BREAKING NEWS: Lawyers dump Tsvangirai

President Mugabe's lawyer Terence Hussein addresses the media in Harare today

President Mugabe’s lawyer Terence Hussein addresses the media in Harare today

Herald Reporter
Lawyers representing MDC-T leader Mr Morgan Tsvangirai today disassociated themselves from the politician’s statements impugning the integrity of the court that were part of the election petition as the court nullified the politician’s purported withdrawal of the poll challenge.

Chief Justice Godfrey Chidyausiku, sitting with eight other judges of the Constitutional Court, proceeded to hear the arguments from the lawyers and reserved judgment on the petition to tomorrow.

The withdrawal was nullified because it did not comply with the law.

It was the court’s finding that whenever a presidential election petition is filed, the matter has to be heard and determined before the swearing in of the winning candidate.

The withdrawal, according to the court, was not provided for in the laws of Zimbabwe and the matter should be heard and determined.

Asked to comment on the averments made in the affidavit of Mr Tsvangirai and other papers filed in which he allegedly impugned the integrity of the court, Advocate Deepak Mehta disassociated himself from the statements.

The instructing lawyer Mr Chris Mhike of Artherstone and Cook also confirmed through Adv Mehta that he was no part of the “attack on the judiciary”.

In disassociating themselves from the case, the lawyer struggled to express his views until the Chief Justice came to his rescue.

“In other words you are saying these are beliefs of your client and you disassociate yourself and your colleagues from the statements made in the affidavit?”

The lawyers confirmed the position to the court, leaving Mr Tsvangirai to have a taste of his own medicine.


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  • Hacha Ndizvo

    There can never be a collective insult. The insult came directly from Tsvangirai to the Judges. The constitution is also very silly on this one – if someone surrenders that is it – fight over.

    • Shapi

      He was told several times to concede defeat, but refused saying he tonnes of evidence. Already Chamisa was already boasting that we withdrew so as not to legitimize the result yet the bottom line is that they dont have evidence.The case must be head and decided. I think the Law is good there.

      • Hacha Ndizvo

        NO. The law is a complete ass. The evidence is on the voters rolls used in the elections and some judge hanged Tsvangirai in limbo leaving him with nothing. The partisan ZEC also acted on instructions and refused to give Chematama the material which is a public document which no person should refuse access to.

        • advocate

          Filing the petition was fine. Legally that was the best route. The problem was his ill-advised statement on the high court judge,true or false THEN his pronouncement of withdrawal without consulting HIS OWN LEGAL COUNCIL. Even if it were not a guaranteed win,it was an option to be heard.

          Now he’s gone an embarrassed both himself and his advisors.

          I have concluded that he has a problem listening and is impulsive. For any reputable law firm, this would be a toxic client who would ruin your case before hearing(Already done!!)

          I would not represent him myself.

          Now as a personal opinion, I feel he has been thoughtless of the greater harm he has done to OTHER CANDIDATES who had reasons to appeal. He has also damaged the party. Its sad

        • common sense

          You are naive my friend…all what tsvangson needed to do was to cite his own polling agents and their registered raised concerns from their polling stations then he would have had his satisfaction but all the mdc t polling agents signed to confirm that all was good …..! You see

        • naome

          If you give him the voters; role, what would stop him to underline the dead people on the voters’ role and pretend they voted. How practical is it to go through every voters’ role being monitored that one does not temper with it to prove their case.

  • willard sibanda

    tsvangirai akabvanyangurika pakuita, pakutaura nepakufunga! usamanzi adungakeleyo awenkukhula.

    • Dendera Star

      What have you been smoking?

  • midnite snak

    The boys paid someone a visit , clearly ..,…….

    • Small boys mistake

      Do you even know these lawyers? They’re not keyboard panzies like you. They actually act. Tsvangirai made the biggest blunder of his political career. No boys here shame. He actually had very good representation.

  • tindo

    LMFO wasara wega …..

