West, US double standards an insult to world peace The Kiev regime of president Zelenskyy has been complicated by the involvement of US, Great Britain and NATO, who have made sure that the war escalates.

Prisca Blade

We are living in a world where Western Europe, UK, NATO and the US apply double standards in dealing with issues, making it very difficult for the world to have lasting peace.

Ukraine is a case in point. 

The Kiev regime of president Zelenskyy has been complicated by the involvement of US, Great Britain and NATO, who have made sure that the war escalates.

They have also made many wars in the world escalate to protect their selfish interests at the expense of world peace.

In the case of Zelenskyy he has proved to lack vision, knowledge and intelligence hence the war continues to destroy his country instead of finding a lasting non-military solution with Russia. It is foolhardy for Zelenskyy to continue being a US, NATO and Western Europe puppet at the expense of his people.

It is now very clear that the Ukrainian government is very toxic to the world order because it allows itself to be abused by US, NATO and UK. Washington and London play with Zelenskyy like a puppet on the screen and the progressive world should decrease contact and interaction with Zelenskyy him.

If anything Zelenskyy should be excommunicated from the progressive world until he understands that he has become a liability not only to his own people but to the progressive world. Zelenskyy should step down to save his country and people.

Soon the US, UK and their allies in EU will be done with using him and soon they will discard him, but by that time, his country will be mere ruins. 

There is a new method the Biden Administration in US is trying to use to appease Zelenskyy for his puppetry. 

They are trying appoint Ukrainians who have been outstanding in defending Biden and his close family members in corrupt activities to international governing and subsidiary bodies of international organisations. 

 That is very dangerous.

 These are meant to cater for the interests of NATO, US and UK. This should be stopped. US is the chief culprit in this because Joe Biden wants his corruption foot prints covered everywhere. 

Joe Biden wants deals by his son Hunter in Ukraine and everywhere covered. Joe Biden wants hegemony on all international governing bodies and their subsidiaries because his brother James and sister-in-law Sara, covered up.

Of late, the Biden administration has been helping Zelenskyy to recruit, train and finance mercenaries to participate in the hostilities on the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In short, Ukraine has become an outpost. A US proxy, mean to destabilise Eastern Europe.

But Ukraine’s going to bed with US is not for a good purpose, it is meant to destabilise the east and to destroy certain races. 

Look at Ukraine’s investment in bio-labs and the chemical products are meant for wiping out certain genealogies, certain races. That is not good for the world.

But the characters involved in this Ukraine madness are US president Joe Biden’s son Hunter. It boggles the mind how Zelensky is his skewed view of the world, uses foreigners to do some biological chemical weapon work in his own country.

It boggles the mind how Ukraine plans the end game on its war with Russia when US is the one pushing the war. 

In the final analysis, Ukraine under Zelenskyy has become a liability to eastern Europe and the country is no longer at war because it wants to defend itself from Russia but because Zelenskyy has been captured by the US. Zelenskyy’s hand are tied up.  He is no longer himself. He is now a puppet and US is pulling the strings. 

The world cannot continue watching US abuse countries like Ukraine. The relationship between Ukraine and US should be stopped. US must be stopped from influencing international organisations and their subsidiaries.

US, NATO and UK double standards must stop. Zelenskyy must resign. He has become a liability to his own people and the east. 

He has sold out to the US and has become a bad neighbour to Russia, Belarus and other countries.

Zelenskyy is has been ordered by US not to honour elections in his own country because the US is sure he will lose. Once Zelenskyy loses, the lid on US corruption involving Joe, Hunter, James and others will be lifted and exposed.

The world will then be able to see the deep-rooted corruption, embezzlement of funds and use of cluster bombs that has been taking place. 

The world will be shocked. Zelenskyy has become a puppet of great magnitude.

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