Super 8 Rugby League

Like every other year since the league was formed, the league kick starts amid accelerating celebrations and exciting reactions from the Cottco Schools Rugby Festival which ended on a high note last weekend.

St John’s College sports director Ross Nel said the league was an initiative of some serious rugby playing schools who opted to create their own league among top teams.
“Last year the league was sponsored, but this year it’s a different situation. Schools have created their own league among top schools and from what I understand there are two school rugby leagues in the country, one for top playing and bigger rugby schools, and the other for co-ed rugby playing schools,” said Ross.

“At the end of the season there are overall winners  for first, second and U16A and then there is an overall winning school for whoever has the most points in those three tables. They will then play each other once in the season,” added Ross.

All teams in the league proved their mettle at the just-ended Cottco Schools Rugby Festival and have used the event to build up their teams ahead of the cut-throat season.
The Super 8 teams draw has been made during the one-week festival where only eight “powerhouses” were selected out of 186 teams  that participated this year and only CBC school is the newly drawn in team as others are regular features.

Teams that are involved this year are Churchill, St George’s, St John’s College, Peterhouse, Falcon, Kyle and Prince Edward and CBC to complete the panel.
Two of the schools, Churchill and Prince Edward, are Government schools while the rest are Trust schools

Today, St John’s College host Kyle College from Masvingo while Churchill will at home host Peterhouse School.
Prince Edward School will travel all the way to Bulawayo to play Falcon College in a match that is set to be a thriller.
Reigning champions St George’s College take on new boys CBC on their home ground.

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