‘Traditional leaders key in branding Zim’s image’
Sen Mutsvangwa

Sen Mutsvangwa

Manicaland Bureau
Traditional leaders play a pivotal role and their contributions are key in branding the country’s image in the eyes of the world, says Minister of State for Manicaland Provincial Affairs Senator Monica Mutsvangwa.

Sen Mutsvangwa said this during the Manicaland Provincial Branding workshop in Mutare last Friday.

“The question we have to ask ourselves as Manicaland Province is that: what is that we have done to improve the lives of the people of Manicaland?” she said.

“I am precisely here to work with you to ensure that we put Manicaland at its rightful place in the economic development of this country.

“I salute you all and all those who have come here today. Traditional leaders, I am happy to work with you. Please keep supporting me and let us work together. We cannot talk about branding Manicaland without talking to you.

“You are the custodians of most things and you are the custodians of people in areas where we come from. You play a very pivotal role in branding Manicaland.”

Students in institutions of higher learning, she said, were also important in branding the province, adding that the research done by students in tertiary institutions was equally invaluable.

Sen Mutsvangwa urged all stakeholders to work together towards branding Manicaland, saying combined efforts will yield positive results.

“As people of Manicaland, we need to move, let us brand and be ahead of everyone,” she said.

“As people of Manicaland, this concept behind the provincial approach is upon realisation that a national brand is critical for any country and Zimbabwe in this case.

“It is imperative that Manicaland should come up with this brand. Let us put our heads together and brand.”

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