1 Timothy 4 vs 8

“For bodily exercise profits a little, but godliness is profitable for all things, having promise of the life that now is and of that which is to come.”

My wife gave a talk on the importance of looking after one’s body last week, as she spoke about the effects of food and exercise on the body, it got me thinking about my own health habits.

For many of us, indiscipline is the major cause of unhealthy eating habits. A lot of people are not conscious of the effects of sugar, alcohol and excessive starch on the body.

I recall watching a programme on one of the news channels that highlighted the parts of the world where people generally live longer. The same clip was sent to me a few days ago, and I took that as a confirmation that I should write about taking care of our health.

The one distinct principle that was reinforced was that the people who live longer eat well, they exercise and more importantly, they are spiritual and in tune with God. The clip spoke distinctly about their social habits which centred on taking care of one’s body. Healthy people generally have a good work-family balance, they tend to spend time with people who share their faith and wholesome habits.

Our bodies are temples given to us as a gift, they won’t always function the way we want them to, but we can at least make an effort to do the best we can to preserve them. If you own a car that clearly states that you must use a specific type of carbon fuel in it for it to function at optimal capacity would you inject it with water? Of course not, the net effect is that it will stop functioning.

It’s the same with our bodies, when we continue to put the wrong things in them they will eventually stop working.

Once you start doing this on a regular basis, your mind will begin to open up to the endless possibilities that are available to you through the knowledge of God.

God loves you, He has declared that He has plans to prosper you. Start putting together the building blocks that will enable you to see this promise; it starts with looking after your body.

Begin to lead a healthy life today. A health body is a healthy mind. Love your life.

Be blessed.

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