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Hebrews 13:1-2

“Let brotherly love continue. Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some have unwittingly entertained angels.”

A few days ago, I wrote about street urchins, and I received some interesting responses to the article, one of which I would like to share. My niece regularly visits a shopping centre where she always bumps into the same group of street urchins that always harass her for money.

Last week she went to the shops as usual, the young boys asked her for money in the same jovial manner they always do, and as is her tradition she reached into her handbag to take out her wallet, only to discover that she had forgotten it at home. Distraught at the prospect of having to go back home, which is quite a distance from the shops, she told the young men that she felt really bad that she would not be able to get the bread she had come to buy. One of the young men, seeing how distressed she was, said to her, “Wait, I will be back.” When he came back he handed her a loaf of bread and said to her, “Today is my day to help you out.” She was so touched she did not know what to do, in her shock she did not accept the gift. However, the incident kept eating at her until she shared the story with me.

All these years she had always given, today the same person she had invested in had showed her kindness that went beyond what was expected of him. Many of us like to receive, we never want to go beyond our comfort zone to help others.

The Bible says that we have angels that we entertain in our midst but we do not know them. Many people will not go out of their way to invest in others unless they can get something out of it too. We are sometimes all guilty of that, of being outright selfish, only driven by a desire to have rather than to give and be a blessing to others.

My niece was touched beyond measure, she was not expecting that, and the source was so unlikely. The lesson here is to treat everyone kindly, we are all called to invest in the unforeseen. More importantly let’s try by all means to treat everyone with kindness and love.

You never know, the person you look down on today, may be the very person who may bail you out tomorrow. Let’s make an effort to treat everyone with kindness, taking note that sometimes God uses His human agents to grow our faith, if we can only trust that the Lord is still reigning.

Be blessed!

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