Better days coming: Pastor Chris

Part of the crowd  that attended Nigerian Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s (inset) Worship and Communion service at the National Sports Stadium yesterday. — Picture by Innocent Makawa

Part of the crowd that attended Nigerian Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s (inset) Worship and Communion service at the National Sports Stadium yesterday. — Picture by Innocent Makawa

Daniel Nemukuyu Senior Reporter
Visiting Christ Embassy founder Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has said challenges facing Zimbabwe will soon be a thing of the past, as the country’s leadership is on the right track with its turnaround strategies.

Addressing thousands of congregants at a “Worship and Communion” service at the National Sports Stadium in Harare last night, he said better days were coming for Zimbabweans.

Pastor Oyakhilome said people should be patient.

“Something special is about to happen in your country,” he said. “Zimbabwe is about to witness a new beginning. You only need to change direction and change strategies. That is what your leaders are doing now and you will be somewhere one day.”

Pastor Oyakhilome hailed Zimbabwe for being an educated nation, which managed to deal with its problems peacefully.

“You have a lot to be grateful in Zimbabwe,” he said. “Your nation is one of the most educated societies in Africa. It is an important legacy that needs to be maintained.”

He urged Zimbabweans to desist from violence.

“In spite of difficult times you have had, Zimbabwe remains a jewel of Africa,” said Pastor Oyakhilome. “This country is a young democracy and it needs time to mature.

“Your patience will be rewarded one day. Many Africans are taught to destroy their countries through violence. No one wants to listen to one another. As an educated nation, you must deal with your challenges in an educated manner.

“If someone disagrees with you, just make some time and listen. Do not insist that your way should always be the only one.”

Pastor Oyakhilome said “the big brothers” who were in the habit of punishing Zimbabwe for standing its ground on issues of sovereignty would soon stop.

“A nation like yours can be punished for talking too much, but you have got a long way,” he said. “You have experienced so much challenges, but one day those who are punishing you will punish you no more.”

The Pastor Oyakhilome praised Zimbabwe for freedom of worship.

“Whenever people have the right to preach the word of God and worship freely, there is hope,” he said.

His address was followed by a healing session that saw some people claiming they were paralysed, but were now able to walk.

This was the Nigerian-based pastor’s maiden visit to Zimbabwe, and before that he had visited South Africa only in the region.

Pastor Oyakhilome first talked about his coming to Zimbabwe last year in South Africa, when he held an all-night vigil termed the “Night of Bliss” at the Johannesburg FNB Stadium.

At the National Sports Stadium, journalists had a tough time covering the event, as church officials imposed strict rules like compelling photographers to take pictures at least 100 metres away from the stage. Some journalists were chucked out of the stadium by security personnel after protesting against the manner they were being treated.

It took more than two hours before journalists from The Herald and The Sunday Mail were allowed into the stadium to cover the event.

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  • Moe_Scyslack2

    This snake oil salesman should just shut up. That’s what happens nyika ikapererwa. You start quoting useless fraudsters like this pastor or brain dead useless underachievers like Mudenda. So sad.

  • Emerald

    So what exactly did the multitudes who attended benefit?

    • Beit Tonderai Rinashe

      it shows you are not a believer,your faith is too low and you need strong prayers,be blessed

    • Les Lee Chibang

      Hi Emarald.I was part of the crowd and i benefited a lot. The title of the service was Worship and Communion and we did just that.We worshiped the Lord the whole afternoon and just that is an achievement in the eyes of the Lord.We had communion which was a reminder of why we are Christians and the love of Jesus. Healing and Deliverance was carried out even though it was not the purpose of the service. My neighbour was who i know very much was healed .Please be careful when criticizing other people especially Ministers of the Gospel.One day you might need their help in which they will give but the shame will be on you.

  • Tinowaziwa

    Typical message……the Makandiwas, Magaya et al have been making similar silly predictions over the years. Vanonyepa mhani vanhu ava.

