Chihuri blasts roadblock critics

Comm-Gen Chihuri

Comm-Gen Chihuri

Abel Zhakata Mutare Bureau
Police Commissioner-General Dr Augustine Chihuri yesterday fired a salvo at people criticising high police presence on national roads, saying such people had sinister intentions.

Government officials and the public have raised alarm over the excessive number of roadblocks on highways and in some instances within cities. Dr Chihuri said police were only carrying out their constitutional mandate and neither did they formulate the law, nor did they assemble vehicles.

Speaking at the commissioning of new housing units at ZRP Support Unit Changadzi in Chimanimani yesterday, Dr Chihuri said police were on the highways to protect the public. He said police did not formulate laws, but only enforced the same to ensure compliance and maintain order.

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“People have bitter mouths,” he said. “You only want to talk about the bad things without acknowledging the good things that are being done. This is so because we have evil intentions within ourselves which cloud our minds not to see good things. We know as the police we are being criticised about roadblocks and so on.

“The roads are there. They were not constructed by the police. The vehicles are there, they were not assembled by the police. The laws are there, they were not formulated and enacted by the police.”

Dr Chihuri said a lot happened on the roads. “Some people get killed in road accidents and so forth,” he said.

“All these things are not being done by the police, but you hear grown-up people criticising the police heavily as if Zimbabwe is the only country that has cops on the roads. Why are you so much afraid of the police on the roads, yet they are there to protect you? You are used to being protected by dogs. What is more important to be safeguarded by a police officer or a dog? You have the answer and I will not continue talking about this issue.”

On the construction of the housing units, Dr Chihuri praised the Support Unit for the initiative, which he said was in line with Zim-Asset. “I need to commend and applaud the Officer Commanding Police Support Unit, Dr Angeline Guvamombe, for having moulded a compact team around a vision which is not entangled by the curse of murmuring and grumbling,” he said.

“As most of us are aware, last year in July a similar project as this one was commissioned at Support Unit Buchwa and this year, in the same month of July, we are privileged to commission a similar cluster of houses at Support Unit, Changadzi. The question to others is, what has been happening?

“To the astute, challenges are appetising. It is unfortunate that others stand akimbo, wallow and tinker in confusion. They allow themselves to be mesmerised and domesticated by challenges. It is pleasing to note that Support Unit is making a decisive contribution to the national economic blueprint, Zim-Asset, specifically the infrastructure and utilities cluster matrix.”

Minister of State for Manicaland Provincial Affairs, Cde Mandi Chimene, said the construction of the housing units would go a long way in easing accommodation blues at the camp.

“This is noble,” she said. “We need to build our nation. Building a nation starts from small things and what you have done here, to others it may be just 10 houses, this is just a sign that you can do it.”

Dr Guvamombe said $121 600 was used to build the 10 housing units. “The completion of these housing units shall go a long way in lessening the accommodation crisis of members,” she said. “Some of our members are lodging as far as Mutare and Chipinge, commuting each day.

“This scenario is tremendously affecting operations of the district.”

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  • mandevu

    chihuri you have no idea what a normal democratic society is do you. You and your Zanu PF masters have set out to create this state of war with your own people – savage

  • Mujokochera Wamujokochera

    The reason “people have bitter mouths” is that Zimbabwe is now effectively a police state and struggling ordinary people are being robbed of their little hard earned cash daily. Motorists are an easy source of income apparently. Many tourists swear they will never come back to Zimbabwe because of the numerous police fund raisers and extortionists on the roads. What about the economic consequences, direct and downstream? Chihuri has the chance to stop the rot. Otherwise ordinary Zimbabweans, isu povo, the people who have bitter mouths will one day decide to stop it.

  • Moe_Scyslack2

    Roadblocks NEVER reduce accidents. They add to our misery simply because you Mr Chihuri and your ilk have turned roadblocks into money-spinning venture now funding govt coffers. You must be embarrassed when we have more roadblocks than countries at war and you, murume mukuru ane ndebvu, you go to Pravda and talk this nonsense. Maybe your hands are way deep into the cookie jar hence your utterances.

  • Shaun Kay

    this guy has a very foul mouth

  • Jonah15

    Yeah Chihuri, but who authorises multiple roadblocks manned by corrupt cops on our roads? It’s not the people, politicians or road construction companies…it’s the Police leadership.

  • Common Sense

    I trust you are joking

  • yowe

    Zimbavha remunhu nxaaa

  • yowe

    He is not detached from anything he knows exactly what he benefits from the roadblocks…Loyalty from the corrupt police officers !!! They are making money and they will support him forever..

