We have enough cement stocks to meet demand: PPC

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We have enough cement stocks to meet demand: PPC Mr Masiyane

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PPC Zimbabwe says it has enough cement stocks to meet local demand and that it was actively involved in ensuring the market’s stability by fighting artificial cement shortages.

“Artificial shortages are damaging to Zimbabwe’ goals and progress, as cement stocks are often diverted towards the black market in that case. 

“PPC products underpin the efforts of many to uplift local infrastructure, and PPC will continue to play its part. PPC continues to work to bring life back to Zimbabwe’s local industries, pursuing not only stability on our market, but growth within our country and beyond its borders,” said PPC Zimbabwe managing director, Mr Kelibone Masiyane

“PPC Zimbabwe believes that it has a role to play to invest in our own people, our own communities and our own future.  

“With so many factors impacting the nation’s economy, PPC is committed to its ongoing partnership with the Government in support of the road rehabilitation programme. The business has both capacity and sufficient stock to ensure the successful completion of the programme.”

Mr Masiyane said PPC has been instrumental in supplying phase 1 of the recently completed Beitbridge to Harare Road rehabilitation while phase 2 of the project is ongoing with over 32 percent of the phase completed. 

Through industry-first products and services, PPC recognises its important role as a manufacturer, at this moment in Zimbabwe’s history and efforts towards Vision 2030.  

PPC’s SUREROAD and SURECEM have been used to build Zimbabwe’s roads, highways and infrastructure for the future, from Zambezi to Limpopo.

PPC has three factories in the country in Harare, Bulawayo and Colleen Bawn with a milling capacity of over 1,4 million tonnes of cement per annum. 

The Colleen Bawn plant was recently closed down for maintenance but is now fully operational, Mr Masiyane said.

The firm is also involved in the upgrades at the Hwange Thermal Power Station which is currently in progress, utilising its SURETECH cement product.

“The focus cannot be on today alone, but on a vision for tomorrow’s Zimbabwe and her people. 

Roads, hospitals and schools are critical to the health, prosperity and quality of life of Zimbabweans,” Mr Masiyane added.

“PPC Zimbabwe is playing its part to uplift the nation through various ongoing projects. Causeway Dam construction in Marondera, Manyame Air Base Hospital, National University of Science and Technology (NUST) student accommodation and R.G. Mugabe International Airport refurbishment are just a few projects that are currently underway with the partnership of PPC and its high-quality product range. 

“As Zimbabwe works towards Vision 2030, PPC will continue to strengthen its partnership with the Government, in order to tackle any challenges that stand in the way of Zimbabwe’s development and prosperity.”

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