  • WhyMDCWhy?

    Why why why does he do and say things without consultation?!


    Ini zvangu ini!

    Regai ZANU yacho itonge. NavaMugabe vacho.

    • Keith

      this is why they say mdc is used they don’t think for themselves

    • Tinotonga

      It could be a calculated ploy in which MT runs aggressively against RG so he gets cash from donors then mess up so hey eat whilist BOB rules. He could be just another greedy guy from Zanu

  • Hezvo

    In other words the withdrawal was a complete farce! An utter shanannigan!

  • zimbabwean

    His biggest mistake was questioning the integrity of Chidyausiku and his judgement by virtue of his presence at the Heroe’s commemoration. I am not a legal expert but in my layman’s view and knowledge, there is no discrimination as to who can attend Heroes’ celebrations. It is a NATIONAL holiday. They are NATIONAL heroes. Not ZANUPF Heroes.

    These mistakes you made on your own Tsvangirai. He should have waited for advice from his lawyers before acting or issuing a statement. There are procedures to follow for such things. This is LAW pure and simple. Thats why you have lawyers. Do we have to beg you Tsvangirai not to make rash decisions and actions?

    • common sense

      Can someone close to him tell him kuti ..’dzungu hakuzi kungwara ‘ pliz…

    • ashleigh

      Lawyers dump Tsvangirayi??????? And who were they representing in the ConCourt?
      National heroes?? People buried at heroes acre are zanu pf heroes, accorded that status by the zanu pf politburo. What right thinking Zimbabwean outside zanu pf would see a hero in Border Gezi, Cain Nkala, Manyika??
      Chidyausiku compromised himself by attending that zanu pf function and if his lawyers are too chicken to point that out then he should fire them.

  • tmakumbe

    Zvanzi rambakuudzwa akaonekwa nematama kufuta.

  • Billie

    I said it, Makandiwa is not Jesus Christ.It is only one man in this whole country who is
    not sane and who thinks the great god might come from the sky any time soon.

  • shumba

    kusaterera kwa Morgan. Have told you since 1999 not to follow the views of the white man, now look where you are heading to. Remember those cheques from farmers, and i told you kuti dont take material gifts from these white people. They will use you and throw you away sechokorobho. You were used Morgan, to try and stop the revolution so that the white farmers could keep their stolen farms but you have failed. Nobody can stand in the way of the revolution. Unofa. Nhasi chiona manje so

    • Tendekayi Machivenyika

      Even Bennet dumped him. Zvamuchose.

      • tea nechingwa hazvitenge nyika

        true,u will c n the near future.bernnert is history.

  • blair

    imika..kikikiki….asi zvatoita sei nhai tsvangison….chikoro here…lolest!!!!!!!!1

  • Tanyara

    Zvairi circus. Vana Biti sei makamusiya achiita izvi? where were you?!!! Matinyadzisa imi. Ndashaya mashoko.

    I have one question. What happens if he does not attend the actual hearings? Will he be guilty of any crime? If he will not be guilty then its a relief for him. Zvakanaka kuita ma Lawyer ndazviona. Chero ini ndangandafunga kuti pamwe zviri pamutemo kuti aite withdraw. Manje takatofanana. Except kuti ini handina lawyer.

    • Tendekayi Machivenyika

      If he doesnt its called contempt of court. He can be asked to serve time in jail for that. The good thing about lawyers is that you can sit in your house, tell them you want this and that done and as long as you pay their asking fee, the lawyers will do it. The problem is that when its jail time the lawyers simply deliver you to the authorities and say this is the guy behind the whole thing. Then they go home and enjoy the money you paid.

