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Using Facebook Live for talent acquisition

Liezl Grobler Correspondent
Facebook has definitely established itself as a powerful tool to recruit top talent in creative ways. But a lot of companies are now taking their social media recruitment strategies to a whole other level with Facebook Live videos. Facebook Live appeals to the modern recruiter in so many ways. Small and large businesses alike are starting to recognise the great benefits of integrating Facebook Live into their hiring processes.

The number one reason why Facebook Live video is so appealing: recruiters are able to connect with potential candidates instantly and in real time like never before.

Potential candidates get instant notifications when you are broadcasting a Live video, which means instant views and engagement. It’s a great tool for putting your company’s brand top of mind with your audience, and to get an immediate interaction with job candidates who are interested in potentially working for you.

Another reason why Facebook Live is a good idea for recruiting top talent is that Facebook ranks Live videos higher in the newsfeed than any other content. This means more prospective job seekers will see your Live video than any of your other posts.

There are many things you can do with Facebook Live that’s specifically geared towards recruitment. You could introduce your awesome team members and office culture to your audience and prospective job seekers.

This is a great way to inspire talented individuals to want to be part of your team and convince them to apply for open vacancies, says Saskia Meintjes, Head of Growth Hacking at Job Mail.

With Facebook Live you could give job seekers a closer look into a specific job – what a typical day in the job would look like, the tasks, responsibilities, perks, etc. The Live broadcasts are also very useful as a questions and answers platform.

People can ask you questions about your company and job vacancies and you can answer them in real time. As you are broadcasting live you will be able to see who is viewing your broadcast as well as their comments and questions and respond.

You can be super creative and fun with these videos. Just make sure that you prepare yourself and your staff or whoever will be joining in beforehand. Know exactly what it is you are going to be saying or showing off to the public. Remember, you are going “Live”, and will be representing your organisation. There won’t be room for error and you don’t want to be caught having stage-fright or not knowing what to say in the moment.

Apart from the immediate interaction with your audience, Facebook Live has some lingering benefits.

After the live broadcast, a video of the broadcast will be posted to your company page’s wall. This means continuous engagement with your audience and prospective job seekers. Those who missed your live broadcast will be able to watch it again and also interact with you based on its content. They can also share it with friends, family and colleagues who might also benefit from it, thus dramatically increasing your reach and chances of filling your vacancies.

Finally, Facebook Live also provides great measuring tools which you can use to your advantage. Metrics like Unique Viewers, Peak Live Viewers, Video Views, Minutes Viewed, 10 Second Views and Average Percentage Completions are great tools to give you an in-depth insight into your audience and their viewing habits.

From this you can derive what works well and what doesn’t and from there adapt your Facebook Live recruitment strategy accordingly. – IT News Africa

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