LATEST: Odinga quits repeat election

Raila Odinga

Raila Odinga

NAIROBI. - National Super Alliance flag-bearer Raila Odinga has withdrawn from the October 26 repeat presidential election.

Odinga on Tuesday announced that his running mate Kalonzo Musyoka will also not take part in the repeat election.

“After deliberating on our position in respect of the upcoming election, considering the interests of the people of Kenya, the region and the world at large, we believe that all will be best served by Nasa vacating its presidential candidature in the election scheduled for 26 October 2017,” said Odinga.

Odinga said Nasa has been calling for a free and fair election held in conformity with the Constitution.

“We have come to the conclusion that there is no intention from IEBC to make sure that the irregularities and illegalities witnessed before do not happen again,” he said.

He accused the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) of “stonewalling” deliberations to have a credible repeat elections.

“We have come to the conclusion that there is no intention on the part of the IEBC to undertake any changes to its operations and personnel to ensure that the “illegalities and irregularities” that led to the invalidation of the 8th August, 2008 do not happen again.

“All indications are that the election scheduled for 26 October will be worse than the previous one,” he said.

He took a swipe at President Uhuru Kenyatta-led Jubilee Party for pushing for election laws changes saying the move shows that it had no intention of competition on a level playing field.

“The only election Jubilee administration is interested in is one that it must win, even unlawfully,” he said. He accused President Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto of boasting of having majority in the National Assembly and Senate, saying the two leaders “intend to overthrow our new constitutional order and re-install the old order.”

The Nasa leader also accused some “international actors” of siding with Jubilee.

“It is unfortunate that international actors who have supported Kenyans in their quest for democracy and good governance are now on the side of appeasing dictatorship in the mistaken belief that it will maintain stability,” he said. – Daily Nation Kenya



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  • Ray Mbada

    All elections held in Africa have never been fair with the word “RIGGING” holding every nerve captive. I wonder if we know what the word really mean and it looks like we are falling pray to enemies of this Africa who have never wanted to see peace among its natives. Opposition parties have found shelter in the umbrella provided by these enemies hence viewing their own people as enemies and wasting precious time in endless wars when this continent need their hand to develop.

  • The Lion

    He knows that the results were nullified on procedural irregularities which had no bearing on the actual vote. As such he would lose the 26 October 2017 elections.

  • ivhukuvanhu chete chete

    I challenge you that our population is not the poorest in the world……….and our country is not broke.
    Our country lacks balance of payment support from International Financial Institutions on account of illegal, satanic, deleterious, ruinous, racist economic sanctions imposed against our Motherland by the USA through the ZIDERA sANCTIONS law, the UK, and the Western European at the behest of an unpatriotic opposition political party by the name MDC-Alliance a predecessor of the MDC-T in an effort to please their handlers.
    African opposition political parties are usually fronted by unpatriotic citizens pursuing narrow and myopic policies without the interests of masses- hence the call for imposition of economic sanctions against your mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, vazukuru, and all your own.
    Obviously, pressure was mounting against Ondinga for pursuing a second election which he hopelessly expected to lose, anyway.