TelOne unveils unlimited free calling service

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TelOne has unveiled an exciting feature to the voice service. TelOne landline home users can now make free unlimited calls to other TelOne landlines between 6pm and 6am on Mondays through to Friday. This service will only be available to fully paid-up clients. Through this offer, TelOne clients can now enjoy over 300 hours of free talk time every month. What an amazing offer!Unpacking the TelOne voice sevice

TelOne has been connecting Zimbabwe for generations and will continue doing so at the most affordable rates.

For as littles as 6 cents per minute TelOne clients can talk for hours to their loved ones or conclude business deals at the following voice rates:

The landline offers so much more features which include call conferencing, call diversion, call waiting, among others.

These enhanced services known as Value Added Services (VAS) are free of charge to all TelOne clients. The features are explained below:


The Toll Free Service is ideal for corporates or small to medium enterprises for orders, enquiries or reporting.

With a TelOne Toll Free number a caller does not pay for the call, instead the called party pays for the call.

For example Company X provides a toll free number that customers can call to, from any location nationally and they reach Company X’s nearest customer service centre, without the customer incurring charges.

Company X is the responsible for payment of the charges for the use of its Toll Free number by customers.

Conference calling

One does not need to travel all the way to another Region or town for a one hour meeting. Save time, money and reduce travel by having a conference call. This involves two or more people having a conversation on just one call.

How to use:

1. Dial to obtain the first number.

2. Flash receiver hook pressing the flash button on your telephone keypad and dial the second number.

3. Flash receiver hook again to enable 3 way conversations.

4. To clear replace the receiver.

Call diversion

If you are expecting an important call you do not have to miss it or wait around for it. Call diversion allows you to transfer a call to another landline or cell phone number. This function does not affect outgoing calls.

The facility increases efficiency as one has the ability to answer all calls while they are away from their telephone. Security is enhanced because callers do not know you are away from the office.

How to use:

1. To register dial *21* selected number #.

2. To cancel, dial #20#.

Call forwarding

Allows a call to be automatically transferred to a selected number if the customer does not answer an incoming call within a specified period.

Call waiting

This service enables a customer to put a call in progress on hold, answer another incoming call on the same line and switch back to the first call. The Call Waiting feature notifies you if someone is trying to call you, while you are on another call. It allows you to choose or to ignore the call, terminate the call you are on, accept the new call or put the original call on hold while you take the new one.

How to use:

1. To register dial *44#. An engaged customer will hear a call waiting indication. The customer has these options:

Ignore the incoming call.

Clear the current call by replacing the receiver thus allowing incoming calls through.

Hold current call and end incoming call:

To accept the incoming call -tap hook on the receiver once

To revert to previous call-tap hook on the receiver again

To cancel, dial #43#

Call transfer

Allows a customer to forward all incoming calls when the line is busy.

Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA)

This is a wireless landline connection which gives voice users more flexibility and mobility. The facility is currently available in Harare, Ruwa and Chitungwiza.

Advantages of using a CDMA Line

No cables or wire connection required.

You can see the Caller ID.

Has conference calling facility.

Operates within a 20km radius from TelOne CDMA base station.


Contact TelOne today for all your voice, internet and data services: Contact Centre Numbers Tel: (04) 700950, Whatsapp: 0718 700 950, Email: [email protected], Web:

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