Better days coming: Pastor Chris

Part of the crowd  that attended Nigerian Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s (inset) Worship and Communion service at the National Sports Stadium yesterday. — Picture by Innocent Makawa

Part of the crowd that attended Nigerian Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s (inset) Worship and Communion service at the National Sports Stadium yesterday. — Picture by Innocent Makawa

Daniel Nemukuyu Senior Reporter
Visiting Christ Embassy founder Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has said challenges facing Zimbabwe will soon be a thing of the past, as the country’s leadership is on the right track with its turnaround strategies.

Addressing thousands of congregants at a “Worship and Communion” service at the National Sports Stadium in Harare last night, he said better days were coming for Zimbabweans.

Pastor Oyakhilome said people should be patient.

“Something special is about to happen in your country,” he said. “Zimbabwe is about to witness a new beginning. You only need to change direction and change strategies. That is what your leaders are doing now and you will be somewhere one day.”

Pastor Oyakhilome hailed Zimbabwe for being an educated nation, which managed to deal with its problems peacefully.

“You have a lot to be grateful in Zimbabwe,” he said. “Your nation is one of the most educated societies in Africa. It is an important legacy that needs to be maintained.”

He urged Zimbabweans to desist from violence.

“In spite of difficult times you have had, Zimbabwe remains a jewel of Africa,” said Pastor Oyakhilome. “This country is a young democracy and it needs time to mature.

“Your patience will be rewarded one day. Many Africans are taught to destroy their countries through violence. No one wants to listen to one another. As an educated nation, you must deal with your challenges in an educated manner.

“If someone disagrees with you, just make some time and listen. Do not insist that your way should always be the only one.”

Pastor Oyakhilome said “the big brothers” who were in the habit of punishing Zimbabwe for standing its ground on issues of sovereignty would soon stop.

“A nation like yours can be punished for talking too much, but you have got a long way,” he said. “You have experienced so much challenges, but one day those who are punishing you will punish you no more.”

The Pastor Oyakhilome praised Zimbabwe for freedom of worship.

“Whenever people have the right to preach the word of God and worship freely, there is hope,” he said.

His address was followed by a healing session that saw some people claiming they were paralysed, but were now able to walk.

This was the Nigerian-based pastor’s maiden visit to Zimbabwe, and before that he had visited South Africa only in the region.

Pastor Oyakhilome first talked about his coming to Zimbabwe last year in South Africa, when he held an all-night vigil termed the “Night of Bliss” at the Johannesburg FNB Stadium.

At the National Sports Stadium, journalists had a tough time covering the event, as church officials imposed strict rules like compelling photographers to take pictures at least 100 metres away from the stage. Some journalists were chucked out of the stadium by security personnel after protesting against the manner they were being treated.

It took more than two hours before journalists from The Herald and The Sunday Mail were allowed into the stadium to cover the event.

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  • Donnie

    Pastor Chris’ comments weren’t as political as you’re trying to make them sound. What do you mean by, “the country’s leaders are on the right track with turnaround strategies” he never said that!!

    Even if you write for the government, you shouldn’t make it so obvious. I watched that meeting live so I heard the man of God myself. Stop misquoting him, it is wicked and dangerous. mouth.

    He spoke spoke well of Zimbabweans the Zimbabqean government’s support for the program and for the gospel and also prayed for the country declaring that something new and good that’s about to happen.

  • Kufamazuva

    Sugar candy mountain prophesies.

  • pshegs

    I didn’t know he was the President of Nigeria.

  • pshegs

    Yeah, your problem isn’t with your memory, your problem is with your eyes. You need the type of glasses that can distinguish people from other people.

    Did any of the gullible crowd come and complain to you? I doubt. Show me the real, if he is fake. Then, before you start explaining what is fake, and what is real, pull up your Bible, and point out if Jesus didn’t heal the sick, hold large meetings, perform miracles, and say has the Father has sent him into the world, He is sending us to do the same.

