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Tanzanian commission reinstates 67 candidates

13 Oct, 2020 - 00:10 0 Views
Tanzanian commission reinstates 67 candidates Vita Kawawa

The Herald

DAR ES SALAAM. — Tanzania’s National Electoral Commission (NEC) has reinstated parliamentary candidates in three constituencies, revoking earlier decisions that Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) aspirants had passed through without opposition.

A statement by NEC released last Wednesday shows that a total of 67 candidates have been reinstated while 39 others had their appeals dismissed. The nominations of 59 aspirants have been maintained.

A total of 165 appeals had been filed by aspirants to the electoral body after the process, the electoral commission says.

Following decisions made, CCM parliamentary aspirants Vita Kawawa (Namtumbo), Geofrey Pinda (Kavuu) and Zedi Jumanne (Bukene), who were declared unopposed winners, will now have to face opposition candidates.

In Namtumbo Constituency, Mr Kawawa will face Ms Bonifasia Mapunda (ACT Wazalendo) and Ms Zamda Ngonyani (Chadema) while Chadema contestants Mr Stephen Hamis and Lumola Kahumbi have been reinstated for Kavuu and Bekene Constituencies respectively.

NEC also released a list of 39 aspirants whose appeals are unsuccessful with the number of aspirants in brackets as ACT-Wazalendo (13); Chadema (9); NCCR-Mageuzi (7); CUF (5); AAFP (01); Sau (01); DP (01); Ada-Tadea (01) and Chaumma (01).

Popular faces in a list of candidates whose appeals are unsuccessful also include Ms Luisesia Ndesamburo (Chadema — Moshi Rural), Askofu Mussa Mlawi (NCCR – Dodoma Urban) and Vedastus Muna (ACT Wazalendo – Singida East). — The Citizen.

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