Doctors speak on Mnangagwa

VP Mnangagwa

VP Mnangagwa

Fidelis Munyoro Chief Court Reporter—
Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa could have eaten stale food, resulting in him suffering a severe bout of vomiting and diarrhoea, according to reports from his doctors in South Africa where he is seeking treatment.VP Mnangagwa left a Presidential Youth Interface Rally in Gwanda on Saturday following a relentless bout of vomiting and diarrhoea. In a Press briefing last night, Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Minister Dr Chris Mushohwe allayed fears that VP Mnangagwa could have been poisoned.

He said VP Mnangagwa was recovering well but his doctors had requested him to stay in South Africa a little longer to monitor his condition.

“He is very jovial. He is recovering very well,” said Dr Mushohwe.

“I am sure the nation knows he has gone to South Africa to see his doctors so that they make sure that he is fine. In fact, the doctors have asked him to stay a little bit longer so that they observe his condition but he is very well. Government is very happy with his recovery.”

Dr Mushohwe said he and the Minister of Health and Child Care Dr David Parirenyatwa spoke to VP Mnangagwa on Tuesday and yesterday.

“He is well. I just wanted to allay fears that some people are getting out of the mischievous social maniacs who throw unfounded stories on the social media. There is absolutely nothing like that. He is fine,” said Dr Mushohwe.

Dr Mushohwe dismissed social media claims that VP Mnangagwa was poisoned.

“Some stories went to the extent that perhaps he was poisoned, some went to the extent that he ate ice cream from Gushungo Dairies.

“That is absolute nonsense. In fact, for the record the Vice President did not eat ice cream. Yes, there was ice-cream. I ate it, many people ate the ice cream but he did not eat the ice cream himself. I do not know where this is coming from.

“What the doctors think happened is that perhaps he ate some stale food which then means it is really not poison in the sense that the people are trying to allege.”

Dr Mushohwe said it was important for the nation to know the correct position and not the speculation coming from social media.

“In fact when we spoke to him after hearing these social media rumours the Minister of Health asked him if he ate the ice cream and he denied ever eating ice cream. We do not know where this is coming from,” Mr Mushohwe said.

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  • Moe_Scyslack2

    This is news?

  • Ndere

    Ivo chete ndovakachidya no one else , ghee are still lots of questions to be answered . Food poison can be well treated in Harare or even at Ganda clinic , why Johannesburg.

    • Tendekayi.TE

      It depends, we’re talking about ngwena here my friend it’s not easy to take down a crocodile, and when you do, you have to cross the crocodile-infested Limpopo river to fix it.

    • Ak

      He is afraid of Mugabe cio who are loaded in most hospitals in zim but in sa Mugabe cio are alive and active

  • Tindo

    Kkkkkk, kunyarara hakusi kupusa varume.

  • Chivhu

    1. Nhema dzega dzega.. stale food yaakadya ega pajekerere yakabvepi

    2. ngwena haasiriye wamaakuda kuti achenure dr fugu here panyaya dzavo. hindava herald muchinyepa icho chokwadi chizere pasi rese

  • Robinhood

    Wishing the man a speedy recovery!
    @Herald, I am just curious have you written, or will you ever write about the state of our health care system that makes ‘people’ have to fly out of the country to seek simple treatment? I would like to think that the VP could have saved so much money by going to a local hospital for a simple food borne illness, unless of course non of our hospitals are able to deal with such problems.

  • mturikwa

    He had to travel to SA because of vomiting and a runny tummy? Really?

    • Moe_Scyslack2

      Because they waste state resources. Haisi yavo mari


      purportedly caused by eating stale food

  • Chamunorwa

    Yes Minister know that politicians don’t die naturally. there are killed .They don’t eat stale food( by the way stale in social lingo is rotten and you will be asked to explain where he ate it) and get salmonella, there are poisoned. Politicians don’t get involved in car accidents. Their car brakes are tempered with. But only ordinary people die and eat stale food and get involved in car accidents. Such is this poison called social media that we now religiously follow. . So don’t go out of your way in trying to justify this and that. The public have the answers already and helped by technology spreads like wild fire. Like sand through the hour glass so are the days of our lives


      hahahahahaha “so are the days of life” hahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahah brilliantly put Zim politics is like watching a soap opera SUNSET BEACH CHAIYO or Santa babrah

  • Mugabeism

    If Vice-President Mnangagwa needs more rest, he can retire from office.

  • Zimbo Zimbo

    Ice Kilm

  • xyz

    The reason why people go to social media is because politicians like yourself interfere with the work of journalists at the Herald. This is why the herald has ignored the current hot news from across the Limpopo. Perhaps you should be made a Minister of Ice-cream!

    • Moe_Scyslack2

      Totally agree

  • Cde Box

    Eating ice-cream or eating sadza-cream and or rice-cream he was poisoned , period. Muchetura wakasasiwa muchikafu muchihwande , ndizvozvo. Saka hatidi vanoda kuputira zvinhu zvakaipa .

  • Chamunorwa

    Yes Honorable Minister , don’t waste your time trying to explain the VPs sickness. So Don’t you know Honorable Minister that you politicians don’t die natural deaths. You don’t suffer from salmonella, but you are poisoned. You don’t get involved in car accidents due to negligence or over speeding by your drivers,but your car brakes are tempered with resulting in the accident. Such is the myth around a politicians death. This belief is being given prominence by the poison called social media and spreads faster than a veld fire. So spare your breath cause no one will believe you. Like sand through the hour glass so are the days of our lives.

