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President Mugabe and zanu-pf secretary for Women’s Affairs Amai Grace Mugabe before the start of the zanu-pf Politburo meeting in Harare yesterday. — Picture by Kudakwashe Hunda

President Mugabe and zanu-pf secretary for Women’s Affairs Amai Grace Mugabe before the start of the zanu-pf Politburo meeting in Harare yesterday. — Picture by Kudakwashe Hunda

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First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe does not have any ambitions to be the Vice President of this country and she remains content with her position as the secretary for Women Affairs in Zanu-PF, a top Women’s League official has said.

Addressing the party’s Harare provincial women’s league members yesterday, national secretary for finance Cde Sarah Mahoka, urged all errant youths and other senior party members against insulting Amai Mugabe as she harboured no intentions to deputise her husband.

“To start with, Amai Mugabe was never interested in taking up her current position as Women’s League leader, but we had to put pressure on her until she finally accepted. We believed in her leadership and even now we still have confidence in her.

“However, we do not want her to be the Vice President and she also personally does not want to be the Vice President of this country.

“We do not know where such false claims are coming from. What we know is that she is content with her current position and nothing has changed,” said Cde Mahoka.

Cde Mahoka, who is also Hurungwe East legislator, brushed aside the claims as unreasonable saying there was no way Amai Mugabe could deputise her own husband in the same Government.

“Where in this world have you heard of the president’s wife being the vice president? That thought is just ridiculous and we as the Women’s League are tired of all lies being levelled against our mother, the President himself and the First Family at large,” she said.

Cde Mahoka said the false claims were the reasons why the First Lady was being insulted and vilified by some errant party members before urging the culprits to stop it.

She took a swipe on the conduct of some suspended youth leaders Godwin Gomwe and Godfrey Tsenengamu who stand accused of publicly denigrating Amai Mugabe and other senior party leaders.

“Gomwe and Tsenengamu are very young and misguided boys who lack respect for their elders and party leadership. They are very green politically and they must desist from such conduct,” said Cde Mahoka.

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    Zanu pf haisi yaMugabe ndeyevanhu vakafa haichatongwi

  • Vunganai Mazhambe

    Gomwe and Tsenengamu you better beef up your security or go kneel before Dr. Amai and beg for your lives otherwise matomakwa vapfana vangu. We wish you long live.

  • Mqophiso W Sibanda

    What of K Chipanga madam Mahoka? Does the women’s league have the right to mention presidential candidates of their choices and insult those it deems unfit openly whilst others have no such rights madame? If you say all are lies that links the F/L to presidential target then can you say all are truths that link others to wanting to remove the president before his term expires? Why totally believe other rumors and totally doubt and discard the other rumors when there is no convincing evidence for both rumors? Does the women’s league chair also lead the youths and men wing, is there precedence to that or it is new? What do you say of the song ‘MaZezuru unconquerable’? What is the intention and meaning and intention of the slogan ‘Munhu wese kuna amai’, does it not sound healthy to a democratic party?

  • bodo_kwete

    Mahoka the new Opah.

  • Chikomana

    kana vanhu varamba vachiti mai vanoda kuva VP bvaa ngavapinde She is already the pples choice. Amai pindai zvenyu munotigonera. We need to face facts the first lady came very late in politics and its a sign of selfcontrol and being considerate vangadai vakapinda kare kare. Factionalism is too high in the peoples party hence we need these new enterance to occupy higher positions.
    Surely to stop this madness amai pindai pahuuu VP. You have my vote and ndiri wezhira Love live first laday.

    • brian

      Iwe unofarisawo iwe ,it I my choice not pple s’choice .

    • Ngwekazi

      kikikiki. For sure vakanonoka kupinda mu politics. But the best thing is for her to wait until the president’s term finishes. Like what Clinton did.

  • giza

    Zanu P.F. has finally soiled it’s reputation by indulging in internal power struggle wars which undermines their sole mandate of dealing with important issues like hunger, drought and natural disasters that are affecting our own citizens on a daily basis. My thinking is that all opposition parties including Mujuru’s PF, should unite under the same banner and come with a consensus that will dislodge this mickey government once and for all.

  • Dr Newton Galileo Einsten

    For all the years I have known my birth-area, Hurungwe, there has been no single thing to cry about until this woman became our MP!

  • my zanupf

    Where did Sarah Mahoka getting all these powers she is investing in her herself. Hope haazi matirauzi coz gore rachoputika haaaaa **

    • Collin Mackenzie

      She has the right,she is women of truth why wear those t – shirts and go around intimidating people in the VP’S name.
      If the VP is not part of all this why then does he not say it or tell the people to stop it.

      The Midlands is a mess dirty our streets Are full of street vendours who use our streets as public loo’s and yet we have a VP from the our province a justice minister shame man and now I believe new a road to his farm is being tared yet our Midlands capital has potholes and no road markings people pay a one usd to park yet nothing has been done to improve the service and quality of the roads.

      I have chosen to go public with how I feel about our once respectable VP.

  • rue

    Hokoyo na Sarah

    • Collin Mackenzie

      She’s boss via Sarah

  • karombe

    back tracking uh? inonzi zanu pf. yakasunga.

  • Collin Mackenzie

    She is so right The first lady will always be the first lady period an should be given that respect.

    Do you shut at your own right or wrong, so yes Mahoka is indeed correct and has correctly corrected the first lady’s postion in public and we await the VP’S public position.

  • Collin Mackenzie

    I love Mahoka Via Mahoka you are my Hero you call it as it is.
    Those who know you know the true women you are.
    We need strong women and mother’s like you in our beloved Zimbabwe.