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The Minister of State for Harare Metropolitan Province Miriam Chikukwa has blasted the United States for having double standards, calling itself a Christian country but promoting homosexuality. “If we are Christians then our lives and politics should reflect the principles of God and homosexuality is not one of them,” she said.
“There is no human right that allows for those of the same sex to marry.”

Minister Chikukwa was speaking at a dinner organised by the Centre for Women Advancement (CAWA) in her honour following her appointment.

She hailed President Mugabe for standing firm on principles that promote the Zimbabwean culture and true Christianity.
Minister Chikukwa, who is also a pastor in the Kingdom Church, said Zanu-PF had respect for Christian principles.

“I have no apology that I support Zanu-PF and I respect the President, who is a fatherly figure and mentor to me and many others,” she said
Minister Chikukwa encouraged women to work hard educationally and politically if they were to make it in politics.

“I made sure that I was part of all the party’s structures and there was no stage that I skipped and that together with my persistence in education qualified me for the post,” she said.

CAWA director Ms Rumbidzai Kahari said Minister Chikukwa’s achievement served as an inspiration to many women.
“For a long time we have not had professional women in Zimbabwe moving into politics, hence this achievement is new to us, many women are unaware of how to go about it,” she said.

“We hope many are motivated to enter into politics as they have seen that they can balance their professions and politics.
“The dream is for more people to come into politics so that we have proportional representation in other elections to come,” said Ms Kahari.

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