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The inaugural launch of Tech@school kicks off tomorrow at Harare Institute of Technology (HIT), which will see the convergence of technology players, industrial gurus, higher and tertiary institutions, critical science, technology and commerce bodies and most importantly the students.

The vision of Tech@school is to connect our higher and tertiary institutions to industry to ensure that the country creates and exports its own technology.

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. . . as top speakers are unveiled

There are ten reasons why anyone in technology should make their way to this year’s event.

1. It is a career fair, an opportunity that will allow job seekers to understand employment opportunities being offered by various players.

2. For the corporate world, it presents an unprecedented opportunity to bring companies closer to the next generation of customers which is often the silent voice although they make critical

decisions for most businesses, institutions and also even at their homes.

If this generation is not familiar with your services and solutions then real penetration in this digital age will likely take you much more time as today’s youth are much more tech savvy and instrumental in decision-making.

3. This event also accords captains of industry an opportunity to meet various decision- makers from universities and colleges, a critical component of Tech@school which we have called the B to I, an opportunity for Business to have closed door sessions with institutions and vice versa so that they all strike mutually beneficial synergies.

4. For institutions, this is their platform to showcase their technological prowess, the best of the best will be selected and it’s an opportunity to come out and stand tall.

5. The event allows universities and colleges an opportunity to negotiate favourable deals with industry on various services that they need to improve critical services like communication, hardware, software and networking services, the list is endless, all depending in their top of the list needs.

6. TechnoMag has been advocating for industry to do more to facilitate the training and employment of students.

Students that attend have high chances of securing attachments and jobs since most companies that will be represented have agreed to increase their of students, especially on industrial attachment.

7. There will be free exhibitions for Universities colleges, SMEs and individuals in science engineering and ICTS presents an unprecedented opportunity to openly showcase talent to the nation and prototypes that can be commercialised in the short to long term period.

8. The strategic partnership with the Zimbabwe Institute of Engineers (ZIE) and Research Council of Zimbabwe (RCZ) will go a mile to impact and identify national research projects that can be nurtured to become practical national solutions.

9. ZIE has also continued with their annual national programme of awarding and recognising outstanding students in engineering under their National Engineering Students Awards Competition (NESAC) a major part of the programme that will see students presenting on various projects before battling it out for the top awards.

10. Besides a hype of activity, Technomag has managed to select a list of credible speakers to mentor students on how to tackle challenges to make it to the top through sharing their journeys to success.

This is an event never to be missed by anyone studying Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, (STEM) and journalism as TechnoMag shall also talk about their journey into digital journalism and how to embrace ICTs as a journalist.

 The writer is the founder and editor in chief of TechnoMag.

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