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Zviko sees silver lining for modelling sector

15 Sep, 2020 - 00:09 0 Views
Zviko sees silver lining for modelling sector Zviko Motsi

The Herald

Arts Reporter

Male model Zvikomborero Motsi has bemoaned effects of Covid-19 on the modelling industry, although he noted positives after he won the Outstanding Male Model for 2020 at the Glam Awards held virtually last Saturday.

He said although the industry was affected, the virtual competition had shown a new normal for the industry.

“A lot has changed, but we should be positive about it,” he said. “I am happy that I have won the award, but somehow it is a wrong time because it is hard to celebrate it and at the same time I feel for other models who are still struggling to make ends meet. Currently, it is difficult to get contracts and jobs because everyone has been affected business wise. It is those companies that see value in models which we are still in contact with and giving us jobs.”  Motsi said male models should take the opportunity to look for jobs through virtual processes, otherwise waiting for the right time might be tricky.

“This is the new normal. I am a commercial model and I make use of the internet which has paved the way for my career to boost. I am a vivid fan of social media and sometimes I create my own jobs and they identify my works.

“I was supposed to take part in an international fashion show, but the global pandemic changed everything and we are now going to do it virtually.

“I also urge modelling agencies to start up online courses and training to educate and empower the models, as they are already waiting for the lockdown to end”

The 22-year-old model, who last month got a contract with World Remit as a brand influencer partnership, said he was living his dream.

“It was a once-off thing with World Remit as they wanted me to be an influencer on the brand. I basically was raising awareness, bringing forth a platform for those in the diaspora to aid their families in Zimbabwe through financial support.

“I have been earning a living through modelling and I am happy that I am a force of reckon with at a tender age, competing with the gurus in the field and learning the ropes.”

Motsi has worked with brands such as Edgars, Jet and Senditoo.

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