White monopoly capital behind NPA decision to prosecute: Zuma

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White monopoly capital behind NPA decision to prosecute: Zuma Edward Zuma

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DURBAN. – The son of former president Jacob Zuma has lambasted the National Prosecuting Authority’s (NPA’s) decision to prosecute his father, saying that white monopoly capital is behind the move.

“The NPA has taken a decision, which even a child can see is based on (a) witch-hunt and very suspicious and thought-provoking reasons. As a citizen of this country, one would feel that state institutions are being used to clamp down on anyone who stands and speaks truth to white monopoly capital and its offspring,” Edward Zuma said in a statement yesterday.

The NPA announced on Friday that it would prosecute the former president for 16 charges, including corruption, money laundering and racketeering.

Speaking in his personal capacity, Zuma’s son Edward said anyone who was accused by white monopoly capital would not be treated fairly.

“Our judiciary isn’t making it easier for us to trust it (because) it has also been accused of adhering to white monopoly capital and its offspring,” he said.

Zuma accused the NPA of taking questionable decisions, adding that it ignored more important issues.

“This, I say because they have allowed due court process to be abused for years. This has been done under the abuse of our democracy and this then gives birth to the belief that they (the NPA) have been themselves captured by white monopoly capital.”

He added there was a battle to tarnish and “get rid” of his father for more than two decades. His father, however, would still champion the plight of the poor.

“It’s an all-out battle we are prepared to take head on, regardless of the outcome and consequence.”

He added that many had spoken out about selective prosecution by the NPA.

“I challenge South Africans to wake up and smell the coffee, before our country is again handed over to the hands of white minority rule, who clearly don’t see us as equals. Rather, they see us as their mere butlers.”

He said he would “go all out” to defend his father because his father “opened up the processes of land claims”. – News24

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