Talking about Gukurahundi therapeutic: VP Mohadi Cde Mohadi

Midlands Bureau
Vice President Kembo Mohadi says talking about Gukurahundi openly is going to assist in healing broken wounds and finding a lasting solution for the country to prosper, adding that peace has been and remains a permanent ideal and aspiration as well as a right and duty for Zimbabweans.

VP Mohadi said this on Wednesday as he met chiefs from the Midlands Province.

“We had Gukurahundi; it happened here in the Midlands and Matabeleland provinces. We can only talk about it because there is the need to find a lasting solution for the benefit of the country. We can’t afford not to talk about it (Gukurahundi). As leaders we must go out there and promote peace for each other and for our country. This is a topical issue,” said VP Mohadi.

He said Midlands as a province was significant in the political and economic development of Zimbabwe.

“I am very pleased to be here in the Midlands to have dialogue with you our traditional leaders from this province ye Nkabazwe, Rukuvhute, the navel of Zimbabwe, on peace building and conflict resolution in our beloved country, Zimbabwe. The navel has some significance in our culture, kulemkuba yokulahla inkaba yomntwana. There are some rituals of disposing of the navel of a baby,” said VP Mohadi.

The Vice President said chiefs were critical in the process of resolving conflicts, past and legacy.

“I would like to reiterate that my engagement with chiefs is so that I can learn from them our cultural approaches to peace building and

conflict resolution. I do request that after our dialogue, the chiefs remain reflecting on what we will have discussed and come up with well-considered, written resolutions that will contribute to the document that will be compiled to give insight and direction to Government on this important process of a cultural approach to peace building and conflict resolution based on the philosophy of Ubuntu/Hunhu,” said VP Mohadi.

Midlands Minister of State for Provincial Affairs Larry Mavima addressing the same gathering urged chiefs to promote peace for the socio economic development of the country.

He said such national wide engagement of the chiefs by VP Mohadi is a true testimony of the Second Republic’s commitment to building and sustaining peace in the country.

“In Zimbabwe we are happy that we had the gallant sons and daughter who fought for the freedom we currently enjoy. It is not our duty to make sure that freedom is maintained. So it is therefore important that we all cherish the peace and tranquility we are enjoying in the country,” said Minister Mavima.

Meanwhile, VP Mohadi told the press after meeting the chiefs that Government was working on reviving the Zunde raMambo/ Isiphala seNkosi programme – a method of growing and storing grain for use during the time when food supplies are either high or low.

“We are working on reviving this concept of Zunde raMambo/ Isiphala seNkosi to improve food security in all areas under the chief’s jurisdictions. We are also looking at improving allowances and the general welfare for our chiefs so that they are able to survive. Some said they are still to receive vehicles but these are few as compared to those who got last year,” he said.

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