State opposes bail for SA journo accused of 140 cases of fraud

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State opposes bail for SA journo accused of 140 cases of fraud

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CAPE TOWN. – The State said it would oppose bail for the Media24 journalist and the 41-year-old-man accused of 140 cases of fraud, the Cape Town Magistrate’s Court heard yesterday morning.

Dressed in a black jacket with her hair tightly tied in a ponytail, Janice Ohlson (40), appeared alongside Munier Abrahams.

Ohlson bit her lips as prosecutor Adiel Jansen said the State would be opposing bail for both of the accused.

As Magistrate Joe Magele read out their rights, Jansen interjected that both of the accused allegedly already have legal representation.

With her eyebrows raised, Ohlson nodded her head when Magele asked her if she has a lawyer.

“My boyfriend already organised a lawyer,” she said softly.

Abrahams, who stared towards the gallery looking for relatives at the start of proceedings, also indicated that he had already organised legal representation.

Abrahams simply indicated that he would be represented by a man called “Samuels”.

Magele reprimanded Abrahams for staring towards the court gallery.

“You have to look towards me, Mr Abrahams… look towards me and not the gallery,” he told Abrahams, who was wearing a grey jersey and white collared shirt.

Jansen asked that the matter be postponed for the State to obtain bail information.

“We are asking that both remain in custody,” Jansen added.

Western Cape police arrested the two on Thursday following a year-long investigation.

In a statement on Friday, police spokesperson Noloyiso Rwexana said it was believed that the suspects had issued fraudulent working schedule documents to the Department of Correctional Services, indicating that a parolee was employed by them.

“This allowed the parolee free movement within the Western Cape to commit crime,” Rwexana said.

Ohlson was arrested at her desk in a newsroom in the Media24 building on Thursday afternoon, and dramatically escorted out of the building.

At the same time, Abrahams was arrested 15km away at business premises in Epping.

Magele postponed the matter to January 22.

Both remain in custody.  – News24

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