CAPS query abandonment

Lloyd Chitembwe

Lloyd Chitembwe

Eddie Chikamhi Senior Sports Reporter
THE Premier Soccer League faces a complex situation after CAPS United wrote a letter of complaint to the authorities challenging the decision by referee Philani Ncube to abandon their ill-fated Chibuku Super Cup quarter-final tie against Shabanie Mine at Maglas. The Green Machine feel Ncube’s decision was a wrong one after one of his assistants Thomas Kusosa was injured by a missile from the terraces.

Shabanie were leading 1-0 when the match was stopped after 65 minutes. The match was abandoned when one of the missiles thrown from the bay housing the Green Machine fans struck Kusosa in protest against the decision to overrule Kudzai Nyamupfukudza’s strike for offside. However, Makepekepe say their club officials acted swiftly to bring the situation under control and had hoped the match would continue to complete the remaining 25 minutes.

In their protest letter, the Harare giants also raised concerns over the inadequate security at the stadium, the choice of venue and the appointment of Kusosa for this crucial match with the knowledge that he has been mired in controversies of late. The club’s chief executive Cuthbert Chitima confirmed they had written to the authorities on Monday challenging the “premature” decision to call off the match and were awaiting a response.

“As we have said before, we are totally against any form of violence or hooliganism, whether it is perpetrated by CAPS United or any other team’s supporters. So we have written to the PSL on the events that took place in Zvishavane on Sunday and we have expressed our concern over the manner in which the match was brought to a premature end. The CAPS United family acknowledges that the behaviour demonstrated by some of the supporters was bad and, to show that we totally disproved of such actions, club officials including coach Lloyd Chitembwe went and calmed them down and within five minutes all was well again.

“Everything that happened didn’t last long and I must say we have seen such unfortunate things happening and matches still getting completed after the situation is brought under control. In our case, it was for five or so minutes and the situation was contained. But we were surprised the referees didn’t come back when they retreated to their changing rooms. Normally, the referees come back to assess the situation after things have normalised with the escort of the police. If the situation does not allow play to continue, then they are escorted out by the police.

“But this didn’t happen. In five minutes they had made a decision that the game had to be abandoned and we wonder if it was something that was already planned or not. If the assistant referee was so traumatised that he couldn’t continue, we understand the fourth official can still step in and the match is completed. And, in the case that we hear that they feared for their security after that incident, I am sure it was the responsibility of the organisers to liaise with the police to see if reinforcements were needed because there were few police details,” said Chitima.

Makepekepe will play their next league game against Triangle at home and they have taken the anti-hooliganism campaign into overdrive. The club has adopted a theme “Let’s Stop Hooliganism Now and Forever” ahead of the next match. The Green Machine board was scheduled to meet today to get an appraisal from their supporters’ representatives concerning the investigations into last Sunday’s incident.

The club’s board member responsible for supporters Abraham Kawadza said perpetrators will be severely punished. “As supporters, we have our code of conduct and I promise we will be ruthless with anyone found guilty of misconduct at football matches because such unfortunate things can have far reaching effects that could be detrimental to the game. “We need sponsors in football and it’s our duty as supporters to provide the good advertisement,’’ he said.

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  • Fatso Sinyoro

    Mr. Chitima Sir, with all due respect i think you lost it a bit when you talked about the abandonment of the match being planned and i quote, “But this didn’t happen. In five minutes they had made a decision that
    the game had to be abandoned and we wonder if it was something that was
    already planned or not.” Are you telling us that the match officials, or maybe the PSL or the sponsors planned with your hooligans to throw missiles into the stadium in order for the match to be abandoned. All your arguments were spot on until you brought on that silly statement.

    • Dinks

      He is saying that the match officials had planned to frustrate CAPS and when missile throwing starts they abandon the match. That Kusosa guy was fine we saw him after the game. So in short he is saying it seems there was a plot to ouster the only remaining big team in the tournament.

  • Dinks

    Kusosa was hit by missiles at BF but he never went back to the dressing room, its only that the fans refused to allow him to return to the touchline even after the bosso technical department tried their best to calm the supporters. Philani Ncube and crew had preplanned the whole thing including frustrating CAPS utd.

  • moholo

    CAPS hatisikumboida mu Chibuku Cup umu, ikangowhina yakudzokororazve zvekuzvambura wana Zamalek and the like…