Union gives musicians free legal advice Edith WeUtonga
Edith WeUtonga

Edith WeUtonga

Tawanda Matanhire Arts Correspondent
Zimbabwe Music Union launched the first music law clinics in the country at the Music Crossroads premises in Belgravia last week.

The law clinics are targeted at musicians around the country to equip them with the knowledge of the law in relation to their operations as well as helping in the structuring of contracts.

ZMU is an organization that was formed to deal with issues affecting musicians around the country and they have engaged entertainment lawyer Gwinyai Mharapara to help mentor artistes under the organisation.

Chairperson of ZMU Edith WeUtonga said there is need for artistes to come together so that their issues may be addressed even in parliament.

“When we come together as artistes it is easier for us to be heard because we lay out one thing and speak with the same voice rather than complaining as individuals,” WeUtonga said.

“Our petitions are easily addressed at policy-making level if we organise ourselves well.”

The majority of artistes in the country are found amongst the least-earning personnel whilst in other countries music is big business which has made many millionaires.

This is because most artistes in the country have less knowledge on how best they can apply business principles in their art and the entertainment law clinics come as a blessing to willing musicians.

Mharapara said music is a big business and he is willing to help those in the industry.

“I have willingly come on board for our music artistes in the country so as to help them achieve their dreams which come with talent,” Mharapara said.

“We want to see how the law can assist artistes to protect what they have already made and also to unlock other partnerships and investments and to monetise the whole industry.”

Musicians who attended the events were given an opportunity to ask questions in relation to the industry, giving them an opportunity to learn from the entertainment law experts.

ZMU has also partnered with Music Crossroads Academy which is involved in training and grooming of upcoming musicians.

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