Herald Reporter
The Zimbabwe-South Africa Forum, a voluntary organisation of Zimbabweans living in South Africa, has been transformed to the Zim-SA Chamber of Commerce to focus on socio-economic issues and investment promotion in the new dispensation.

The organisation was established five years ago.

“As we continue on this journey, we admit that a lot has changed, the world has evolved, and the needs of the people and Zimbabwe have changed. It’s more economy, investment, creation of employment and growth,” said the organisation in a statement.

“As from now own, our work will be more focused on socio-economic issues, investment, and the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It will be the work to fiercely promote investment between South Africa and Zimbabwe and to create an environment where trade is well balanced between South Africa and Zimbabwe.

“Above all, it will be to engage the Government of the Republic of Zimbabwe on issues that will help ease of doing business, and investment and attract good economic activity through proper, designated channels.”

The organisation thanked its partners in South Africa and across the world in their efforts of promoting investment into Zimbabwe. The Zim-SA Form has had the privilege to hosting presidents, ministers, ambassadors and renowned businesspeople from around the world.

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