Curious baboon knocks out power

Johannesburg. – A baboon in Zambia has interfered with machinery at a power station in a tourist town near Victoria Falls, knocking out power to tens of thousands of people for several hours.

State broadcaster ZNBC says the blackout affected residents in Livingstone and surrounding areas on Sunday and reports that it was caused by an accident involving “a curious animal”.

ZNBC quotes power utility spokesman Henry Kapata as saying the baboon survived an electric shock and has been handed over to wildlife officials for care.

People on social media joked about possible sabotage by the baboon, recalling that President Edgar Lungu has announced extra police powers to deal with alleged security challenges amid increasing political tension.

One Twitter user says the baboon is “not believed to be politically inclined.” - Agencies.

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  • Cecil Roars

    He came out second best though. He was heavily bruised and is being treated for his injuries. Luckily they did not prefer any criminal charges as contemplated in the Zambian constitution.

  • Moe_Scyslack2

    At least in Zambia real baboons are causing blackouts. Here in Zim it’s the other baboons.