  • Reuben Mukondiwa

    Ko nhai Mushowe tiudzewozve nyaya yaGrace Mugabe kuti irikufamba sei.Shuwa tonzwa nyaya nedzimwe nyika imimi muchitadza kuzvitepfenyura?Zvinenge zvichimbonyatsa kufamba seiko nhai?

  • Samanyika

    Why SA doctors when we have our own here? Local doctors and hospitals are for the povo, nhai?
    This is Animal farm.

    • Ak

      Ah zanoids are more equal than others. That’s why majority isina a good life

  • Judas Iscariot

    Have times become this difficult for the revolutionary party,that it’s now resorting to serving stale food? How come Ngwena was the only one who was served stale food? Just asking

    • Goritoto LP

      do these guys really eat at rallies, if they do, then they are stupid. number one rule if you are an african politician dont accept or eat at gatherings. but well you never know even kumba kwacho unogona kunyudzwa

  • Qiniso

    Baloney! Who is fooling who Doc?

  • Tinovaziva

    It doesn’t matter what you say people have already made up their own minds. It may well be that the VP ate stale food (food poisoning) but how are supposed to believe what the government says? This is the government that lies and downplays every crisis. How many of our soldiers died during the DRC war? How many illegal panners died in Chiadzwa? How many people died during the 2008 presidential campaign? I could go on but you see the problem right. You have been lying for so long no one believes a word that comes out your mouths.

  • Sambiri

    Why didn’t he go to see local doctors? No faith in your own doctors coz you know you decimated the once bread basket of Africa and there is nothing regardless of the propaganda assurance you say everday. Bvumai and bow out you failed the nation.

  • Gushungo WekuGP

    There we go again doctors in foreign land. We cannot even trust our own doctors to look at such diseases? Then you have the nerve that ZanuPf has build healthcare for Zimbabwe

  • Rational Ear

    I didn’t know VPs also eat stale food.

    • Thiga

      Chimunya ndochonakazve wadiko iwe

  • Rasta!

    Stale food or contaminated food? Growing up, we ate a lot of stale food in boarding and not once did we get sick.

  • Goredema

    I don’t understand how “stale” food can ever be served at the high table. Could this suggest that all other plates had fresh food – only his was stale?? Even so, that leaves some questions at to whether that was accidental or planned

    • Ak

      It was planned he had a special package from gushungo farm. Another thing he was the only one. If it were food poisoning more than one person would be affected. He is no longer liked by the authorities so they want to get rid of him. That’s how it is in zanu

  • yowe

    Everything is confirmed thank you Chris he did eat something in Gwanda, he is very ill and he is in South Africa ..So you had to wait for 6 days to alay the nations fears?? Your boss did not even mention anything during the speechs he made on Monday and Tuesday…The state media only talks about this on Thursday..Seems you wanted to report on a particular event

    • succuba

      They haven’t even got round to reporting the assault in Sandton Hotel yet, it appears in every newscast and newspaper around the world except here, and every other newspaper in Zimbabwe except the Herald…. I wonder why that should be?

      They boasted only the other month that the Herald wins major rewards and accolades because od bringing major news to the masses… it appears to he only the news it chooses.

      • Tirikukuvonayi

        kkkk true. they don’t report everything. Ndofunga Charamba was too afraid to report of the Sandton Hotel case or else he might face another public humiliation kkkkk. Sando kuna Amai kkkkk

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    Wishing him speedy recovery, so that he came come back and oversee the 2017/18 season Command program.

  • Dengu

    kikikikikikikiki obvious mugehena mune zvese zvese kutsva nemoto muchetura ,mapfumo ,miseve anything can happen soon kikikikik


    guys eating stale food hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. So you mean to say the suppliers of food at the interface were supplying stale food then why why is he only one sick?Didnt others eat that very same stale food?Yo excuse is just pathetic eating stale food and someone is air lifted to south africa you mean to say the various private hospitals in zim could not deal with a minor case of eating stale food.Guys hon Mnangagwa was a member of the crocodile gang that would walk from masvingo to mutare in the bush eating God knows wat for many years then after that he stayed in the notorius Smith penal system and today pa Gwanda apa onzi akadya stale food we are not coconuts

  • OpMaguta

    Remember the break-ins at his offices and the suspicious powder that was spread there 2 yrs back? He is a target.


    WHERE IS **

  • Cde Chirikuutsi Wasu

    Zvavanofamba ne big cars iwe Razaro ne kombi , have you complained about that ?Why now? Tibvirepo.

  • eliah

    This Ngwena VP may have sold us a dummy as he can no longer stomach the idea that he stands to be sidelined in the succession matrix. Hence he took a harmless substance wanting to create unnecessary attention, but only time will reveal all as the coincidence that prophets who normally get it wrong in their predictions were spot on on this one raises serious issues of connivance with a number of people.

  • MwaD

    Doctors speak on Mnangagwa; Dr Mushowe.

  • Zootopia Kakara Kununa

    Itai serious please

  • Zootopia Kakara Kununa

    Mungatiiko ..we KNOW the truth . Siyai vanhu vafecnenguva yaMwari