Govt avails 300t rice to encourage BVR uptake

Rtd Maj-Gen Bonyongwe

Rtd Maj-Gen Bonyongwe

Nqobile Tshili Bulawayo Bureau
GOVERNMENT has availed 300 tonnes of rice to be awarded to districts that mobilise the most registrants under the ongoing Biometric Voter Registration (BVR) programme, a Cabinet Minister has said. The district that will register the highest number of voters in every province will receive 30 tonnes of rice.

The Minister of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs, Retired Major-General Happyton Bonyongwe, revealed this last week at the National Chiefs Conference in Bulawayo. He also implored traditional leaders to encourage their subjects to register as voters.

Rtd Maj-Gen Bonyongwe said in line with the topical issue in the Ministry of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs, they saw it fit to introduce a competition on voter registration.

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“We then thought of programmes to do with voter registration; as a ministry, we want to see people registering to vote. Everyone should go out and register as a voter. The district that will register the highest number of voters per province will receive a truckload of rice, which amounts to 30 tonnes per district. So, in 10 provinces it will be equivalent to 300 tonnes. It’s now a competition, lets encourage people to register as voters. So if you become number one, that is the prize that is coming your way,” he said.

Rtd Maj-Gen Bonyongwe said voter registration was an important issue in Government as it maps the way forward ahead of next year’s elections.

“The biggest issue in the country at the moment is the issue of the elections that are scheduled for next year. As the Ministry of Justice, we are the ones administering the Electoral Act. But we have the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission, an independent commission handling the electoral processes. At the moment, they have their BVR programme which is ongoing,” he said.

About 1,2 million people have since been registered as voters countrywide, with the Matabeleland provinces recording the least number of registered voters.

Minister Bonyongwe also emphasised that chiefs have an important role in the preservation of the country’s heritage and cultural values as enshrined in the Constitution.

He said the chiefs ensure traditional values and cultural beliefs are not eroded by imported cultures.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Public Service, Labour and Social Services, Mr Patrick Zhuwao, urged chiefs to partner Government in assisting the needy in society.

He also challenged politicians to desist from diverting Government’s aid programmes to gain political mileage.

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  • Moe_Scyslack2

    Here come the riggers holding them big bag of bone lie (as the Jamaicans would say). Now you want to bribe the electorate? Since when do you care about voters? If you expend the same energy on fixing this dead economy that you pour in BVR and elections, ah dai tiri 1st world chaiyo. Your leader doesn’t believe in elections. He said so himself. Why the obsession? Mwoyo chena wei bere kuda kutengesa mu butcher?

  • mandevu

    a truly crazy situation

  • Cynic

    Thought that China recently donated 12,500 tonnes last September to help feed the vulnerable and food insecure, following up from 5000 tonnes donated in September 2016. Has any Herald reporter attempted to seek comments from Chinese Ambassador to Zimbabwe Huang Ping, over his sentiments about redirecting Chinese food aid towards political purposes by the Zanu-PF Government, who’ll no doubt portray these “voting incentives” as being wholly attributable from the goodwill of the Zanu-PF party?

    • Zvakaora

      Nothing new in Zanu-pf reaping where it did not sow. People can’t be fooled forever, just accept the freebies but keep your vote secret!

  • eliah

    This is bad and truely very very bad , if it was in good earnest it must apply across the country cities included. What makes this move suspicious is that the areas targeted for this carrot are the traditional strongholds of one party and never in the history of the world have voters been awarded to go and register to vote, sad indeed.

  • Idiot

    Kana musings waters today matapiri

  • Freedom Fighter

    Precisely thats what I am saying. People are disgruntled and do not see any value in voting. They have other pressing issues to attend to which in a functional economy are not challenges. I dont know if you earn money through the bank. Would you rather go and register or que for l money so you can fend for your family.
    If you are a rural farmer would you go and register or go and look for fertilizer ,book draught power or go to the bank so you access money for inputs. Moreover its given ,no matter what you do, you will not beat them at their game.

    So Zwelithini my brother dream on. Dont give up. I rather que for money. My money for that matter. Not free rice.