Botched circumcision claims 10 lives in SA

CAPE TOWN. — A botched circumcision has claimed at least 10 lives in South Africa since the start of the winter initiation season began two weeks ago, health authorities confirmed yesterday. All the deaths were reported in Eastern Cape Province, where most of circumcision-related deaths take place every year. Most of the fatalities resulted from pneumonia, dehydration and assault, the provincial health department said.

This came despite a pledge by the government to ensure a zero-death initiation season. The government has vowed to take tougher action against botched circumcisions, which kill many youths every year.

All the initiation problems were occurring in districts, including Tsolo, Libode, Ngqeleni and Bizana in the eastern part of the province. Local traditional leader Chief Gcobani Tyhali has urged parents to also play their role.

“The problem we encountering is the lack of co-operation with the societies, the parents are not playing their part as parents,” said Tyhali.

Some of the initiates go to the initiation schools without their parents’ consent, and others end up going to illegal schools, the SABC said. — Xinhua.

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  • Ronald Goldman, Ph.D.

    All circumcisions are “botched” since circumcision inherently causes
    physical, sexual, and psychological harm by cutting off a natural,
    functioning, healthy body part. The psychological harm includes ignoring
    all the harms and having a compulsion to repeat this traumatic practice
    on others. If circumcision is potentially fatal, there is nothing to lose by protesting and refusing this horrific practice. May courage overcome conformity.

  • Serenity Kate

    Most circumcisions have no negative effects and only have health benefits. Circumcisions causing harm is very rare and botched only happens when done by an unprofessional.

    • d5810

      How can you say that? Curcumcision amputates the most sensitive skin on a man’s body. It removes essential healthy, highly functional erogenous, protective and immunological genital tissue – permanently and with excruciating pain. If you did it to your pet dog you would be criminally liable.

      • Serenity Kate

        No, you have even told lies. Scientific studies do not back you up at all. Most objective studies show that circumcision has no negative effect on sensitivity. Foreskin is not erogenous, since no objective study support that it is erogenous. Also, look up the definition of amputation since us using those words makes you sound like you don’t know basic definitions.

  • Serenity Kate

    Circumcisions should be done in sterile environments where there are sexual, medical and cleanliness benefits.

  • M Lyndon

    Very very sad. Over a hundred deaths every year, and usually a few complete amputations. Google “ulwaluko” for gruesome pics. The sooner this practice dies out, the better. No-one becomes a man by having parts of their manhood cut off anyway.

  • M Lyndon


  • Serenity Kate

    It’s NOT the best part of the penis.

  • Serenity Kate

    It has never been proven that it has an affect so it’s not ridiculous.

  • Serenity Kate

    Once again, you stalk and obsess. There is no proof because the foreskin makes no difference and has proven to not have an affect based on numerous studies. Yes, I have talked to many with who are not circumcised, there is NO difference and circumcised men have even said there is better sensation.

  • Serenity Kate

    Circumcised men have just as much penis, foreskin does not make a difference.

  • Pamire

    The way the traditional circumcision is contacted should be declared unlawful. Circumcision is extremely painful . I was circumsiced two months ago and have just healed . I am 36years now. It was done by a medical doctor but of my two sons I will not take them there because after circumcision the pain is excruciating , unbearable. If the pain killers I was given I bought mine different from theirs . I don’t wish that pain on anybody. I haven’t encouraged anyone to do it after it was done on me . But I have since healed well but feels a part of me is gone. Anyone who wants circumsiced there are no options except only by a trained proffessional
    medical doctor otherwise that will be the start of a very miserable life.

  • Serenity Kate

    Read up on facts.

  • Greg Pearson

    I would recommend putting your account on private by clicking on edit profile and checking the mark on private page, since many users against can use comments you made on a public page by stalking you and go and reply to pages you already commented to with a different comment which can defeat the purpose of what you are doing. A private account better protects your comments and message to other people