CASTLE Lager not only delivers a message of coming together wherever and whenever it lands in the various segments of our consumers, but also the coming together of the best ingredients to make the best beer in the world.

That is why this year the 56th Edition of the Castle Tankard Event, on today, is one not to miss as consumers get an opportunity to emotionally engage with the brand at the Borrowdale race course.

The Castle Tankard Horse Racing Event is the first sponsored horse race in Africa and it is no exaggeration that it remains the most prestigious horse race in Zimbabwe.

Castle Lager’s relationship with horse racing dates to around 1904, when the castle brand first played a significant role as an advertiser.

For the first time, consumers of Castle lager will participate in a promotion named the Castle Tankard “Own” a horse for a day and get a chance to “own” a horse on the Castle Tankard Race Day in the main Castle Tankard race.

The package is valued at $10 000 which includes cash prizes of $3 000, $2 000, $1 000 for “owners” of horses that come first, second, and third respectively, an Edgars clothing voucher worth $200 for each “owner”, VIP access to the Castle Tankard event and $100 worth of betting coupons.

All they had to do was to participate in the promotion via the Castle Lager Facebook platform.

It is an event not to be missed as today’s event will be embedded with a lot of exciting activities which include live performances from Winky D, Alick Macheso, DJ El Roy and Judgment Yard, beauty make overs, fashion show, braai and dash for cash racing event.

The Castle Tankard horse race has left a formidable mark to reckon with in our horse racing fraternity.

It has stood the test of time, and is growing bigger and better every year.

It is a race with a history to our country.

It is a race which has helped to develop communities around us through employment creation.

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