      • common sense

        Thing is …the lawyers knew exactly what they were doing when making the drafts and presentations, but either failed or deliberately refrained from advising him accordingly…..
        Either way they must have been fed up from taking instructions and directions from a dimwit , so its likely the really wanted to let him take this legal fall….shame…
        Its unfortunate that some people truly believe in this mothersomething ….!
        …but those western countries using him really know what they are doing with him ….shame

  • Wegona

    Ndiwe wakazvitangira wega, ndiwe wakazvitsvagira wega. Nyaya yako yekuzviita gamba…..(System Tazvida). Tsvangirai is likely to be subpoenaed by the court for allegations and disrespect of the esteemed court. This obviously is meant to show who has the muscle. This is a serious matter.

  • Wegona

    ignorantia legis neminem excusat, ignorance of the law has no excuse. Tsvangirai will face the wrath of the law. Welshman told you not to file the petition. Now see what you have done, wazvisikira moto muziso wochema, wozhamba!

    • common sense

      Ko Ndo rule of law yaanogaro zhambiraka iyi…

  • denny

    Shame Zanu -pf so desperate to legitimise your president by forcing someone who had withdrawn to go to court.You saw that you have made his case weak by denying him access to the documents he asked for and knowing that his case is now weak because of that,you now think you can humiliate him.

    • Shapi

      Tsvangirai in front of world journalist declared that elections were rigged and they had tonnes of evidence. They accused Zec of rigging. Now let them produce tonnes of evidence they claimed to have .They never said we are going to gather evidence.They said we have tonnes of evidence. The law say anyone who challenges a presidential results should go to the concourt within seven days and the case should be decided within 14 days. There is no provision for withdrawal. If you go the electoral act, there is provision for withdrawal.

      • denny

        Why did the courts refuse to give Morgan the documents he requested for? They knew that tonnes of evidence were to be found in those documents and also the refusal by the courts confirms that.

        • Abel

          Thats a silly statement. You say you have evidence yet you dont. you rely on someone for that evidence. And what is it they wanted from ZEC anyway? Their agents were at all the polling stations and noone has disputed any fugures yet saka whats the story?

    • common sense

      None of the polling agents for mdc raised an issue to give rise to confirm these allegations…

  • t makoto

    there is no issue here tsvangirai kan go to court and say and provide the so kold evidence if its not enuf to convince the judge then anongoudzwa, secondly if the matter is so important and the matter is supposed to be heard as they say Chidyausiku and company then y proceed with Cde Robert Mugabe ingauration on thursaday, they shud wait and hear tsvangirai story and then after judgement is passed then topa president wedu nyanga dzavo.Instead of wasting time with this petty issue i think the govment shud be strategising on how to feed milli0ons of zimbabwe,

    • Rwatida Makuwe

      My word, feeding millions of Zimbabwe? ZPF will feed their pockets, you must be from Utopia if you do not know this stark truth. All the diamonds we have not seen a gram benefiting people. The 90% unemployment will remain, poor quality education, health and power and water cuts will just remain with ZANU(PF) clueless as ever before. By the time they complete their term in 2018 we will be the poorest country in Africa! Their history confirms what I am telling you. For 33 years they have done nothing significant for the general populace. Iyezvino vavekuzobira final chaiyo. That is watanga watanga! Wasara wasara!

  • Ndapika

    I just wonder if Mr Tsvangirai is not reading such comments from people! This will help him indeed to find out where he is! Simple as that. Go Bhowera!

  • ViVa

    Nhai Moregay Tsvancry, chii mwana uyu, vaMugabe mupeifundo, haa

  • Mimi

    Oh my God, it never rains but pours for Tsvangirai. This is what happens when one comes to believe his own lies and actually overvalues his worth. It was just a matter of time before Tsvangirai proved himself to be so unlearned and so uneducated. Chero kamwana chaiko would not behave the way he has been doing so far. And where is Commonsense, Mupoperi and all the Tsvangirai supporters. Come back home, at least Gushungo and ZANU-PF welcomes you back. It is a pity that Tsvangirai misled the people of Zimbabwe for so long but it is just a wonderful feeling that the nightmare is finally over!!!!

