Govt acts on child prostitutes

Minister Mupfumira

Minister Mupfumira

Nyemudzai Kakore Herald Correspondent
Government last Friday dispatched teams to Epworth, Caledonia, Hopley and Hatcliffe in Harare to identify and profile children engaging in prostitution for survival.

In an interview with the media on Friday after visiting Katswe Sisterhood offices in Harare following revelations by the organisation that a nine-year-old girl was engaging in prostitution, Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare Minister Prisca Mupfumira said appropriate action was going to be taken to stop such ills.

“It is Government’s responsibility to protect and look after all children who are vulnerable and in need,” she said. “We have to be informed and if we know about it, whether through communities or parliamentarians, we will act upon it. “Unfortunately, we were not aware, but as from now, we are going to take appropriate action that the children be looked after by Government.”

Minister Mupfumira chided Katswe Sisterhood for operating without being registered as a Private Voluntary Organisation. She criticised the media for airing a programme on radio which exposed the nine-year-old, saying it was against the rights of children.

“We need the privacy of the children to be protected,” said Minister Mupfumira. “It was wrong for the media to interview one of the vulnerable children who used a pseudo name as Lady B and expose her to social media platforms, as it is an abuse of her human rights.

“We have a fully-fledged department of social welfare to look after every child. Culturally, the community also has a responsibility to look after children and report if they identify any social ills taking place.”

Katswe Sisterhood director Talent Jumo welcomed Government’s intervention.

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  • Tarubva

    Minister, the only way you can protect children from prostitution is for your Zanu PF government to desist from implementing policies that have impoverished them!

  • tasara

    The minister is saying ‘them’ refering to media, children, communities, parliamentarians and ‘us’ refering to herself and government. So the government and the ministry of Child welfare have no idea of what is going on in Epworth. What mechanisms are in place to ‘protect and look after all children’? Did she say there is a ‘fully-fledged’ department to look after ‘every child’! how can that be, when she does not know ‘every child’. How is she ‘informed’ and by who? Someone is sleeping on duty.

  • mambo

    Step in right direction minister. Go deeper

  • Chitova Wegona

    The whole society is burning with poverty .There are no jobs for parents , guardians and recent graduates.No one is better off in this situation except those with political connection.A lot of our people are suffering. Cdes lets act talk is cheap, kuunganidza vanhu pazuva muchitaura nhoroondo hazvina zvazvinobatsira. What is the Gvt’s plan to improve the situation at hand and what is the future forecast about all important economic variables like economic growth rate, unemployment rate, inflation rate, population growth, export growth , etc ,rate of industrialization etc