Council, hold your horses

A Harare City worker examines one of the rusty pipes at Morton Jaffray Water Treatment Plant that will be replaced under the China EximBank US$144 million loan facility

A Harare City worker examines one of the rusty pipes at Morton Jaffray Water Treatment Plant that will be replaced under the China EximBank US$144 million loan facility

Farirai Machivenyika Senior Reporter—
Harare municipal officials have on different occasions confirmed that equipment for the US$144,4 million loan deal for rehabilitation of the city’s water and sewerage works have already been bought, contrary to repeated claims this week that they were still to purchase anything. The denial by the city on Wednesday, and in adverts it is now flighting in the local media, follow revelations by The Herald that an assessment of the deal shows equipment prices were inflated to the tune of up to US$100 million.

Purchase of the equipment under inflated prices with an Export and Import Bank of China loan and through a Chinese contractor has seen city officials trying to deny a scam is in the offing.

The city says no equipment has been bought, but municipal managers have on at least two occasions told this paper that they had bought equipment and some of it was already in the country. Ref and

Yesterday, the municipality went a step further and claimed that the equipment brought into the country belonged to the contractor, China National Machinery and Equipment Import and Export Corporation, as the “contractor’s tools of trade”.

“What was reported by town clerk Dr Tendai Mahachi (last year) was with reference to the contractor’s equipment.
“That equipment forms the contractor’s tools of the trade.

“The costs are not borne out of the loan extended to the city.
“The figure of US$144,4 million you are referring to is the cost of the project.

“The actual amount that was signed for between China Exim Bank and the Government of Zimbabwe is US$141 346 392.15,” the city said yesterday.
But Dr Mahachi is on record saying project equipment bought by the city through the loan started arriving from China last year.

“Some of the containers with project equipment have already arrived as we speak and some of the equipment is on its way to Harare after having been cleared at the border.”
And in October 2013, Harare Water director Engineer Christopher Zvobgo also said equipment had already been bought.

“We expect construction equipment such as excavators to arrive at the end of this month (October 2013),” he said.
“The other equipment might take some time as they are being manufactured according to our specifications,” he said.

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  • zvakwana

    this is a can of worms deserving to be put under the microscope.Chombo and Mahachi orchestrated a scam here. Please editor investigate this further the public needs to know exactly how the equipment was cleared too. Corrupt officials always crying sanctions yet they are busy sanctioning the public with non-existent service delivery.

    • Jotham

      This issue as reported by the paper raises questions about the information from the local authority. The informations supplied is very contradictory. I hope the HCC fathers and their employees should tell us the real truth. The public is being swung between high and low, so what is the real situation. May Dr. Chombo engage the Auditors so that the real truth can come into the open.

  • mylo shaya

    That’s why Chombo wants Mahachi back. Exposure to his & Mahachi’s shenanigans will ruin both permanently. The two are thieves& it’s obvious they are losing the plot. Right now Mahachi is frantically trying to find ways to either hide evidence or prevent “loss” to both their pockets. Mazidununu emadhara asina nyadzi!

  • s shumba

    Excavators are “tools of trade”. What is the fuss. Mr Editor, yu are skirting the Chombo issues

  • Nevanji

    All the more reasons for Dr Mahachi to remain suspended while investigation are under way.

  • Jackie Dube

    Sanctions my foot you are right Zvakwana Herald we counting on you to expose this blow it right out of the water

  • Cde Jairos Tapfuma

    Dr Chombo is only exposing Zanu-PF. The man is just killing musangano. He has caused a big dent here. It now looks like the party tolerates and covers up for corruption. But we all know the truth. Chombo is spoiling the foundation of our next election campaign. Hatidi zvekunetseka nekukunda ma opposition parties. It’s quite easy to beat these opposition parties: Simply in earnest investigate corruption and arrest people, freeze assets and you are in power for ever without any coercion.

  • Wilson Magaya

    It seems same names continue to pop up. I wonder why. PSMAS was a disappointment, This here is a public authority that is battling with issues close to national security such as refereed to by Mr. Kasukuwere in his address at the defence school – Water security. This here is a true example on how our own people are sabotaging our nation through acts of greed and reckless abandonment of the responsibilities that public office puts on them. I may be wrong and there is no wrong doing, for that I am sorry to all affected, however to exonerate, lets have someone go to a committee at parliament and testify please!!!!!