  • Majaira_Jairosi

    I hate political correctness, if Chidyausiku is Zanu PF and a crooked Judge, why shouldn’t Tsvangirai raise his concerns over such a character, specially when previous references indicate to the point that indeed he has crooked tendencies and very biased.

    • advocate

      Did you truly follow the story and understand the law behind it? Do you know that the judge then reclused himself following Tsvangirais pronouncements? Possibly meaning an alternative judge appointment to the case? Did you know Tsvangirais unilateral withdrawal outside HIS legal council prompted the lawyers wothdrawal ??

      No politics in all this.Self inflicted harm

    • common sense

      Tsvangirai has been in government for some time now and was also the prime- minister and he never raised the chidyausiku issue but only to allege this now …..
      Bad timing for flip flopping….

  • Mimi

    @Zimbabwean what you need to know is that Tsvangirai and his MDC-T party guys do not know what procedures are. And imagine what some of us have been going through during their stint in government – it was hell on earth. These people do not listen because chikoro chaicho hapana. Most of them are actually mad people suffering from undiagnosed mental problems. Can you imagine what people who have been working with the MDCT’s Ambassadors Zwambila in Australia and Ambassador Hebson Makuvise in Germany going through. Tsvangirai needs to apologise to all and sundry for the abuse that he unnecessarily caused. Kuzoti kunaKarimatsenga and the Bulawayo lady. Idambudzo chairo kwakati as Masowe would say. Zimbabwe needs peace and tranquility. Mugabe and ZANU-PF brought this on a platter so why can’t we just enjoy it.

  • Mimi

    @Denny we have no comment but just feel pity for you because you act like Tsvangirai himself, chikoro chishoma. Noone was denied anything in this instance. The laws of Zimbabwe should be respected and followed fullstop and Tsvangirai or the MDC-T are not exempt. Obviously your likes cannot understand this language. Sorry.

    • denny


  • Chinoz Chief Land Lord

    Unokuvara iwe. Ucharohwa nezvehusiku. Musatambe ne ZANU PF vakomana

  • PedzisaiMazai

    If the case is not ‘argued’ in court then zPF win will be illegitimate. The whole case of ‘forced arguments’ in the concourt is to grand legitimacy to the winner. Hapana kana nyaya zvachose because to the ordinary person in the street it sounds good.

    • Mudhara Dukwa


  • ashleigh

    This is the same constitutional court that ruled we had to go for elections on 31 July in violation of the same constitution they are entrusted to uphold. Any Grade 7 student will tell you that some Zimbabweans were denied the right to stand in the election because the nominations court sat before the expiry of the voter registration exercise. Chidyausiku compromised himself a long time ago. Nothing good can come out of that ConCourt and hats off to Tsvangirayi for pointing that out.
    Heroes acre is for zanu pf – the status is accorded by the zanu pf politburo!

  • Jerry

    The point here is for the MDC-T to follow the Constitutional Provisions in whatever they do. In terms of the Constitution, an aggrieved Presidential Candidate can file a petition to the Constitutional Court within 7day of the announcement of the results. The Constitutional Court has to make a determination on the petition. It is unfortunate that MDC-T for reasons best known to themselves mistook a petition as a criminal court case where witnesses would be called in to give oral evidence. The ConCourt would hear the facts from both sides and make a determination on the basis of the facts presented by the parties involved. Why on earth would Mr Tsvangirai and his whole club of Lawyers within their ranks believe the petition would be heard like a criminal trial? In simple terms a petition is heard before the court which then makes a determination (Order) while a criminal trial results in a conviction or acquittal of the accused. MDC-T must take time to study the provisions of the New Constitution if they are to be respected by neutrals as myself

  • Rutendo

    Dai ndirini Morgan, ndaisiyana nezve politics izvi, ndotendeuka ndonamata Mwari mupenyu, izvi zvaramba, ende zvamunyanyira ukuwo Elizabeth achitambawo dzake, aaaaaaaa ma1