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Zimra ready to deal with sophisticated crimes

03 Jan, 2020 - 00:01 0 Views
Zimra ready to deal with sophisticated crimes

The Herald

Michael Tome

Business Reporter

The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) has rebuffed claims of over-valuation and undervaluation of vehicles at the country’s ports of entry, arguing mechanisms are in place to mitigate against such crimes.

The revenue collector also clarified it did not have a template that is used by agencies in connivance with Zimra officials, calling for members of the public to forward any information that leads to the unearthing of such criminal activities.

ZIMRA head of corporate communications Francis Chimanda, revealed to this publication that due assessment is performed by clearing officers for appropriate computation of duty for all vehicles.

“Undervaluation at the time of declaring the Value for Duty Purpose is possible. This is, however, mitigated by the inspections done by the clearing officers and the assessed values will be used for duty purpose.

“Over-valuation is also possible when one would want to use it as a method to externalise foreign currency. It is illegal to overvalue, as an over-valuation will lead to collection of overstated duty, which will be contrary to the legal requirement for an importer to pay the correct duty due on any importation.

“The correct duty payable is only known after an assessment has been done and an assessment number provided by a ZIMRA official,” he said.

The revenue collector highlighted that individuals and companies alike must make a proper declaration as to the type of vehicle, the year of manufacture, the price paid or payable, any additional cost incurred in the transportation cost of the vehicle.

These figures will then be summed up to come up with a Value for Duty purposes, which will be used in the calculation of the total duty payable, he said.

Mr Chimanda implored the vehicle owners to make sure that their vehicles clearances remain above board as they remain accountable for whatever illicit deals associated with acquired property.

He, however, clearly stated that; “the agents must properly declare the value of the cars as it is the individual’s responsibility to ensure that the clearance made on their behalf is done properly, as the individual remains liable in the event that the clearance has not been done properly.”

Early 2019 Zimra indicated that since November 23 when vehicles started paying duty in foreign currency, about 40 vehicles were being cleared per day at the time opposed to 200 vehicles before the policy shift, representing an 80 percent plunge.

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