Chihuri blasts roadblock critics

Comm-Gen Chihuri

Comm-Gen Chihuri

Abel Zhakata Mutare Bureau
Police Commissioner-General Dr Augustine Chihuri yesterday fired a salvo at people criticising high police presence on national roads, saying such people had sinister intentions.

Government officials and the public have raised alarm over the excessive number of roadblocks on highways and in some instances within cities. Dr Chihuri said police were only carrying out their constitutional mandate and neither did they formulate the law, nor did they assemble vehicles.

Speaking at the commissioning of new housing units at ZRP Support Unit Changadzi in Chimanimani yesterday, Dr Chihuri said police were on the highways to protect the public. He said police did not formulate laws, but only enforced the same to ensure compliance and maintain order.

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“People have bitter mouths,” he said. “You only want to talk about the bad things without acknowledging the good things that are being done. This is so because we have evil intentions within ourselves which cloud our minds not to see good things. We know as the police we are being criticised about roadblocks and so on.

“The roads are there. They were not constructed by the police. The vehicles are there, they were not assembled by the police. The laws are there, they were not formulated and enacted by the police.”

Dr Chihuri said a lot happened on the roads. “Some people get killed in road accidents and so forth,” he said.

“All these things are not being done by the police, but you hear grown-up people criticising the police heavily as if Zimbabwe is the only country that has cops on the roads. Why are you so much afraid of the police on the roads, yet they are there to protect you? You are used to being protected by dogs. What is more important to be safeguarded by a police officer or a dog? You have the answer and I will not continue talking about this issue.”

On the construction of the housing units, Dr Chihuri praised the Support Unit for the initiative, which he said was in line with Zim-Asset. “I need to commend and applaud the Officer Commanding Police Support Unit, Dr Angeline Guvamombe, for having moulded a compact team around a vision which is not entangled by the curse of murmuring and grumbling,” he said.

“As most of us are aware, last year in July a similar project as this one was commissioned at Support Unit Buchwa and this year, in the same month of July, we are privileged to commission a similar cluster of houses at Support Unit, Changadzi. The question to others is, what has been happening?

“To the astute, challenges are appetising. It is unfortunate that others stand akimbo, wallow and tinker in confusion. They allow themselves to be mesmerised and domesticated by challenges. It is pleasing to note that Support Unit is making a decisive contribution to the national economic blueprint, Zim-Asset, specifically the infrastructure and utilities cluster matrix.”

Minister of State for Manicaland Provincial Affairs, Cde Mandi Chimene, said the construction of the housing units would go a long way in easing accommodation blues at the camp.

“This is noble,” she said. “We need to build our nation. Building a nation starts from small things and what you have done here, to others it may be just 10 houses, this is just a sign that you can do it.”

Dr Guvamombe said $121 600 was used to build the 10 housing units. “The completion of these housing units shall go a long way in lessening the accommodation crisis of members,” she said. “Some of our members are lodging as far as Mutare and Chipinge, commuting each day.

“This scenario is tremendously affecting operations of the district.”

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  • xyz

    This is what happens when a person stays in power for too long. He ends up thinking length of stay equals competence.

  • Moe_Scyslack2

    He needs his mouth washed with soap. Regime change can’t come sooner

  • Cde Mvinazhu (Prof)

    The Zimbabwe Republic Police(ZRP) is doing an outstanding job raising funds from motorists to finance police operations. Anyone against this noble idea is an enemy of the state. How do you expect them to maintain peace and order given the budget constraints we are currently facing. The owner of the ZRP business has spoken, we do not want any critics to the command police initiative

    • zimbotry

      They do not even accept bond notes as bribes. That is against the law too….

    • mandevu

      how are the crops going?

  • Cde Hondo

    This Chihuri reminds me of one Cde Muzvinavhu who usually start running berserk when the debate is still open. Old fashioned leadership of declaring they are always right, shame.

  • King

    Shame on you Augustine

  • Development Proponent

    When the commissioner is so detached from issues so glaringly clear and seems so impervious to reason then you know you are in trouble. So intolerant is the commissioners tone that people are saying the police are no longer protecting us but fleecing the people. We yearn for protection but we are so vulnerable to the evil of corruption on the roads. The commissioner is not being honest about the extent of police presence. We travel across Africa and beyond and ours is certainly not a normal situation that at every twist and turn you see spike welding cops ready to pounce. The police are not there to collect revenue neither are they there to harass. Theirs is to protect, protect and protect. Theirs us to enforce, enforce and enforce. Hasn’t it occurred to him that in spite of all the presence our public transporters continue to cause accidents and continue to maim and kill? It is because at the top of their agenda there is no safety or protection. They have a new priority skill, collection of money!

