Husband rapes wife with Nephew

njemaProsper Dembedza Herald Reporter
A 24-year-old man from Rushinga together with the nephew took turns to rape his wife the whole night, police have said. Acting Mashonaland Central provincial police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Petros Masikati confirmed the incident saying investigations were in progress.

“We received a report of a  Rushinga man who teamed up with his nephew to rape his wife for the whole night and we have since launched a manhunt for the two men who are still at large,” he said.

It is alleged that sometime in June this year the man from Mapisa Village under Chief Rusambo arrived home from Bulawayo in the company of his nephew (22).
The two were given food by the man’s wife and after the meal the husband indicated that it was late for his nephew to go to his house and he asked him to sleep at their house.

It is reported that the three slept together in the same room and the husband started demanding sex from his wife which she declined citing that it was a shameful act to be done in full view of their nephew.

The husband forcibly had sex with his wife in the presence of their nephew.
After that the wife decided to leave the room but was held back by her husband.

While holding his wife’s legs it is alleged that the husband then instructed his nephew to have sexual intercourse with her.

Police reports indicate that the husband and his nephew spent the night taking turns to rape his wife.
The following day the wife told her aunt about the matter and she was advised to report the matter to the police but the wife failed to do so in a bid to save her marriage.

The matter came to light on October 8 after the wife was assaulted by her husband and that is when she reported the matter  to police.
Asst Insp Masikati appealed to members of the public who might know the whereabouts of the two to report at their nearest police station.

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  • Zvinoshamisa

    What a world?????????????????????????

  • STAN

    are you sure there is rape. why wait for many months to save her marriage

  • Mimi


  • joseph

    kana kupenga kwacho hakudai kowani kana hure unoriitira shange wani what more mukadzi wemumba.Baba ava vanodya pupu

  • Msengadutu

    Zvaari mashura padunhu, Asi mweyayi nhai? Iro bonde rinoeraka – why make it a common thing especially considering it is his wife.

  • nemail mafa

    giving oneanother turns to rape wife .means the husband does no longer loves his wife.the nephew is mendaly ill he needs a DOCTOR to him.

  • YOWE78

    this is wrong i dont understand how you can be that cruel to another humanbeing

  • makombe 007

    Ngavambonotariswa njere navana chiremba.


    This might be a lesson gentlemen that if you assault your wife, the hidden truth may be divulged for public consumption, so be careful with your family secrets on how they can be exposed. From June to October the wife was keeping such a secret and had she not been assaulted, the secret would still be maintained up to now. What evidence is there now to confirm that she was raped? If it is a rape case, she should have screamed for help if she was principled as she claimed when she denied in the first instance. I do not know whether this is a rape case because what can stop any woman to say I was raped by so and so in February or any time back? While the man and his nephew displayed a high level of immorality, the woman was also immoral by not reporting immediately. Zimbabwe, we need a high level of morality kuti mvura inaye kwete kuchengeta huchapa from June to October and to rape one’s wife being assisted by a nephew. All are guilty of immorality.

    • Mbanda

      It could be the level of understanding, culture and lack of education that all leads to fear and failure. The husband was very aware of the ignorance and new he would get away with it if it were not through advisers. Actually, the husband failed to respect both his wife and his in-laws if they ever happen to be alive anywhere. The Government should be exemplary in such matters.