Illegal diamond dealer in court

Fungai Lupande Senior Court Reporter
A Lebanese woman appeared in a Harare court on Saturday after diamond-detecting equipment and over $15 500 were discovered at her house in Greenside, Mutare.

The court heard that while police were raiding the house, another diamond dealer – Happiness Chikwenje – arrived, selling more than 10,8 carats, which were concealed in her bra.

Ali Sleiman Ahmad (36), who holds both a Lebanese passport and a Mozambican passport, appeared before Harare magistrate Ms Rumbidzai Mugwagwa jointly charged with Chikwenje of Chief Marange, Bocha, in Mutare.

The pair was granted $1 000 each and is expected back in court on January 22. The prosecutor, Ms Linda Gadzikwa, said the police received a report that diamonds were being stolen at the Zimbabwe Consolidated Diamond Company (ZCDC).

It is alleged that Ahmad is one of the illegal diamond dealers, who financed ZCDC’s employees to steal diamonds in the company’s sorting house.

Ahmad allegedly smuggled diamonds to Mozambique through the Forbes Border Post.

It is alleged that on December 30 last year, detectives received information about Ahmad and they raided her house in Mutare. They recovered a silver diamond colour meter, a black diamond tester, a fluorescent table light, a black UV light, a digital scale and a device fitted to a magnifying glass. It is alleged that Ahmad was in possession of $15 595 and two books with records of diamond transactions.

The court heard that during the raid, Chikwenje phoned Ahmad with the intention to sell some of the diamonds in her possession.

She was subsequently lured into Ahmad’s house and was found in possession of more than 10,8 carats.

This brings the number of people who have appeared in court in connection with ZCDC’s stolen diamonds to six.

ZCDC’s diamond sorter Anesu Dhliwayo (34) was recently denied bail while his accomplices, an internal security guard Tobias Mukundu, a diamond sorter Elphas Dhaka and a Closed Circuit Television operator Stalin Munyanyi have already appeared in court on the same charges.

They were remanded to January 12.

It is alleged that quartet, which was denied bail yesterday, smuggled fake diamonds into the company’s sorting house and replaced them with real diamonds.


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  • Ray Mbada

    Why is it that this foreigner is in here coming all the way from Lebanon? How did she came to be here? Who assisted her to get to be where she is? There is a missing link here and we seem to be reporting given information without investigating to the bottom of the issue. Gentlemen there is no way a Lebanese can find her way into this country for unknown business, find residence and stay for that long as if we don’t have eyes. You guys need to find ways of involving every ordinary Zimbabwean in the running of affairs. You have made this country yours to the point that people have given up ownership of everything and have leveled every blame for everything on you and that’s is not health a governance.

  • Sparks

    Emmulate Botswana, Life in jail for those found in possession of the precious stone!!