SIS executes over 300 in Iraq’s Mosul

SIS executes over 300 in Iraq’s Mosul

SIS executes over 300 in Iraq’s MosulBAGHDAD. — Islamic State (IS) extremist militants executed more than 300 people over the past few days in the IS-held city of Mosul in northern Iraq, a Kurdish security source said on Sunday.

“All those executed were ex-police, ex-army members and civilian activists, who were accused by Daesh (IS group) of collaborating with the Iraqi security forces,” said Mahmoud Soorchi, spokesman of Hashd Wattani, or National Mobilisation, tasked with liberating Mosul from IS occupation.

He did not specify when the executions took place.

“The mass executions proved that Daesh militants have real fears from Mosul residents who are against the group’s extremist Islam,” Soorchi told Xinhua.

Mosul, some 400km north of the Iraqi capital of Baghdad, is the capital of Nineveh province. The city has been under IS control since June 2014, when Iraqi government forces fled, abandoning their weapons and posts. — Xinhua.

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