  • Zvimba Muchero Gandi

    @HERALD where is my comment, why did you remove my comment???????????

    • Madara

      they always do.

  • Ndangariro

    (I hope my post will be accepted by Herald online). Chihuri Chihuri Chihuri kkkkkkkkk i cant believe this surely.

  • garwe

    there is no good thing that police is doing mr chihuru aren’t they paid to do that when people are complaining it means you are not doing your job you need praise for what for arresting thiefs is not the job for police this guys has failed the police he is the reason why they are so corrupt becoz he is also part of the corrupt syndicate time and again people have compained about police harassment they have became a law into them selfs people now fear police were ever they not because they will have done anything wrong but becoz they are so rotton nobody wants them

  • tapitap

    chihuri unogwara, u dont know what hell these police take pple thru – isu tiri outside the country we are busy defending nyika bcoz of the negative publicity due to the nuisance by the police. Unonzwa munhu achiti zim yakanaka but huwori hwemapurisa ndoinda sei ikoko – no better stay – zvinonyadzisa chose
    Mzembi put it better – Zim is not a war zone, saka mapurisa anowandirei mumugwagwa?
    Kutispedzera gud productive time paroad nekungomiswa pese pese – nxaa mhani

  • hove

    I am failing to understand the logic here. We are failing to sleep at night because of burglaries and the police is nowhere to be seen so how are they protecting the public by having hordes of thugs masquerading as police men fleecing the innocent motoring public of their money by demanding that we pay licences for a propaganda mouth piece?


  • hove

    I nearly failed to see the humour. Tongue in cheek

  • Tarubva Chibva

    We need sensible policing Mr Chihuri. How about community policing?

  • L. Makombe

    If protection means being harrassed and being intimidated by spikes, and then having your hard earned swindled for some unidentified offence, then we need another dictionary. Has the government or police benefited from the “bribes” these officers at roadblocks get. Commissioner you are out of touch with reality. You are living in another world and not Zimbabwe. Why are we not being protected at night when thieves roam at will stealing and guess where the officers will be, at roadblocks. It seems motorists are now the worst offenders far ahead of armed robbers and thieves. If the officers really protected us, we would have money to service our vehicles.

  • Madara

    they beat you for recording

  • Tinan

    CG this is a serious issue , is your job now on roadblocks and spikes

  • Onward Machaka

    he is talking nonsense, what enforcement do you do that you have failed to do in the previous roadblock that was five kilometers away, It displays the level of arrogance on the part of our leaders.

  • Wilson Magaya

    Once upon a time I used to travel with my uncle an officer with police and many a time he would not show it so that he would get a feel of what the general public feels when they interact with the Police. Its time the commissioner did the same…Yes police roadblocks are there to protect the people and yes the police do great work BUT, and there is a BIG but here, we have reached that level where the bad is outweighed by the good. We have reached a turning point and we need to reverse it before it becomes the norm….The commissioner is caught between a hard place and a rock. “Nyika Vanhu” What are the people saying about roadblocks????? “Musha Matare”, lets build consensus around people centered solutions and see the miracle of self-stewardship and policing return to our beautiful Zimbabwe…..Only in Zimbabwe do you see a people so civil as to respect the wishes of a baton wielding policeman. THAT SAYS ALOT ABOUT OUR VALUEs “UNHU”

  • Wilson Magaya

    Humor or not intended, there is some truth. The police can do a fantastic job by just applying a little technology as well as humility. ZRP has become a business and its disturbing…

  • Itai Musekiwa

    Excuse me Dr Chihuri.Yes we need protection from the police BUT how do you justify having 5 road blocks in a space of 40km in a very peaceful city like Masvingo???That’s about a road block every 10km..On the other hand,if one takes a walk any time after midnight you rarely get to meet your security guys on patrol..worse still muchando muno..Problem ndeyekuti Commissioner mukutaura zvinhu zvekuudzwa ne the same corrupt wish is you take a drive from Bulawayo to Harare and see the disorder on the roads.manje time yacho hamuna saka it’s pointless to try to convince you.What protection is there when you have your officers mounting road blocks during peak hours and issuing out tickets to all combis and mushika shika taxison a daily basis..combi yega yega inongoziva kuti 10 dollars pazuva ndiyo fine irregardless of its road worthness..This happens on a daily basis..can we not safely call this.. a fundraising system???We are a very peaceful country with peaceful people whose peaceful movements are disturbed by your officers through your dubious road blocks…PERIOD!!!!!!

  • Chirasha-Mukwasha WaMambo

    This guy has a PhD? Something is wrong with our education system. The level of reasoning shown by this chap is an insult to the qualification he claims to have. I wonder how he defended his research.