“And everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.”

A few years ago a friend of mine was going through some major issues in their life. They seemed to be at a crossroads, a junction of uncertainty. This individual, though warm caring and full of potential, was living in the belly of fear, self-doubt and pain because of their past.

In a bid to block the thoughts of the reality around them, they would drink incessantly. They would drink and drink and drink, their life revolved around drinking. As alcohol began to take over their life, certain behavioural changes began to occur.

As the habits became entrenched, they became less productive, the nights became longer and longer and it increasingly became difficult to get up and get to work every morning. Productivity became an issue and the relationships around them were beginning to falter and fail.

As this occurred, in a bid to hide this habit that was taking over their life, they began to be less reliable and they would lie about everything. In discussion with this individual, I enquired as to whether they thought this was the best way of living their life. Was this the only option that was available? Could they not stop the drinking? Once or twice they would try and stop but the habit would get the better of them, it had become an addiction.

One day, I invited them to church. I did not think they would come. Nevertheless they did. The church was holding a week-long campaign; a tent had been pitched at a nearby shopping centre and every evening a preacher would speak to the congregants.

My friend would drive to the site every night, sit in their car without coming in and just listen to the speaker preach. As the week went by the messages kept impressing on my friend. During this process my friend decided to commit their life to Christ. Every sentence spoken was relevant. Through this act of sitting in the car and listening, a remarkable miracle occurred. My friend stopped drinking, cleaned up their life, found purpose and meaning in the word and was baptised. In the years that followed they managed to go back to school and finished a university education that they had not completed, became a star performer at work, took charge of every aspect of their life and lost a whole lot of weight.

Pray that you too may be granted the grace to find out who you really are.

Be blessed!


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