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US-based leadership expert mulls mentorship summits

07 Mar, 2020 - 00:03 0 Views
US-based leadership expert mulls mentorship summits Dr Mudzamiri

The Herald

Leroy Dzenga  Diaspora Writer

United States-based Zimbabwean leadership expert Dr Rutendo Mudzamiri is in the country with a networking concept for women in business.

Mudzamiri, who holds a doctorate in Strategic Leadership, is introducing mentorship summits for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Dubbed the Boss Babe Summit, the quarterly event will bring in eminent speakers from around the world who will share the platform with leading local voices.

The first instalment will be a two-day session in the capital on March 11 and 12. Her panel will include Americans Ivy McGregor, Beyonce’s director of social responsibility and Nancy Speidel founder of International Smart Advancing Women (iSAW).

In an interview with The Herald, Dr Mudzamiri said the event will be a precursor to a more sustainable platform for women to network and exchange ideas.

“The summit will be a strong networking platform where women will be exchanging notes on ethical approaches to leadership. Topics will include motherhood, thriving in challenging times, confidence, fitness, money, body imaging, business, health, mental Health, and leadership,” Dr Mudzamiri said.

Asked how her idea differed from other high teas and other marketed events of a similar nature, Dr Mudzamiri said she has a decade long plan on how to operationalise the idea.

“We are going to be launching the iSaw digital networking platform.

“This is where women from across the country can interact and engage even beyond the summit. They will be able to collaborate, exchange ideas and inspire each other from their respective bases,” said Dr Mudzamiri.

She added; “We will also be celebrating women who have been doing well in their own spheres of influence over the years.

“We also will believe men can be part of what we do, this is why some of our speakers are male like Dr Lance Mambondiani.”

Speakers at the inaugural summit will include Natalie Jabangwe, Tsitsi Mutendi and World Bank Country Manager Ms Mukami Kariuki.

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