Busy schedule for President in Japan

President Mugabe

President Mugabe

Felex Share in TOKYO, Japan—
President Mugabe — who is here on an official working visit — has a packed programme for the next three days with more than 13 engagements with Japanese government officials and several companies awaiting him. The companies are angling to invest in Zimbabwe. President Mugabe’s visit, which is at the invitation of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, is an elaboration of Government’s Look East Policy.

The Asian economic giant is seeking to develop new markets in Zimbabwe while PM Abe also wants a robust discussion with President Mugabe on the United Nations Security Council reforms.

The President begins the day with a State call on his Majesty the Emperor of Japan, Akihito, before meeting with the president of Japan External Trade Organisation (JETRO), a government entity that promotes mutual trade and investment between the Asian nation and the rest of the world.

Emperor Akihito will hold a luncheon for President Mugabe in the afternoon before he resumes his programme by meeting the company presidents of Fuji Film and NEC Corporation, an information and communication technology company.

President Mugabe will later in the day hold a bilateral meeting with PM Abe and the pair will thereafter have a joint Press conference at the same time First Lady, Dr Grace Mugabe, will be meeting Mrs Akie Abe, wife to the premier.

The leaders’ deliberations are expected to centre on improving bilateral relations and investments. Relations between the two nations nosedived a decade and half ago following the imposition of sanctions on Zimbabwe by the West.

PM Abe will also host a dinner for President Mugabe and the First Lady at his official residence. During the stay, Dr Mugabe is also expected to visit an orphanage to compare notes as she also runs a similar project back home.

Tomorrow, President Mugabe begins the day with a meeting with the Speaker of the House of Councillors. He will have another engagement with the president of the House of Representatives.

President Mugabe will also meet Mr Shinichi Kitaoka, who is the president of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). JICA is an organisation that co-ordinates official development assistance for the Government of Japan.

Last year, the agency extended a $15 million grant to Zimbabwe for the development of the 674 hectares of Nyakomba Irrigation Scheme in Nyanga, having funded phase one of the project with about $51,8 million over the period 1997-2000.

President will also engage the African Union Parliamentary Friendship Association before winding up his programme on Wednesday with a meeting with the African diplomatic community.

After engaging the diplomats, the President will leave for Kyoto, Japan’s seventh largest city, where he will take part in a programme hosted by Kyoto Prefectural Government and the Kyoto Chamber of Commerce.

Another dinner will again be hosted in his honour. PM Abe has, on several occasions, appealed for Africa’s support to back Japan’s bid for a seat in the UN Security Council. His country belongs to the Group of Four (G4) together with Germany, India and Brazil — countries which have mutually supported one another’s bids for permanent seats in the Security Council.

The quartet has proposed reforms in the UN Security Council to include an additional six permanent seats, four going to them and two reserved for African countries. Only five nations – China, Russia, France, Britain and the United States – have permanent seats and veto powers, which enable them to prevent the adoption of any “substantive” draft Council resolution, regardless of the level of international support for the draft.

President Mugabe is well known for calling for the democratisation and reform of the UN whose playing field is uneven and dominated by the “Big Five”. PM Abe also needs President Mugabe’s expertise in preparing for the sixth edition of the Tokyo International Conference on Africa Development (TICAD) V1 to be held in Kenya in August.

This is the first time the meeting will be held outside Japan.

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  • wesley

    Why are you telling us the the President is “here” in Japan when his aircraft has not yet left Singapore? He may fly on to Japan later today, but Herald reported that he flew to Japan on Wednesday last. He didn’t.

  • Tarubva

    The President hopes to woo Japanese investors to Zim, but just last week, his cabinet approved the closure of foreign-owned companies starting April 1st. I’m waiting to see the closure of Stanchat, Metallon, Delta,.. this Friday! Whatever the cabinet finally decides to do, to force-close or not, it is simply doomed; if they don’t force-close, they will be accused of being alarmists, undecided and sketchy, and no one will take them seriously in future. If they force-close, they will be accused of driving the final nail into the coffin of the economy. Let’s see how they maneuver out of this one starting on Friday!

    • Guest Zvangu

      And why doesnt he travel with Ministers from economic ministries like Finance,Mining and Industry if there are business issues to be discussed.Manje iye naMumbengegwi cannot be expected to discuss these complex issues.

      • Shiku

        The President Has a degree in Economics plus 36 years hands on experience. What’s the negative with you people?

    • shiku

      You sound like they just get closed for no particular reason. The Japanese invited the President fully aware of his indigenisation policies, policies meant for the benefits of you Zimbabweans but you are always supporting the side that does not benefit you. What happened with standing up for your interests, Always fighting for other people’s interests, who is going to fight for yours; Americans? The biggest challenge Africa has in this fight for self determination are the self imposed barrier for what can be achieved and self doubt.

  • mazivazvangu


  • mazivazvangu

    according to flight radar UM1 (AIRZIM ) departed Harare airport 23 march and arrived 1055 in Singapore. it then left Singapore on the 27th march to Tokyo.
    this article does nt say anything about why our president was holed up for four days in singapore

  • Rangarirai

    Arrived at last! Still no official explanation to justify leaving on the 23rd with an appreciable number Government officials and staff who benefited from a few days vacation in Singapore?
    Strange that President Mugabe calls for democratisation of the UN and veto powers of the Big Five, when the ruling party insists the President is the Sole Centre of Power?

    • gnomic

      true that Ranga calling for democratization when you are a staunch believer of “ONE CENTRE OF POWER ” kkkk double standards……… I don’t remember when last our president was clear to us regarding his health status and we will be forced to think this was another medical “checkup” in less than three weeks ….hameno itai tione

  • Tjingababili

    MORNING, [email protected]@

  • Shonhiwa

    Can’t see any Japanese online newspaper item giving results for President Mugabe’s arrival, either that or the President’s visit is not considered as newsworthy and totally ignored by Japanese press?

    • Shiku

      Sure, you can read Japanese.

  • Tapfumaneyi

    Fantastic! After President Mugabe’s meeting with Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, he was just given $5,3 million worth in development aid towards road building equipment, to be purchased from Japan?
    If we accumulate $3 million taxpayer costs for 1 week in Singapore for an aborted trip to India plus another $3 million for a week in Singapore and Japan, total net benefit for Zimbabwe amounts to??

    • Shiku

      That’s a very short term view to a potentially very long term relationship, with an implied assumption that the relationship ends with the President’s return. Surely if the relationship is to be long term, then short term costs for the trip are almost recovered. What a promising visit.

  • hello
  • Musafare

    Maybe the Japanese will teach President Mugabe something useful, like how to commit honourable Hari-Kiri as atonement for total failure!

    • Shiku

      If a country’s success was equal to the President’s success, Zimbabwe would be a very successful country. Unfortunately, Zimbabwe’s success includes that of people like you Musafare; are your endeavors in the last 20 years amounts to anything at all or you are just dragging the rest of us done the rabbit hole with your negative comments?