. can the reporter give us the side story of the man who was found in the house.
    Its not about roora that get women killed. even boy friends/blessers kill their lovers. self control is the problem and handidzaro diri murume emotional situation. teach your sons to walk away/ let her go away..

  • vance

    was it really to do with cheating or she was married to a violent man

  • Lewis

    i am looking for a girl to date vanhuwe. 18-30 years in Harare.

  • Symbol

    The last 2 paragraphs of this story dzinoita nyaya iyi inetse kunzwisisa

  • yowe

    Ndoanonzi ma1 aya..

  • Gumbomutsvairo

    Why did he lie to his wife that he would be away from base? He should have given his wife enough space and time to do her shinini, sheni, shinny,ahh mhani… shenanigans!! What do you really lose if your woman does it with another man, or vice versa?


    Unless and until you have successfully convinced God or nature to
    re-engineer the male biological system design by removing masculine hormones then you can”t talk of men having to learn to be non-aggressive and non-violent in such situations. It’s like attempting to legislate against suicidal bombing in an Al Qaeda or such other like society. Varume usually they will be fully are and prepared of the consequences in suchsituations. Ivo vakadzi vedu havachaziva or kudzidziswa before marriage that kana wanzwa kuswinyiwa/kuvaviwa nekuda kuchinjanisa varume unoenda kunaana tete nehama kudzinza kwenyu onovaudza kuti hauchada murume muchato ogurwa zvakanakanaka, zvinobvumidzwa chaizvo kwete kuzviita muhardy. Matare anozosara otongera hawo murume rufu or life in prisonment but iwe kufa wafa hazvidzore hupenyu hwako kunzi akakuponda apihwa mutongo wakaomarara.

  • Wanguda

    Aifanira kungoti kune vaviri ava chikurumidzai kupedza ndadzoka ndirikuda kurara ndaneta,osiya chikomba choenda,kuna madam ongoti sorry sweetie for disturbing you,otovata hake chete.

    • Taurai

      True that, mwana waamai. We must learn to share juicy pies!