Zim Ninja Academy receive medals

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Zim Ninja Academy receive medals

The Herald

Ellina Mhlanga Senior Sports Reporter

ZIM Ninja Academy has received 15 medals they won at the 2021 second Virtual International Karate and Kobudo Championships a few months ago.

The competition was organised by the Traditional Karate-do Okinawa Kobudo Indo Kyokai Organisation Shihan Ayan Chakraborty of India.

The Academy participated in 13 categories, winning 15 medals that comprised of seven gold medals, four silver medals and four bronze medals.

They had six participants in total – one female, one in the children’s division and four males.

Six-year-old Wilfred Junior Mashaya won one gold and one bronze in the weapon kata called Terukawa no tonfa and karate kata respectively.

Mitchell Rudanda Machingura won gold in the kobudo weapon kata performing Nicho no Sai kata. She also got two gold medals in pair katas with Fredson Mhondiwa as well a bronze medal.

Mhondiwa went on to claim silver medal in the kobudo weapon kata Toma bo kata and a bronze in another category.

Vincent Fambira won a gold medal in the weapon kata performing Hamahiga no Tonfa. Brian Shepeni won silver medal doing Nicho no Sai in weapon kata and in another category, a bronze medal.

Wilfred Mashaya, the founder of Zim Ninja Academy settled for two silver medals in traditional kata and kobudo weapon kata while Brian Shepeni got one silver and a bronze.

Some of the participating countries were Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Japan, South Africa, USA, Canada, Brazil, Germany, Italy, France, Austria, Greece, Ireland, Sweden, England, Denmark, Czech Republic and hosts India.

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