  • c.goota

    I have always wandered why police ignore their ministers Chombo and his deputy on reducing roadblocks, they are encouraged by Chihuri who is sickeningly out of touch with what is happening on the roads,police are now an embarrassment on the road,extortionist in uniforms. shame !!

  • eliah

    This man is totally lost hence reason why Mzembi lost his bid for the UN tourism post. Zimbabwe is not at war with anyone and ZRP has declared the country a no go area for any visitors and driving from Masziva other day i witnessed 4 roadblocks on a stretch of 25kms which is reminiscent of the days soon after the war.
    Unfortunately we no longer have anyone on the side of the citizens of this country and this has to be corrected come election time next year.

  • Roland Khumalo

    10 HOUSES ONLY, the incomplete block of flats in Newlands has been like that for awhile now why not complete that commissioner with the millions of dollars you collect from roadblocks. Junior officers are busy renting in the high density while you live in Borrowdale.

  • Farai Mandikisi

    Chihuri you are mad uyahlanya

  • Farai Mandikisi

    The police has colonised our country

  • Ray Mbada

    The real issue is on how many road blocks are you placing and at what intervals?
    Is that conducive? Mow many extortionists are taking advantage of this haphazard deployment to operate under the same disguise? People are not saying move out of the roads like you are putting it in your desperate but childish move to protect your thugs, they are only helping you realise that your force is now making life difficult for road users, something you need to revise. I remember at one point you distanced yourself from the same force saying they are not your biological children but our children who exhibit what we taught them from childhood and that you only train them for six months.

    May I remind you that you are a civil servant who is in that uniform to serve the people. And that people expect your assistance by calling your name and not this verbal sparing? This careless talk should be left to people with questionable a background like Moyo and Kasukuwere not you.

    Ndapedza ndini mukoma.

  • zimbotry

    Does he have any idea of the theft that goes on at roadblocks? Of course he does. And you cannot even pay your bribes in Bond notes…..

  • Ballsoflead

    And right there ladies and gentlemen is why our country has gone to the dogs. The nerve……

  • Sonono

    This is disgusting! Absolutely disgusting. Time to do away with those guys.

  • Wiliam Mudyanavana (VaChasura)

    Harrassing motorists and extracting funds from them through dubious fines is what you call protection?

  • XG

    Something terribly dangerous has annexed/infected this **** brain (if he had one to begin with).

  • Kc

    In South Africa where there democracy you don’t find these road blocks in forever ,…there are timed .your are all set up to beg not to protect .Find faults no matter what .That is not protection.

  • Joseph Malungu

    i used to get angry,,,now l feel sad.

  • Judas Iscariot

    The ranting of a mad man. Absolutely garbage

  • Trumped

    Dear Dr Chihuri.

    A trained dog is better than a salaried police officer extorting me in day-light (and you condone it, actually you would have sent him)

  • eddy

    Shame, you are so detached from reality.

  • maita

    Chihuri I have driven in Germany, you rarely see police on the roads are you saying there are no cars and roads in Germany. I have driven in RSA where crime is even higher than Zimbabwe and very few roadblocks or checkpoints than we have here, do they not have cars and roads,I have driven in Botswana and very few police checkpoints they have cars and roads, so what the heck are you talking about, have you stopped anybody from being killed on the roads? We have police 20 meters from a jam but are not controlling that jam, We have a police checkpoint 100 meters from an accident scene but they say they don’t have transport to attend to the accident but they can run after a kombi for half a kilometer on foot.Surely you are not that daft. The good the police are doing fighting crime is being blighted by your overzealous traffic thugs.

  • Cde Rhany D

    Chihuri Versus Minister of Tourism

  • mandevu

    the government that has instigated this and which allows this to continue is Zanu PF – and this is only one of the many frustrations that we face here in Zimbabwe. So forgive me fr calling it like it is. This Zanu PF government has made our lives miserable, and it can be likened to a government waging war on its own people

  • Bhinikwa

    Hes being sarcastic. Hes on your side