    Bruv, you might claim you are a Christian, have you done one single of the things Jesus said we should do? Have you casted out devils, laid hands on the sick to recover, spoken in new tongues?

    If you have, it will be difficult for you to speak this way.

    Stay blessed bruv.

  • pshegs

    Mehn, I think you also need a special type of glasses. The one that distinguishes people from people.

  • pshegs

    Hi Emerald,
    1. Have you spoken to anyone who attended and returned saying, ‘I benefitted nothing’?
    2. If you are a Christian, or you Believe the Bible, post 2 Chronicles 20:20. Incase you don’t want to, i’ll post the latter part of the verse:

    ” Believe in the Lord your God, so shall ye be established; believe his prophets, so shall ye prosper.”

    3. If God could make everyone uniquely different, will it be hard for Him to make nations uniquely different and special in their own way?

    I’ve followed the skilled orator and trickster for many years and I’m very fulfilled doing so. You should do the same.

    Stay blessed.

  • donnie

    When Pator Chris speaks, you listen, circumstances listen, and so do nations. It will not be wise to ingore his pronouncents or take them lightly.

  • Watson

    He never said Hillary Cinton will be president… and even commented on Amarican elections…….. Just research very well to find out who said that statement

  • Mr Phronesis

    He never said anything Hillary Clinton and the missing flight……….. So relax

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    Pastor Chris understands our land reform cause and how the evil “big brothers“ imposed sanctions. He also believes God is not God for the satanic West . Hence his view that we will conquer evil Western sanctions. Haikona tuna pastor mawarire tunoda to raise money from donors by jumping and puffing politically stinking dirty hot air ! Tuma pastor tunongo tuka our dear leader kuti pamwe ndakasungwa ndopiwa mari me Western embassies. Tumbwa sungata chaitwo! Nxaaa!

  • Alexio Kaseke

    one has no proof what so ever whether Pastor Chris is a man of God or not, but those who bilieve he is listen to his word from who they believe is God. My question then comes to those who comment ill of him here. In the event that he is actually a man of God and there is someone who has listened to your ill coments and stopped listening to him, lost his way and started believing in himself and reality like some of you are claiming. When his blood will be called for by the Heavens, will you be able to answer for it? or take blame for him going astray? will you live with yourself knowing you are the reason why he is lost, or suffering in a whole somewhere?.

    I do understand that most of you quote the Bible where it talks about fake prophets and fraudsters. I do like how you try the spirits that these men posses, but i dont understand why there is no prophet, in Zim or abroad who you say is from God. So are you saying there are no prophets at all? are there no pastors and ministers sent by God who can perfome miracles?. Did God leave us without even one to deliver his word yet his Bible says that the glory of the later house shall be greater than that of the former? yet he said greater works than these shall you do(the man walked on water and he said you can do better).

    My point is you are all very educated, i respect that and i envy that, but God is not a man that you should try and understand without his word and some faith. He is a spirit and therefor we can try to understand things to do with him in spirit.

    Please try not to judge men of God by the things they do, they are mere men like you(for ALL have gone short of the glory of God) but that does not change the spirit on them.(Jesus said they shall say we casted out demons in your name, healed the sick and preached your word, but i shall say to them depart from me you evil doers!) Point is the spirit is true but the vessel is human, he shall judge them by their personal actions, but his spirit will not stop using them because they have sinned. I hope you understand what i am trying to say here.

    Things of the spirit are sensitive, if you have something against a church minister, i would advise that you keep to yourself, do not affect the person next to you because if you are wrong (not saying that you are) then you have just asked that person to join a team against men of God(if they are of God then that makes you anti-God i guess, anti Christ)

    Knowledge is not always power, sometimes thinking a lot kills our faith and multiplies our doubt.(Masimba Munangu)

    God bless you all

  • Panga

    TB Joshua is a fake prophet why should anyone believe in him