Chivayo pledges more incentives

LET’S DO THE JOB . . . ZIFA president Philip Chiyangwa (left) and benefactor Wicknell Chivayo greet the Warriors before their battle against Swaziland at the National Sports Stadium yesterday

LET’S DO THE JOB . . . ZIFA president Philip Chiyangwa (left) and benefactor Wicknell Chivayo greet the Warriors before their battle against Swaziland at the National Sports Stadium yesterday

Petros Kausiyo Deputy Sports Editor
Zimbabwe’s Warriors are set to reap huge financial rewards for their fine African Cup of Nations qualification campaign with ZIFA benefactor Wicknell Chivayo yesterday pledging to roll out huge incentives for them ahead of their penultimate qualifier against Malawi in June. Chivayo was at the National Sports Stadium as part of an estimated 35 000-strong crowd that backed the Warriors as they powered to an emphatic 4-0 win over Swaziland in a Group L encounter.

That victory propelled Callisto Pasuwa and his men into top position with eight points, three ahead of Swaziland and six ahead of third-placed Malawi and fourth-placed Guinea who play in Blantyre today.

The Warriors’ sweet victory, which came out of inspired second half show that ripped the Swaziland shield open, charmed Chivayo inasmuch as it also endeared the senior team with the multitude of their fans.

The youthful Harare businessman then emerged from the giant stadium to announce that he had been so impressed by the Warriors show that he is to unveil a “massive package for them’’.

Chivayo, who left the stadium in the company of ZIFA president Philip Chiyangwa, said the package that he would unpack for the Warriors was over and above the $1 million package he has already been giving to the association.

“We want our boys to be motivated and I am going to give them a massive package and I mean massive. When I said I was giving ZIFA $1 million some people doubted and wondered whether a piece of paper could stand as an agreement but I can tell that there is something big for our players to spur them to qualification for the Nations Cup,’’ Chivayo said.

Chiyangwa said his biggest wish was to see the Warriors being handsomely rewarded.

“We owe the players money but our sponsor is so happy with their performance over and above he wants to put a massive package for the Warriors’ qualification and motivate them,’’ Chiyangwa said. The ZIFA president said they would be keenly following the events in Malawi today where the Flames host Guinea who have surprised many by sitting at the bottom of the log standings. Chiyangwa said they were aware that the Warriors could virtually seal qualification with a game to spare if the results in the group continue to go in their favour.

A draw in Malawi today and a victory for the Warriors against the Flames at the National Sports Stadium on June 4 will see the Warriors booking their place at the 2017 Nation Cup tournament in Gabon and that would complete a fairy tale run for Chiyangwa’s presidency of ZIFA.

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  • Wilson Magaya

    I take my hat off to the warriors and those working hard to make visible changes in the management and delivery of the beautiful game. Lets make history gentlemen and do what many have tried and failed. Get Zimbabwe to the finals. Your hearts are in the right place. “Nyika Vanhu”, when you put people’s interests first in this case the warriors and the fans you put create magic. “Musha Matare”, When you have the right leadership they lead by getting to consensus, some call it alignment of organizational vision and individual aspiration. surprises can come from the most unexpected places…..

  • mukwerekwere

    There is still a lot of work to do so we must have the team focused on the task at hand. Ideally a draw in Malawi today is what is required, the next best scenario is a win for Malawi so that the tie in Harare becomes a show down. The worst case scenario is that Guinea win and then we have to travel to Conakry needing a draw. It rarely ends well for us in West Africa as witnessed over the years….dodgy visa delays at airports, 10 hour bus rides after landing, sub standard hotels patronised by prostitutes and bands playing all night to bribing of refs. If we head for the showdown in Conakry, Guinea will be in a strong position by virtue of their 1-1 draw in Harare. We do not want that scenario at all. It is important to stay grounded and focused.

    • koshy

      true dat koz ideally as u speak they qualified for the world cup.

    • Warrior

      Good analysis there,but remember the Guinea match will be played in neutral venue which is Morocco because of the problems in Guinea. But u nailed it. Very good analysis.

      • Mukotami

        Poor analysis, I say. Guinea does not play their games in Morroco anymore. The guy failed to articulate a Guinea win in Malawi, which happened as we speak! He failed to put into perspective the fact that our failure to beat Swaziland in Mbabane now means our fate entirely depends on Swaziland beating or holding Guinea in Mbabane in June, complemented by our win against Malawi! and even if we beat Malawi, We will likely suffer a heartbreak in Conakry in September if Guinea beats Swaziland in June, because they will only need to beat us by any margin since we failed to beat them in Harare! Zimbabwe has never beaten Guinea in Conakry and of the 9 matches between the 2 countries at senior level, Zim only won once (1-0 way back on 26 Sept 1993, courtesy of a 3rd minute Agira Sawu goal) and drew 4 times (thrice in Harare!). We can beat them in Conakry, but we have to do far far far far much better than we did against Malawi Swaziland and them combined!

  • MweniTafara

    Clear signs of overeating and under-eating in Zimbabwe.

    • ThaDoggPound

      You may just have solved the $15 billion mystery there.

      • mabwe


  • Zvichapera

    Oh my God, it is too early to say everything one can think of. We were there before. It is consistency which matters, and we do not have that in a nation obsessed with quickies. I am not seeing any sustenance of this, not that I do not wish the national team success, but that they are being led by people who are not worthy any trust and who I am sure are geared to exploiting the game for their own selfish interests. Time will tell.

  • Telescope

    For now it’s Well done Warriors……and to Phillip ….you can do it if you focus on leading and motivating the Soccer fraternity. No egoistic tendencies here. Zimbabwe needs good good leadership devoid of dictatorship self serving chest beating mantras.

  • Donkie

    Great performance but the guys should not relax, much thanx to Phidza and Chivhayo may guys keep that spirit

  • Harare

    Big up the warriors

  • Bekithemba Ncube

    Is this Chivayo guy not exploiting the Warriors?. I smell a rat. Where was he all along? Wait a year or so and we will start hearing that Warriors owe Chivayo big time

    • muchovi washoko

      Ncube, be optimistic. He is assisting. Let the good times roll

  • MweniTafara

    What is hamster, is it the same as frog fillet?

    Remember most modern diseases are ingested as food.

    • rukudzo

      Agreed. Food can be poisonous. Hamster igonzo rinodya richicheta chikafu for a rainy day…the big guys horde food in form of fat for “futurosity”

  • Nelson

    chekutanga well done vakomana. matifadza.
    chepiri isu masupporter ngatirambei tichikuza vakomana
    toenda pana uyo ada kubatsira (Chivhayo), zvakare ndinotenda

  • Jobeh Chikonamombe

    @ Warrior, our game against Guinea will be played in Conakry, Guinea’s capital city not in Morroco…

  • General Chaporonga

    The flames of Malawi were doused by the West Africans…our hope is for a draw between Swaziland and Guniea otherwise it is going mathematical and to the wire and we have always come out losers in those mathematical equations….