Zifa to blame for sponsorship mess Chivayo Wicknell

by Thomas Hunda

The ZIFA committee is running the association just like the predecessor committee of Cuthbert Dube. Why have they personalised sponsorship of this association to the level of failing to table an authentic sponsorship contract with individuals or corporates? I feel they don’t even have a work, implementation or strategic plan for proper delivery of a recovery blueprint. No sponsor is willing to throw their hard-earned cash when there is no ground of accountability or sanity.

Can’t they define conditions of their sponsorship in a professional manner and not for individuals to just publicly pledge large amounts of cash or utter things that in decent worlds, they seem to be contractual jargon?

Anyone who does something to the Warriors brand has to observe certain conditions especially on things that affect the marketing brand of the Warriors. When Chivayo said he wants to create an escrow account for Callisto Pasuwa he is pointing a finger to ZIFA for failing on the aspect of accountability despite the fact that all that goes to zifa account is swallowed by existing debt.


How can such a debt exist at the expense of the current board’s running of affairs? Dube and the previous committee were supposed to account or at least have their personal property attached for failing a once functional association.

Now they are walking free having fleeced our once thriving association. I don’t think giving Chivayo power to personally pay Pasuwa by his own means is like running the association as a private entity and such should not be allowed.


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We are in the Asiagate and Limpopogate by the same weakness of giving individuals power to decide on way forward of our national teams. This the same reason is why the corporates don’t want to associate to a better brand like the Warriors and end up rather sponsoring the always flattering cricket and rugby teams.

Why can’t an association be bold and show the corporate world that they have capacity to turn around its fortunes thus properly market itself for corporate world inclusive integration?

Thomas Hunda,

Via email.

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