    • yowe

      Uchatukwa uchinzi touch not the annoited of god manhe manje hahahaha YOWE

      • Cde Jairos Tapfuma


  • Vangodza

    @Donie, arikureva kuti ivhu redu taanaro baba. Chasara kuchiriitisa mari isu vene varo. then tinee taapa No2. Awuu tiri pa No2 zviyaa, kkki

  • Tinovaziva

    I am sick of these so-called prophets but not surprised by the content of their utterances. They have always existed even in ancient Israel where they spouted praises for kings and queens as they lay waste to their own people and went against God’s rules. The ones that spoke the truth were vilified as enemies of both God and the state. Most were even killed for this.

    I guess nothing has changed in that regard then.

    • Panga

      that’s why this religion is not practiced in Israel because they, know that all the prophets are fake, in Israel they don’t follow this hogwash.

  • Gary WekuZviyambe

    Says the guy who made a prophesy that Hillary Clinton was going to be the next President of the USA. If you believe that this guy can see the future, you will believe anything!

    • Bobo

      That was TB Joshua

  • mpengo

    No one can tell Zimbabweans to be patient, because we are patient.

    No one can tell Zimbabweans that better days are coming, because we are waiting for those better days that are coming.


  • eliah

    We do not need Nobody to tell us about the coming better days as these cycles happen and we are not going to be in this ‘Deep’ forever. This Fake guy as he is now known the world over ,said Nothing and i pity the gullible crowd.
    He must spend his last days working on his broken marriage especially after pulling the mother of all LIES on MH370 missing plane and the Hilary Clinton debacle. We do not have ‘ thin’ memories.

    • maonero

      SO its true people dont know the difference between TB Joshua and Pastor Chris kkkkk

  • yowe

    Saka zvatoitaso everything is now okay because he said so

  • yowe

    He declared so zvatoitaso??All it took was a declaration from him and maproblems ese disappear ??? Hahaha vanhu imi munondinakidza

  • Beit Tonderai Rinashe

    If one do not believe in Christ Jesus he/she believes in something else so we cant waste time arguing all we can do for nonbelievers is pray for them

  • Freedom not just Independence

    Kunonzi kuita shagi! Despite all the problems Zim is facing, no one prophet has prophesied all the troubles we are in. They all have bombastic messages about a bright future, year in year out.

  • Cde Jairos Tapfuma

    Is Pastor Chris through with Nigerian problems such as oil-looting in the Ogoniland? Boko Haram? Is he through with that?

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    Yes our future, under our ZANU PF party government , is bright as we are about to defeat satanic sanctions . Only those suffering from Myopic Opposition Politics Syndrome remain pessimistic about our economy. When our dear leader cautioned those speaking dismally about our economy at the recent Economic Forum , he was being educative to the myopic wiseacres !

  • Moe_Scyslack2

    Aren’t you glad your god hates the west? Hence she made them prosperous while imi muchidya nhoko dzezvironda with your clueless geriatrics in control? You have one life to live mate. Wake up. You can’t be this brainwashed and stay healthy.

    • Kuta Kinte

      And one life as an African who is should be proud of that. The west was prosperous through the evil slavery which generated a certain anguish which Kuta Kinte strongly resented. Let us say thank you to the pastor who knows that African land is important to Africans.

  • Mafirakureva

    “Zimbabwe is about to witness a new beginning. You only need to change direction and change strategies…… Chenjerai kufarira n’anga neichabata amai.

  • Milton the 1

    dai tambomira zvemaporofita nemafata anovinga zvipo zve an already suffering population kuti vauye vachituudza zvakatinakira semazimabweans tambotsvaga some real solutions to our countries problems 2018 is around the corner and prayer without action is not enough thats why you see in the west they prosper even though they dont believe in the lord but because they plan and execute those plans efficiently vaneaction thats all we need not some nigerian prophet coming from a country with worst problems than ours

  • Hapana Nyaya

    Who should we listen to more, Chris we Nigeria or Chinotimba we Zimbabwe yedu? Tibvireyi.

  • Anti Evil

    Uyu anozviti Moe chakuti chakuti shows kuti there is a very dangerous dosage of evil which he received obviously from the west.

  • Antitraitor

    Mukadzi anokuramba kuti unoda ZANU, anenge agara ari mutengesi sewe. Vana Vhomoto ndimi munoti ukarambwa nemukadzi unozvisungirira. Chii chakosha pakurambwa nemukadzi? Small brains are always a problem.